Rep. Barbara Comstock, R-VA, has positioned herself in the past month as a crusader against sexual misconduct, which has rocked our nation’s capital in recent months.

But why did she remain silent for years if she knew about inappropriate behavior occurring on Capitol Hill?

That’s the question being asked by Shak Hill, a former combat pilot who is trying to defeat Comstock in the 2018 Republican primary for Virginia’s 10th district.

In a fundraising email, Hill launched a brutal attack against Comstock for remaining silent for so long on sexual misconduct when she boasts about being in Congress for many years.

“You know, the whole thing with Congress using taxpayer money to payout for sexual harassment claims against mMembers, just seems emblematic of the swamp that Congress has become,” Hill’s fundraising email said.

“The thing I keep hearing over and over is, “why didn’t they stop it?!?” And that question can justly be lobbed at Barbara Comstock, who not only had knowledge of the practice, but she is a member on the Shush Fund Committee with oversight authority!” he added.

Hill released a brutal ad against Comstock, where he pieced together several segments of the Congresswoman boasting about her long tenure on Capitol Hill, yet she never managed to say anything about sexual misconduct.

Check out his ad below:

Hill went on to explain that his main goal is holding those in power responsible for their actions, and he believes Comstock has failed to do her job on this critical issue.

“Here is someone who, by her own admission, has been on Capitol Hill her entire adult life, in one role or another. Yet, ever since she has been in Congress while she had the power, she was silent on the issue,” he wrote.

Unlike Comstock, Rep. Marsha Blackburn, R-TN, is calling for the release of the names of lawmakers who used a “hush fund” to silence victims of alleged sexual misconduct. Blackburn argues the American people deserve to know who used taxpayer money to pay-off sexual harassment complaints.

While it’s unclear if Hill can defeat Comstock, he is doing everything he can to force her to do more sexual misconduct, which is apparently rampant on Capitol Hill.

The American people deserve to know why members of Congress quietly used millions of taxpayer dollars to pay off sexual harassment cases.

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