Against social media censorship, do conservatives stand a chance?

When it comes to the social media accounts of certain prominent conservatives, some very odd patterns have emerged. Is there a broader effort to censor right-of-center voices?

Shameless Kimmel unfazed by ‘what’s in my pants’ video, continues attacks

Entirely dismissive of the obvious contradiction between recent on-air moralizing and disturbing video footage uncovered since then, Jimmy Kimmel is continuing his attacks on political enemies.

‘Three Gals’ Episode One: Vegas mysteries continue to baffle, Hollywood’s implosion

In the debut of “Three Gals Walk Into a Bar”, topics include the increasingly-baffling Las Vegas shooting story, where the official storyline seems to change by the hour.

Also, after the unraveling of liberal Hollywood, what’s next for the entertainment industry? Read all »

With Hollywood imploding, is Sean Hannity just what the film industry needs?

With Hollywood unraveling before our eyes, is Sean Hannity just what the film industry needs? Read all »

Berkeley College Republicans ‘Targeted, Stalked and Harassed’ by Antifa Activists

Berkeley College Republicans are demanding that University of California police do something, anything to protect them from Antifa organizers whom they claim “stalk and harass conservatives” on campus. Read all »

Social media giants continue to censor viewpoints they don’t like

Conservative Twitter users beware: all words and phrases must now be carefully wrapped in bubble-paper, lest the social justice warrior / snowflake brigade start their whining. Read all »

From university swastika vandalism coverage, WaPo omits key detail

Random acts of journalism DO occur, just not so often at the Washington Post. Read all »

The evidence is in their hands, so why won’t the feds act on rampant voter fraud?

After the 2016 presidential election, I had assumed that when 10,000 envelopes mailed to actively-registered Democratic Party voters in a small State Assembly district (AD-15) in Clark County, Nevada were returned by the post office as undeliverable, it meant that I had 10,000 pieces of evidence related to possible voter fraud.  Read all »

Caught: TV stations strip illegal alien reference from child rapist story

A broadcast company owning a number of large television stations has admitted to stripping an accused child rapist’s immigration status from its news coverage. Read all »

CNN: Pence NFL walkout a mere ‘staged moment’

While many Americans are applauding Vice President Mike Pence’s decision to leave a NFL game after yet another player protest, CNN instead thinks it was a mere stunt. Read all »

Greta Van Susteren: Hollywood harassment scandal not like what happened at Fox

With a sex scandal enveloping Hollywood, while exposing politically-correct actors and actresses as hypocrites for looking the other way, a longtime commentator is comparing it to what occurred at her own former place of employment. Read all »

Your tax dollars at work: Professor blames Vegas massacre on president

Proving that a cynical political adage, “never let a crisis go to waste” (origins unclear) is alive and well, a university professor has been caught on tape exploiting the Las Vegas concert massacre that left nearly 60 dead and more than 500 injured. Read all »

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