Donald Trump: ISIS slayer

President Donald Trump has beaten ISIS into a coma.

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Killing statesmen: The left’s relentless war on our nation’s history continues

After an Episcopalian Church in Virginia attended by families of George Washington and Robert E. Lee decided to remove two plaques, the father of our country and a historic Civil War General are now homeless. Read all »

Sean Hannity’s Let There Be Light breaks from Hollywood’s typical values-free fare

Sean Hannity’s new independent film Let There Be Light opened this past weekend. It is the story of a famous atheist (think Richard Dawkins) who has a near-death experience and meets the Creator of the universe.
This is Hannity’s first project in the industry working as the movie’s executive producer. Kevin Sorbo stars in the film and also directed it.

The movie is a true family affair. Sorbo’s wife, Sam, co-wrote the script and also plays his on-screen wife. Their two young sons also made their acting debuts.

At a time when Harvey Weinstein and other Hollywood celebs face growing accusations of sexual impropriety, the film is a refreshing break from the saturation of typical Hollywood moral-free material. As an investor, Hannity is excited to see more moral-laden films that uphold Judeo-Christian values.

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In a phone interview with the Washington Times, Hannity said that the days of Hollywood’s singular focus on big-dollar blockbuster’s may be ending. “We’re on the cutting edge of getting ahead of this because the demand has been there, and [producers] have had no desire to fulfill it,” he said.
While there have been reports of the film stumbling out of the gate, it’s done well comparatively on a “per-screen” basis. It attracted $5,071 per screen showing on 373 screens this weekend, only behind horror flick “Jigsaw,” which debuted making $5,525 per screen while debuting on 2,941 screens, according to Box Office Mojo. Lefty Hollywood big whigs George Clooney and Matt Damon’s “Suburbicon” made a paltry $1,369 per screen across 2,046 screens.

Let There Be Light is slated to hit more theaters in the coming days and weeks.

In hurricane relief efforts, Christian groups surge ahead of FEMA


In the wake of the recent hurricane charity and relief efforts, Christian non-profit organizations have outperformed FEMA, proving once again that the we the people are capable of taking care of our own. Read all »

When the killers struck, where were you?

Sixteen years ago today, America was twinned together in anger and defiance. We hung flags. We spoke to our neighbors, even those with whom we disagreed.

We cried. We walked dazed through the streets of our cities, and clung to each other in our offices.

We prayed. We donated blood, and then we prayed some more. It lasted about a week. Read all »

That was fast: ProPublica bullies PayPal into cutting off conservative website

Yesterday, Media Equalizer reported on ProPublica’s attempt to shut down revenue generation on conservative websites.

Today, within hours of their hit piece being live, they have their first scalp. Read all »

‘I need a hug!’: CNN airs video of Muslims complaining of mistreatment

Would ‘mistreated’ Muslims in America benefit from a big hug?

That’s just one of several bizarre moments in a new piece airing on CNN. Read all »

Video: Muslim woman kicked out of store for wearing niqab

A dollar store in crime-ridden Gary, Indiana is making headlines today after a manager repeatedly asked a Muslim woman to leave.

Caught on video, the Family Dollar store employee told Sarah Salaam that because robberies were so common, it was necessary to keep faces uncovered. Read all »

Orlando: News anchors, activists waste no time on gun control push

Even before the victims have been identified in the terror attack that killed at least 50 at a busy Orlando nightclub, some are injecting partisan politics into the story.

It’s not just the usual Twitter provocateurs reacting this way, but major media personalities and celebrities. Read all »

Trump blasted over tweet praising Muhammad Ali

Is Donald Trump a “hypocrite” for praising the late Muhammad Ali?

After the presumptive GOP presidential nominee tweeted his respects to the larger-than-life boxer, social media users lambasted him, contending his words were inconsistent with earlier criticism of Obama. Read all »

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