Billy Bush needs some attention. No longer relevant in the journalism world, the former ‘Today’ and ‘Access Hollywood’ reporter rehashed an old story.

Bush wrote an op-ed for the New York Times, a cut and paste job of then candidate Trump’s “locker-room” comments. Bush’s aim was reminding the electorate of President Trump’s sexist banter which comes at the same time that numerous and real claims of sexual harassment flood the news cycle.

As Capitol Hill staffers and Hollywood celebrities find the courage to tell all who will listen, including members of Congress, and their horror stories of violent sexual encounters, Bush thought it appropriate to bring up something Donald Trump said about women–and Bush’s involvement in the conversation–on a bus going to the set of a soap opera.

Bush was fired from NBC for egging-on Trump.

Dan Abrams thinks it’s time we cut Billy a break. He says that when Trump made his most offensive comment: “Grab ’em by the p***y,” ‘Bush actually changed the subject.’ He did? Bush: “Sheesh, your girl’s hot as s**t. In the purple.” He must have been talking about the weather. Yes, the court of public opinion got it wrong according to Abrams, because while Bush was simply Robin to Trump’s Batman in their barroom smut-convo, we elevated Trump to the presidency as a reward while Bush was let go.

The timing of Bush’s piece is suspect as it comes in the wake of Matt Lauer’s rape accusations; it also reeks of an attempted comeback to NBC because Bush penned the piece after Lauer was fired. Bush failed to mention Lauer in the piece. Abrams is right about one thing, though. “NBC can’t and won’t hire Bush back.”

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