It’s gross, disgusting and highly illegal. After left-wing activists organizing a human feces or “poop party” to intimidate FCC Chairman Ajit Pai were reported to authorities by a conservative talk show host, she found herself under relentless attack. 

In an exclusive interview with Media Equalizer, talk host Stacy Washington (above image) revealed that she directed her fans to report a leftist page called “New Years Rave at Ajit Pai’s House”.

The group event was created by an individual named Andrew Kober and meant to galvanize leftists to meet at Pai’s house between 10pm and 3am on Dec. 31.

Given this clear threat to Pai’s family and home, Washington felt it necessary to inform followers and law enforcement.

In retaliation, they directed their online army to write negative reviews on Washington’s Facebook page, “Stacy on the Right Show,” where dozens immediately left 1-star show reviews and vile personal smears.

“In calling for friends online to report the page, I opened myself up to the ire of Social Justice warriors who insisted a campaign to get my page’s review rating lowered,” Washington told us.

“In addition to spamming my radio show page with hate filled posts and insults, the attacks indicated a complete disregard for the safety of the Pai family’s children,” she added.

The radio host also provided screenshots of just a few of the sickening comments leftists have left on her Facebook page.

In another screenshot, Kober himself — who referred to Washington as a “joker” — encouraged people to send comments toward the conservative host.

Washington said she has tried deleting many of the comments, but it’s clear that liberals aren’t above trying to ruin her Facebook page.

It’s very important to make it clear that Washington is being subjected to such vitriolic behavior from liberals because she took issue with the group wanting to charge Pai’s home and put his family in harm’s way.

On Wednesday, the “New Years Rave at Ajit Pai’s House,” was taken down, but MEQ was able to obtain screenshots of the event posting before it was removed from Facebook.

The event’s main photo was Pai’s head superimposed on what appears to be fecal matter, and calls for tens of thousands of people to show up at Pai’d home.

The group also listed Pai’s home address and amassed nearly 12,000 members who said they would participate in the event before it was shut down.

Because she was against this liberal group charging Pai’s home with 12,000 psychopaths, Washington is now forced to fight back against liberals who are trying to derail her Facebook page and flood it with negative reviews.

Just when you thought liberals couldn’t be any more pathetic, they find a way to go even lower.

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