BUSTED: WaPo outright lies about Eric Trump, selectively edits Hannity interview quote

Shortly after Eric Trump’s interview with Fox News host Sean Hannity about the positive impact of the GOP tax cuts, The Washington Post has been busted for selectively editing comments to make President Donald Trump’s second son look bad. On Wednesday, the Post published a piece on their “Wonkblog” originally titled, “Eric Trump’s 401(k) is up by […]

“Where’s the Gratitude?” An Open Letter from a Military Wife to Chuck Schumer

Schumer and the Democrats have complete disregard for military families.  This shutdown is affecting all our financial situations.  My husband and I just recently moved from Fort Benning, Georgia to Fort Carson, Colorado.  Our trip halfway across the country cost us a lot of money, which the military usually pays for in return for moving […]

BREAKING: ‘Schumer shutdown’ allegedly causes towel shortage at Congress’ private club

There is a national emergency on Capitol Hill.

The ‘Schumer Shutdown’ has allegedly caused a towel shortage at Congress’ private gym. Read all »

Activist mom protests explicit material for kids, is banned from Twitter and Facebook

Activist mommy Elizabeth Johnston was banned from Twitter for seven days for a comment she made about LGBTQ issues. Read all »

Can California really arrest citizens for cooperating with the federal government?

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced on Thursday that California employers can face stiff fines if they aid federal immigration officials on raids. This announcement comes after news of an impending crackdown by Washington. Read all »

Is the tweet about to leave the street?

As videos surface of Twitter execs admitting to storing personal information and shadow-banning users, the backlash is fierce.  They’re already facing lawsuits for removal of accounts which plaintiffs say was a violation of their First Amendment rights. Read all »

Durbin: ‘I’m focused on protecting [illegal aliens] full time’

Really, Dick?

Read all »

Schumer/dems: Sanctuary for illegal aliens more important than funding military

Isn’t it just dandy that the Democrat Party thinks protecting criminals takes precedence over funding the single most important entity in defending our freedom?

Certainly Jefferson, Madison, Washington, and Adams would be thrilled. Read all »

‘Jaw-dropping’ FISA/FBI memo circulating in repub circles, demands release to public

“The real Obama, the vengeful narcissist, is going to be exposed for all to see.”

Read all »

Shock Poll: Who do Americans believe is the most objective news source?

Following President Donald Trump’s “Fake News Awards” on Wednesday, Americans might be wondering who is the most objective news source in the United States?

As reported by TVNewser, data from a scientific study into the public’s perception of the news media makes it very clear which media outlets Americans trust, and it is not good for liberals.

Read all »

Picture of Hillary and Weinstein goes viral – gets almost zero media coverage

When the scandal first broke about movie producer Harvey Weinstein being accused by dozens of women on sexual misconduct, former Secretary of State claimed she was “shocked and appalled.”

But the Clinton family has had a close relationship with Weinstein for decades, one that apparently continued until very recently.

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New bill would end use of taxpayer money in sexual harassment settlements

With sexual misconduct allegations rocking the country the past few months, should American taxpayers be forced to pay for lawmakers who can’t act professional around the opposite sex?

A new bipartisan bill was unveiled on Thursday in the House of Representatives that would prohibit Congress from using taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment cases involving members of Congress.

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