It could be a Muslim beheading an infidel.

Instead, it is Obama family artist, Kehinde Wiley’s, admitted racist fantasy on the canvas that depicts a black woman who’s just cut the head off of a white women

“It’s sort of a play on the ‘kill whitey’ thing,” Wiley told NYmag,

You’d think a gay black man would rather convey messages of ‘tolerance’ and ‘acceptance’ in his work.

Wiley said the Biblical tale of Judith and Holofernes was his inspiration.



Another version of Wiley’s fantasy.

What is disturbing most is the thought that Obama must have known the artist’s history and yet willfully ignored it.

Talk radio host Blanquita Callum of “The Hard Question” WCGO in Chicago went on the record and stated:

“This is very disturbing and evil. I am wondering why President Obama chose Kehinde Wiley to paint his official portrait? He and Mrs. Obama had to know that Wiley’s violent work would be shown to the American people. I am sickened. Former President of the United States, Barack Obama and his wife should refuse to have his “official” portrait displayed in the National Portrait Gallery by an artist whose work supports decapitating white women? They owe the American people an apology. This is disgusting and unacceptable. There is no justification for the selection of an artist who has displayed clear violent racism. Many “white” people voted for President Obama. We are making decisions to take down monuments that represent people considered “racists”-Why would they select an artist who portrays acts of violence directed to a segment of our people? I have deleted my post showing the portraits to be displayed at the National Portrait Gallery. Where is the “Me Too Movement” regarding an artist who promotes paintings supporting violence to women? Why would a museum funded by taxpayers promote his work? The former President and Mrs. Obama can’t say they support women’s rights and oppose violence and abuse of women if they allow his work to be displayed in “OUR” National Portrait Gallery. What message does this send to our Nation’s citizens and Internationally? The portraits should not be on display at the National Portrait Gallery or any taxpayer funded institution.”

Could you imagine if Trump commissioned an artist who had painted a white women beheading a black women? Half the country would be burnt to the ground.

Barack Obama once tweeted “no one is born hating another person.” So it is a wonder why 44 would honor a racist hatemonger by asking him to paint his presidential portrait.