From university swastika vandalism coverage, WaPo omits key detail

Random acts of journalism DO occur, just not so often at the Washington Post. Read all »

Globe reporter: Even liberal colleagues ‘appalled’ at blatant anti-Trump bias inside newsroom

[Exclusive to the Media Equalizer]

Has rampant Trump-bashing become so extreme inside American newsrooms that even some liberal reporters are becoming uneasy? Read all »

Phony independent ‘newsroom’ threatens conservative sites with destruction

In their quest to eliminate all opposing viewpoints, are leftists close to scoring a major victory? Read all »

At the Boston Globe, even the solar eclipse is political

For whatever reason, in 2017, absolutely EVERYTHING is about politics. Read all »

Paper deathwatch: Will the NY Daily News be next?

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a hard-copy newspaper, you’re not alone: according to figures released today, major print publications are in bad shape.

And if the trend continues, one may be destined for closure. Will the New York Daily News survive? Read all »

Columnist: It’s time to kill millions of cats!

In a hypercompetitive online world where capturing attention is harder than ever, one publication appears to have struck clickbait gold. Read all »

Andrea Peyser: It’s okay to slam Hillary’s pantsuits!

Because she’s a woman, are Hillary’s frumpy fashion choices and other personal characteristics off-limits?

While that’s the assertion of some of her supporters, many of whom are male, Andrea Peyser says criticizing the Democratic presidential nominee is perfectly okay. In recent weeks, the New York Post columnist has raised the ire of those in the Clinton camp who believe the latter should be protected from criticism due to her gender. Read all »

Fake breast size study fools publications around the world

Fooling newspapers and websites around the world, A major “study” on breast sizes around the world is a complete hoax, leaving some red-faced today.

Worse, this “research” may have been floating around the Internet for years! Read all »

Boy comments on brownies at school party, gets grilled by police

In some places, has political correctness now become so extreme that the only answer is to pack up and move, or switch schools?

After one mother’s unbelievable ordeal, the answer in parts of New Jersey appears to be yes. Read all »

San Jose riot: Local vs national coverage differs wildly

It’s been a major news story across the country today, but how have yesterday’s anti-Trump riots been covered closer to home?

The difference is startling, with at least one Bay Area media outlet heavily downplaying the violence that occurred in San Jose, California. Read all »

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