In hurricane relief efforts, Christian groups surge ahead of FEMA


In the wake of the recent hurricane charity and relief efforts, Christian non-profit organizations have outperformed FEMA, proving once again that the we the people are capable of taking care of our own. Read all »

When the killers struck, where were you?

Sixteen years ago today, America was twinned together in anger and defiance. We hung flags. We spoke to our neighbors, even those with whom we disagreed.

We cried. We walked dazed through the streets of our cities, and clung to each other in our offices.

We prayed. We donated blood, and then we prayed some more. It lasted about a week. Read all »

That was fast: ProPublica bullies PayPal into cutting off conservative website

Yesterday, Media Equalizer reported on ProPublica’s attempt to shut down revenue generation on conservative websites.

Today, within hours of their hit piece being live, they have their first scalp. Read all »

‘I need a hug!’: CNN airs video of Muslims complaining of mistreatment

Would ‘mistreated’ Muslims in America benefit from a big hug?

That’s just one of several bizarre moments in a new piece airing on CNN. Read all »

Video: Muslim woman kicked out of store for wearing niqab

A dollar store in crime-ridden Gary, Indiana is making headlines today after a manager repeatedly asked a Muslim woman to leave.

Caught on video, the Family Dollar store employee told Sarah Salaam that because robberies were so common, it was necessary to keep faces uncovered. Read all »

Orlando: News anchors, activists waste no time on gun control push

Even before the victims have been identified in the terror attack that killed at least 50 at a busy Orlando nightclub, some are injecting partisan politics into the story.

It’s not just the usual Twitter provocateurs reacting this way, but major media personalities and celebrities. Read all »

Trump blasted over tweet praising Muhammad Ali

Is Donald Trump a “hypocrite” for praising the late Muhammad Ali?

After the presumptive GOP presidential nominee tweeted his respects to the larger-than-life boxer, social media users lambasted him, contending his words were inconsistent with earlier criticism of Obama. Read all »

Ben Affleck’s Islamoapologism too ridiculous even for Bill Maher

Hooray, something interesting happened on talk television! That’s always good news around here.

The bad news: isolated Hollywood celebs are more foolishly ignorant than ever, placing fellow liberal Bill Maher in the uncomfortable position of taking on leftist Ben Affleck during HBO’s Real Time.

Affleck has apparently appointed himself national spokesman on behalf of Americans for Islamoapologism, a group that might not exist now but may as well as far as his crowd is concerned.

Beheadings? Hadn’t heard about those. Ben’s real villains? Christians, of course. Read all »

As Obama fiddles, Australia acts

When Islamic thugs succeed in taking over the world, at least one country will be safe: Australia. While Obama fiddles and the situation deteriorates, authorities there aren’t messing around, wiping out a suspected random public beheading plot.

If carried out, the resulting horror would have been incalculable, causing panic in the streets as victims are chosen by chance.

Addressing the alarming developments, former Congressman Allen West notes: Read all »

Satanists ‘flood’ Florida schools with ‘children’s activity books’

In retrospect, was it really a good idea to allow public schools in Florida to distribute religious material? It was only a matter of time before a fringe group would take advantage of the opportunity to gain undeserved access to mainstream society.

And that’s exactly what has happened as the Satanic Temple has “flooded” them with activity books designed to teach acceptance of the Dark Side. Parents, time for a backpack check!

From CBS Tampa Bay: Read all »

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