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Just give me a Judas cradle. Or the Rack. A ball peen hammer. A Chinese Iron Maiden. Dunking. Boiling or even a hot poker between the eyes before I turn on a cable TV station right now.

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Charlottesville blame game: We’ve seen this movie before

From Mel:

“Remember, when they hint that Trump likes Nazis what they are really saying is that you like Nazis. They know its a lie, but they don’t care.”

-Kurt Schlichter, author


Bigotry and hatred are being blamed for the violent confrontation between losers on both sides of the political spectrum – Nazis, skinheads and other freaks including the KKK, as well as the Antifa crowd, Black Lives Matters and assorted crazies known as brass-knuckled bullies.

Three people are dead, dozens injured after a silver Dodge challenger rammed into a crowd of protesters, and two Virginia state police troopers were killed when their helicopter crashed into the woods Saturday.

Reading the AP urgent crawl coming across my smartphone yesterday, I flashed back to April 19th, 1995, when the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City was blown up by a domestic terrorist named Timothy McVeigh.

As I watched from the wall of monitors at the KSFO / San Francisco radio studios in which I worked that morning, the horror of images mingled with the shock of discovering that pundits and political analysts were blaming people like me – talk radio hosts – who “ginned” up the violence.

Before the facts were even known, Rush Limbaugh was in their crosshairs, while other hosts received blistering scrutiny and equal measures of scorn. We were all lumped together in a witches brew of “hate talk”, much like this weekend when the President and the alt-right were conflated with groups they have never, ever supported.

How many times did the Fox News reporter have to say Saturday that “President Trump has on multiple occasions denounced David Duke and the KKK?”

And Mr. Trump, literally before he had a chance to tweet his response, was criticized by the Left for what he didn’t say and when he did come out and condemn both sides, white supremacy extremists as well as the Black Lives Matter and Antifa crowd, he was smacked again.

But you know who doesn’t care anymore about the predictable blame game, and the politics of personal destruction? 32-year old Heather Heyer, apparently a Bernie Sanders supporter. Lt. H. Jay Cellen, 48, and Trooper-Pilot Berke M.M. Bates also are incapable of caring anymore. They were killed because of one man – 20-year old James Alex Fields, Jr., about whom we know very little.

Yes, President Trump is right: both sides are to blame. The protesters and the counter-protesters. But anger won’t bring any of these people back to their families.

Nor can it breathe life into the 168 innocent people killed in Oklahoma over two decades ago.

A GoFundMe account has been set-up for the family of the Green County paralegal. Her Facebook page reads “If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention.”


From Brian:

When it comes to the blame game, we’ve seen this movie before.

On that day in 1995, I was heading to the radio studio at Central Coast talk station KSCO AM, when the AP news alert interrupted programming. At first, the story seemed puzzling. Was the Murrah building really intentionally targeted? By whom?

As details began to emerge, the media narrative shifted, with wall-to-wall coverage of the devastation in Oklahoma City.

Relatively new to talk radio at the time, I had no idea what was coming next. I took calls and gauged listener reaction.

Later, an evening host on our station known for pushing kooky conspiracy theories (an earlier, local version of what Alex Jones does today) began to spout crazy nonsense about the attack being an inside job by the government. You’ve probably heard the term “false flag” many times since then.

He claimed “black helicopters” were seen above the building just before the bombing occurred, in a pre-9-11 Truther manner.

Somehow, the national media picked up on his rants and the formerly-obscure talker was instantly thrust into the spotlight. Network reporters, newspaper correspondents, you name it, they descended onto our station.

Within hours, he was portrayed nationally as being typical of ALL of talk radio, when in reality he was nearly alone in touting crazy conspiracy crap. Yet we were all under attack and guilty by association.

For me, it was an early lesson in brazen media manipulation. It’s exactly where we stand today.

Today, this is circulating on Twitter (author as yet unknown), it really says it all:

Diamond & Silk: Newest victims of the Media Matters playbook?

With two additional “scalps” to claim, Media Matters appears to be having a banner week in its quest to eliminate all dissenting voices.

Yesterday, it was CNN’s Jeffrey Lord, fired from CNN over a sarcastic tweet. Now, YouTube sensations Diamond & Silk have found their highly successful channel abruptly demonetized by Google. Read all »

As CNN cans token conservative Jeffrey Lord, Media Matters gleefully claims a scalp

Right out of their playbook, Media Matters has sadly claimed another opposition “scalp”, that of token CNN conservative Jeffrey Lord.

Yesterday, Lord was removed as a network contributor after Angelo Carusone, president of Media Matters for America (MMFA), tweeted a complaint to them. What started out as a typical Twitter kerfuffle quickly turned into Media Matters taking another trophy. Read all »

After serving Venti Frappuccino with extra politics, Starbucks pleads for mercy



When will public corporations like Starbucks learn to keep their mouths shut about politics and religion?

And when will they understand customers don’t want to hear their thoughts on anything other than how to make a good cup of morning Joe? Read all »

Voter fraud is real: Corrupt state workers caught selling documents to illegal aliens

Still think voter fraud is “fake news”?

Six people in Boston are under arrest after a federal investigation uncovered a scheme by state Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) workers to sell documents to illegal aliens so they could obtain passports, drivers licenses and IDs, then register to vote. Read all »

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