Who Killed Seth Rich?

Who was Seth Rich and why are thousands of conservative bloggers, activists and operatives working to solve his two-year-old Cold Case murder?

CBS News ridicules Trump in paid advertising campaign

In another sign that almost nothing is off-limits when it comes to undermining the president, CBS News is now ridiculing Donald Trump even in its paid advertising.

Twitter erupts with #RogerAilesIsDeadParty

With the unexpected passing of Fox News founder Roger Ailes, foes of the cable news network and its onetime CEO flooded Twitter this morning, posting hundreds of angry and celebratory messages. Read all »

Morning Joe: Kellyanne Conway is a ‘fraud’

Does Kellyanne Conway secretly hate Donald Trump?

That’s the allegation made by Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, who claimed during today’s program that the White House counselor is “disgusted” by the president. Read all »

CNN: A single-issue network obsessed with the president?

Other than to end Donald Trump’s presidency, does CNN exist for any real purpose?

A glance at today’s video uploads shows just how obsessed the news network is with bringing down his administration: out of 24 clips, only three did not consist of direct, anti-Trump attacks. Read all »

CNN ‘scoop’: More ice cream for Trump than others

Is this why voters have lost faith in the American news media?

In what some are now calling “Ice Cream-gate”, CNN’s coverage of Donald Trump’s interview with Time Magazine highlights an apparent “scoop”: the president is said to receive extra ice cream with his chocolate cream pie. Read all »

Twitter blocks #StandWithSean ad purchase

Calling it an “ineligible purchase”, Twitter has blocked a proposed paid advertising campaign by the StopTheScalpings political organization. Read all »

StopTheScalpings intends to incorporate, now accepting donations

After attracting thousands of members with just five days in operation, StopTheScalpings intends to incorporate as a nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) organization.

As we’ve already incurred expenses and expect more in the coming days and weeks, we’re now accepting contributions. Because we haven’t yet filed our paperwork with the IRS, our PayPal account is set up as a business. Read all »

New political group launches #StandWithSean campaign

Ahead of the potential loss of a key Fox News Channel host from its lineup, a new political group is announcing its support for Sean Hannity and taking a stand against what it calls the “scalping” of conservative hosts. Read all »

Would Boston’s mayor really house illegal immigrants at city hall?

In defiance of Donald Trump, the mayor of Boston says he’s ready to house illegal immigrants at city hall if needed. Could something this unusual actually occur? Read all »

Priorities: Networks tackle WH press secretary’s Dippin’ Dots war

Does it matter that new White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer hates Dippin’ Dots? Read all »

Washington Times reporter assaulted by anarchist thugs

In another sign of the surreal nature of today’s anti-Trump protests, a reporter was assaulted earlier this morning for no reason other than walking past a gang of anarchist thugs. Read all »

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