Conservative actor James Woods has been an outspoken critic of Hollywood elites and Democrats pretending to be the moral compass of America.

In the latest example, Woods tore into Oprah Winfrey following Hollywood fawning over her after Sunday’s Golden Globe awards, where rumors swirled about her potential run for president in 2020.

Winfrey received the Cecille B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award at the awards ceremony, and used the platform to lecture everyone on speaking out about sexual misconduct and that those abuse their power to prey on others.

Ironically enough, Winfrey was very close to movie producer Harvey Weinstein, who was ousted in October after dozens of women accused him of rape, sexual assault, and sexual harassment.

In response to Winfrey’s hypocrisy, Woods fired off three tweets showing everyone that liberal hopeful to be the next president was very close with Weinstein.

Check out the three tweets and photos below, which show Winfrey very cozy with the disgraced movie producer.

Woods also took dead aim at NBC for sending out a tweet following Winfrey’s speech, which said: “Nothing but respect for OUR future president.”

NBC has since deleted the tweet and claimed that it was written by a “third party,” but Woods couldn’t resist another opporunity to blast liberals for their desperate attempts to find someone who can actually defeat President Donald Trump.

“But assure our followers we will still work behind the scenes to enable the #DNC agenda as always!” Woods wrote.

The conservative actor has pointed out several reasons over the year why Americans should never trust Democrats or the liberal media, and they are accurate and hilarious.

Check out a tweet he fired off about former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, where he reminded people that she was also very close to Weinstein.

Many would agree that Woods should never stop tweeting and calling out liberals for their corruption and shady dealings.

Democrats pushing for Winfrey to run proves they have no one who can beat Trump, and it only took Woods three tweets to show why the Hollywood actress probably wouldn’t do well as a presidential candidate either.

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