Lawrence O’Donnell meltdown clip points to inner MSNBC turmoil

Who inside NBC knifed Larry O’Donnell in the back? Read all »

Maxine Waters has angry meltdown while delivering eulogy

Didn’t they learn from the backlash that resulted from Paul Wellstone’s funeral? Read all »

Lefty twitter users go Billy Madison over POTUS retweet of Clinton golf meme

Over a tweet featuring POTUS’s flawless golf swing cutting away to the ball hitting Hillary Clinton in the back as she boards a plane, lefty Twitter users are crying foul (or “fore”?): Read all »

President vindicated? FBI DID intercept Trump Tower communications

In what supporters see as vindication for a key claim made by the president, the Obama admininstration did in fact wiretap former campaign manager Paul Manafort, listening in on communications made at Trump Tower. Read all »

In Seattle, Antifa’s mob rule on display

With police and local officials seeming to look the other way, has Antifa’s thuggery been accepted as mainstream in some cities?   Read all »

In hurricane relief efforts, Christian groups surge ahead of FEMA


In the wake of the recent hurricane charity and relief efforts, Christian non-profit organizations have outperformed FEMA, proving once again that the we the people are capable of taking care of our own. Read all »

Another murder in sanctuary city hotbed SF by illegal alien keeps immigration fires burning

An 18-year-old illegal alien who was scheduled for deportation is accused of killing San Francisco community center worker Abel Esquivel (below). Erick Garcia-Pineda, 18, was caught and released in April pending deportation, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials said. Read all »

Woman’s reaction to Islamic call to prayer in Brooklyn has Twitter in uproar

Can Twitter users remain one step of ahead of company censors seeming to block a viral clip? Read all »

Was bizarre CNN appearance a network set-up?

Are some guests beginning to openly show their contempt for CNN?

Or, is the network now intentionally booking guests it knows will undermine opposition political viewpoints (in other words, a set-up)? Read all »

Despite denunciations, Antifa thugs double-down on violent tactics

Despite a public pushback against its methods, Antifa organizers are doubling-down on violence, calling it “necessary” to “combat authoritarianism”. Read all »

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