Grammar Nazis in media hit Trump, White House over misspellings, typos

How about focusing on the economy, job numbers, and rising wages instead?

Liberal media slams Trump for doing EXACTLY what Obama did in 2012

The liberal media is criticizing President Donald Trump for doing the exact same thing as former President Barack Obama in 2012. In 2012, Obama called Russian President-elect Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his election victory — and it was hardly news to the mainstream media.

Looking for an excuse? CNN cancels interview with pro-gun student over tweet

CNN reportedly canceled an interview with a Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student because he shared a post on Twitter criticizing the host who was scheduled to interview him.

Kyle Kashuv, a Second Amendment advocate and senior at the high school in Florida, shared a tweet on Tuesday from Daily Wire reporter Ryan Saavedra.

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NO apology from Zuckerberg for sharing your Facebook data with Obama’s campaign

The Republicans do not have that information and will not get that information. I’m a Democrat, so maybe I could argue that’s a great thing, but really it’s not, in the overall process. That wasn’t thought all the way through and now there’s a disadvantage of information that to me seems unfair. But I’m not Facebook

 Carol Davidsen, Barack Obama’s former director for media analytics

In a series of tweets this week, Davidsen said that Facebook was “surprised” that the Obama campaign was able to “suck out the entire social graph” (a Facebook user’s network of friends), but did nothing to stop them once they found out, Breitbart reported.

Davidsen says that this gave the Democrats a massive advantage, as the Republicans did not gain access to the same data before Facebook shut off the feature. She bragged that Facebook was “on their side.”

Back in 2013, the NY Times praised the Obama campaign as “digital masterminds.”

They started with a list that grew to a million people who had signed into the campaign Web site through Facebook. When people opted to do so, they were met with a prompt asking to grant the campaign permission to scan their Facebook friends lists, their photos and other personal information. In another prompt, the campaign asked for access to the users’ Facebook news feeds, which 25 percent declined, St. Clair said.

Once permission was granted, the campaign had access to millions of names and faces they could match against their lists of persuadable voters, potential donors, unregistered voters and so on.

According to a code writer on the Obama campaign, Facebook engineers would sigh and say, “You can do this as long as you stop doing it on Nov. 7.

But now that the Trump campaign allegedly used Cambridge Analytica for data in the 2016 campaign, the liberal media has forgotten their heaps of praise bestowed upon the data-mining masterminds of the Obama campaign–selective amnesia or because Cambridge Analytica isn’t on “their side?”

According to CNN: “Much of the scrutiny on Cambridge has focused on the seemingly unethical practices it used to collect Facebook data and potentially influence American voters.”  Where was the scrutiny in 2013?

Finally, after days of complete silence and while this scandal grew, Mark Zuckerberg  broke his silence this afternoon in a Facebook post.

No apologies from Zuckerberg and typical double standards from the Democrats and the main stream media.







Left gets ‘crotch’ety over the return of ABC’s ‘Roseanne’

Who can forget Roseanne Barr; the 90’s sitcom, her infamous screechy, crotch-grabbing rendition of the National Anthem (which she regrets doing), her recent brawl with Rob Reiner over “all that Russian BS?” She made headlines daily. Some laughed. Some didn’t. Whatever the reaction, offending John Q. Public was part of her shtick.

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Does Facebook have veto power over New York Times stories?

The New York Times apparently allows influential third parties to alter their pieces if they contain unflattering references to certain individuals.

That’s what appears to have happened when the Times published a piece on Monday that criticized Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg.

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Brzezinski melts down when poll proves she was wrong about key Trump claim

Mika Brzezinski melted down after a new poll proved Americans overwhelmingly agree with President Donald Trump about the existence of a “deep state.”

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Geraldo Rivera ‘knows’ why Austin bomber struck where he did

“Austin is a ‘sanctuary city,'” said Geraldo. “Maybe the guy’s got a beef with that.” Read all »

WATCH: Parkland student exposes CNN for giving her ‘no choice’ on gun debate

Did CNN force a student who survived the shooting at the Florida high school to join the gun debate?

During an interview Sunday on CBS News’ “60 Minutes,” several students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were asked about becoming liberal activists following the shooting at their school.

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Meghan McCain makes Cory Booker squirm over Clinton’s anti-Trump comments

Meghan McCain made Sen. Cory Booker squirm when she confronted him over anti-Trump comments made by twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

During ABC’s “The View” on Monday, the New Jersey Democrat refused to condemn Clinton slandering and denigrating millions of Americans during her speech in India.
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Obama staffer: Creepy data-mining began with us in 2008!

A staffer who worked on former President Barack Obama’s 2012 campaign said Facebook allowed them unfettered access to the data programs being criticized today.

Carol Davidsen, who served as Obama’s director for media analytics at the time, said Facebook representatives allowed the campaign to harvest data on millions of users because the social media giant was “on our side.”

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Why are pop stars performing with bigot Louis Farrakhan?

Nation of Islam (NOI) leader and racist provocateur Louis Farrakhan is pumping out the jams with some heavy hitters from the music biz. Read all »

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