Democrats have claimed he’s crazy, now Trump’s ‘cognitive’ test results are in

For months, Democrats and the mainstream media have endless peddled groundless claims that President Donald Trump was mentally unstable and unfit for office, thereby fueling their utterly ridiculous calls for his impeachment. But when White House Physician Dr. Ronny Jackson spoke to the press for nearly an hour on Tuesday about Trump’s health, he put […]

MSNBC gripes that Trump admin is enforcing federal immigration law

Up until now Washington DC has refused to enforce America’s stringent immigration laws. Jorge Garcia is one example.

Dilley among seven Republican candidates not invited to debate

A lot of scum still pollutes Washington’s swamp.

Arizona Congressional candidate Brenden Dilley is among seven who were not invited to attend a public debate for Trent Franks’ recently vacated District 8 seat.  Read all »

For liberal media every day is Judgment Day

Reading lefty news is often like reading the book of Revelation.

It is always the end of the world. Read all »

Wolff can’t stand the heat, throws fit on live TV when CNN asks key question about book

While many in the liberal media are pretending leftist author Michael Wolff’s new anti-Trump book is the unvarnished truth, a vast majority of the individuals quoted in the hit piece are calling the quotes attributed to them completely false.

Wolff’s book, titled, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” was released two weeks ago, and it has already been ripped to shreds.

Read all »

Pathetic: Washington Post runs utterly ridiculous story about Trump and Starbursts

For months liberals have been desperately looking for anything to impeach President Donald Trump, and it appears The Washington Post has finally found something they believe will derail Trump’s presidency.

A new lengthy report from The Washington Post details how House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy sweetened his relationship with Trump by giving him a jar full of pink and red Starbursts.

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CNN’s Cuomo says Trump’s racist, how he referred to White House Aide Raj Shah shows true colors

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has spent several days peddling utterly groundless theories that President Donald Trump is a racist, but how he referred to White House Aide Raj Shah shows his true colors.

The White House has denied a report from The Washington Post last week claiming Trump referred to Haiti and African nations as “s**tholes,” and at least three other members in the meeting have publicly said they never heard the president use that phrase.

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EPIC: Hilarious tax cuts video compilation makes Dems look ridiculous

There’s nothing more hilarious than seeing a video montage of Democrats directly contradicting themselves and looking completely foolish after claiming the GOP tax cuts would literally destroy the country.

Townhall editor Guy Benson posted a video compilation on Monday showing several mainstream media anchors and self-described experts predicting the Republican tax plan would harm working-class Americans, lead to stagnant wages, and wouldn’t create additional jobs.

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Lawyer representing ex-Google employee Damore: ‘We have learned about additional disturbing business practices within Google’

The law firm representing former Google employee James Damore who was fired for circulating a memo criticizing the tech giant’s discriminating business practices has been flooded with calls of similar allegations since filing the January 8 lawsuit.

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Hollywood producer praises Reagan for bolstering his career, includes ridiculous attack on Trump at end

Is there anything Democrats won’t do or say to attack President Donald Trump and his supporters?

Hollywood elites use their award shows, speeches, television show, and movies to denigrate Trump and those who support him, but will it ever stop?

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How would MLK react to the alt-left’s violent demonstrations against the right?

America’s civil rights pioneer would openly condemn the radical left’s violence against America’s rights to free speech and peaceful assembly.

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Washington Post: Google’s new fact-check feature is bunk

The Washington Post thinks Google’s new fact-check gimmick is baloney and is questioning why Google is picking on The Daily Caller (The DC).

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