Think our debates are ugly? Try Eastern Europe

Candidates lash out violently during live forum


Terror suspect’s dad says he tried to warn police

Did police or federal authorities have years of advance warning that New York City terror suspect Ahmad Rahami was a threat to public safety?


Would you pay $15,000 for a cracker-based diet plan?

Would you pay $15,000 for a cracker-based diet plan?


ABC News: ‘Cuddling kittens can kill’

If you thought the news media had run out of ways to scare its audience to death, think again. Read all »


Twitter accused of censoring #ZombieHillary hashtag

Is a major social media network engaging in censorship to protect Hillary Clinton? Read all »


Chelsea blast: Governor admits it was ‘an act of terror’

After an earlier reluctance, elected officials are beginning to admit that last night’s bomb attack in New York City was an act of terror. Read all »


Is your CEO a psychopath?

If you’ve long suspected your company’s top office is occupied by a crazy person, there is now scientific evidence to back it up. Isn’t validation wonderful? Read all »


How that shocking Wells Fargo scandal was uncovered

It’s a scandal that has many Americans wondering this week how the country’s largest bank could have engaged in widespread fraud against its own customers. But how did Wells Fargo’s secret practices come into public view? Read all »


Health scare: Does Hillary really refuse to drink water?

During what most would agree is the strangest election year in memory, it shouldn’t be too surprising that its controversies are equally bizarre.

And with Hillary Clinton’s recent health scare, including her collapse after an abrupt exit from a 9-11 rally, analyzing conflicting statements about her condition has recently dominated news coverage. Read all »

Hillary faints CNN

CNN: Hillary’s 9-11 appearance ‘strong and bold’

Are questions about Hillary Clinton’s health inherently sexist?

That’s the contention of CNN’s Brian Stelter, who says the discussion plays to “stereotypes about women being ‘weak’.” Read all »

Hillary faints

Video captures Hillary’s 9-11 fainting spell

In a new incident that will sustain the debate over her health, Hillary Clinton fainted earlier today after cutting short a visit to a 9-11 memorial ceremony. Read all »

Miracle Mattress 9-11 ad

Is this the worst ad in television history?

The sun is hot, water is wet and 9-11 is not a laughing matter (or promotional gimmick). Are these universal truths? Read all »

GMA shooting Chicago

Chicago crime: Is this the last straw?

With more murders so far this year than New York City and Los Angeles combined, Chicago’s record crime wave has residents up in arms. Read all »

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