Washington Times reporter assaulted by anarchist thugs

Inauguration Day: Clad in black, looking for trouble

What the bleep? CNN accuses Monica Crowley of plagiarism

Bumping their exposé above updates on the Fort Lauderdale airport terror spree and other key stories, CNN has accused incoming Trump Administration appointee Monica Crowley of plagiarism.

CNN accused of altering Ft. Lauderdale terror suspect’s photo

Did CNN intentionally alter a photo of Fort Lauderdale terror suspect Esteban Santiago? As social media users compare the original image with one used by the cable news outlet, that’s the allegation being made tonight.

O’Reilly: Trump means Republicans now ducking Fox appearances

With the American political landscape now turned upside-down, conventional wisdom has seemingly been flushed down the toilet, perhaps forever.

Our strange new world now has congressional Republicans ducking Fox News Channel appearances, according to Bill O’Reilly. Read all »

Burglar picks wrong house, runs for his life

Before he could run away, an armed intruder got the scare of his life after a revolver-packing grandmother grabbed her weapon and reportedly fired a shot.

Rebbie Roberson, a 74-year-old resident of Bowie County, Texas, told KSLA-TV, “anyone break in on me, I’m gonna kill them! He’s gonna kill me or I’m gonna kill him!” Read all »

Dan Rather teaching ‘Truth in the News’ course

Raising eyebrows among some critics, former CBS anchor Dan Rather is now teaching an online course focused on ethics in journalism.

Called “Journalism & Finding the Truth in the News” and offered through Udemy, the class is aimed at both media career aspirants and the general public. Read all »

Social media erupts as Megyn moves to NBC

With supporters and detractors alike weighing in, Megyn Kelly’s unexpected move to NBC has lit up social media today. Move over, Mariah Carey! Read all »

Where 24/7 work emails can now be legally ignored

In a world where the line between life and work has become blurred, should workers have the right to disconnect in their off-hours?

With emails, texts and social media updates coming in at an overwhelming pace for many, France has passed a law allowing employees to ignore messages that arrive outside of the regular workday. The idea is to cut back on the growing volume of unpaid work that has slowly crept into daily life. Read all »

Mariah: I was set up to fail!

Did the producers of this year’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve intentionally sabotage Mariah Carey?

After her epic on-stage meltdown, that’s the singer’s seemingly outlandish claim. Read all »

Steve Martin under fire over Carrie Fisher tweet

Was Steve Martin wrong to call Carrie Fisher “beautiful”?

In a since-deleted tweet, the comedian posted a tribute to the late Star Wars actress, then almost immediately came under fire from some who thought his words objectified Fisher and women in general: Read all »

Joe Biden’s VP legacy: Ice cream?

Is this “fake news”?

After CNN aired a montage of Joe Biden’s greatest ice cream-eating moments, some viewers are today asking that question. Read all »

Oakland rave fire: Heartbreaking pleas for information on victims

With at least 25 young people still missing, the fire that consumed a building during a rave party has parents, friends and partners taking to social media in a desperate search for answers. Read all »

What if Romney ends up empty-handed?

Is Mitt Romney really in line to become secretary of state in the Trump Administration, or will he emerge red-faced and empty-handed?

As politicos buzz over this seemingly-odd alliance, it’s easy to wonder how these meetings came to be in the first place. Read all »

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