It’s the left’s same, tired story;  when faced with the opposition’s truth and facts, hit back with ad hominem attacks and fallacy. 

Media Matters’ Cristina Lopez G. limp-wristed and racist retort to a gathering of conservative voices criticizing big-tech’s propensity for  speech censorship of successful, conservative media outlets is a common refrain.

Lopez writes:

“The panel on Social Media Neutrality, put together on February 6 by The Gateway Pundit’s (TGP) Jim Hoft, featured Right Side Broadcasting Network’s (RSBN) Margaret Howell, anti-Muslim bigot Pamela Geller, software developer Marlene Jaeckel, and The People’s Cube’s Oleg Atbashian — whose site’s content has triggered the Defense Department’s flags for hate and racism. Fox News regular Michelle Malkin and self-proclaimed “guerrilla journalist” (but actual partisan hack) James O’Keefe also made video appearances.”

When all else fails, lie.

The propaganda piece titled “Right-wing trolls held a panel to complain about their declining traffic rates since Trump was elected” is nothing more than an attempt to divert readers’ attention away from the fact that big-tech hates opposing views and the marketplace of ideas. What to do? Report the fake news that righty media ‘traffic is declining.’

Nine examples of Google censorship, including conservative thought, are found here.

Youtube censorship of conservatism here.

Twitter here.

Facebook here.


Never mind that TGP had it’s best year ever in 2017. As Hoft reported, “The record this year is not surprising as Americans want the truth, and the coastal media has lost the trust of the American consumer.”

And why is it that Fox News is the number one watched cable news channel? Why is Rush Limbaugh the number one listened to radio personality even though Google omitted his show from its ratings search? Why can’t lefties make it on radio? According to Forbes, “Thom Hartmann is probably the most successful liberal on radio right now, but he’s got a pretty small audience–drawing less than a quarter of Hannity’s 13.75 million weekly audience.” Hartmann has the 17th most listened to radio program below adult contemporary music host Delilah, and the alien/paranormal/conspiracy theory guys George Noory and George Knapp who are on during the wee hours.