Desperate GQ names anthem-kneeler / cop-hater Kaepernick ‘citizen of the year’

GQ, the magazine that published a piece called ‘F*** Ben Carson’, just named ex-NFL player Colin Kaepernick ‘Citizen of the Year.’ Read all »

Phony independent ‘newsroom’ threatens conservative sites with destruction

In their quest to eliminate all opposing viewpoints, are leftists close to scoring a major victory? Read all »

Mother Jones warns fellow leftists: You’re out of touch on Syrian refugee issue

In times of crisis, politics can be unpredictable, but nothing is less expected than a traditionally-leftist publication chiding its own over behavior it says is hurting their cause.

In a piece published today, Mother Jones has warned liberals that their position on accepting Syrian refugees is damaging “progressive” credibility, at least in the “mocking” tone being used to attack the right. “Electoral disaster” could even be the result, it says. Read all »

Journalist: ‘Is the 9yo going to the funeral of the guy she killed?’

In a mammoth case of a journalist failing to think before tweeting, a “progressive” scribe is in hot water today after appearing to attack the nine-year-old girl who accidentally shot her instructor at an Arizona gun range. And when she later tried to cover her tracks, the effort was thwarted by a Twitter follower who captured a screenshot.

A longtime contributor to publications such as Politico, Foreign Policy, Mother Jones and Salon, Laura Rozen is currently found at Al-Monitor, which covers the Middle East. She was also a member of the now-infamous JournoList, a group of Obama-backing reporters who coordinated positive coverage for the president between 2007 and 2010.

After sending a number of tweets related to the accidental death of gun instructor Charles Vacca by a girl he was training, Rozen then went off the rails with a comment seeming to slam the obviously-traumatized student. Read all »

Jawboning the truth

Talk about proving Rush Limbaugh’s point: just yesterday, he was railing against news coverage of the NFL and particularly the Ray Rice domestic violence mega-controversy. And yet, just hours later, they’ve underscored his concerns.

“It’s the sports media, and I tell you, they’re dumber and they’re more liberal than the regular media,” Limbaugh said during Tuesday’s syndicated radio program. Later, he allowed a caller to trash Sports Illustrated and its politically correct coverage: Read all »

Would you pay $22.18 for a copy of Newsweek?

How much would you pay for a print copy of Newsweek?

As it returns to newsstands with a demonic image of Vladimir Putin, we couldn’t help but notice the outrageous per copy prices its new ownership regime hopes to fetch. Read all »

Trump says he supports Kanye’s 2020 presidential bid

Did Donald Trump inspire Kanye West’s possible 2020 presidential bid?

That’s what the 2016 GOP frontrunner believes and perhaps more surprisingly, is supportive of the rapper’s entry into national politics. Read all »

Why is Rolling Stone promoting a rapper for president?

Should Rolling Stone magazine choose our next president? Can the campaign of an underage rap star be taken seriously?

Rapper Waka Flocka, or Juaquin James Malphurs, announced his independent presidential candidacy via the music magazine earlier this week. He promoted overall liberal policies, which captured social media attention, though as many noted at 28 he doesn’t even meet the presidential age requirement of over 35. Read all »

Hot new marketing strategy: ticking off the audience?

Is the hottest new marketing strategy based on infuriating or baffling the general public?

Just days after Nationwide ran the already-infamous “dead kid” Super Bowl ad that had millions shaking their heads in disbelief, Sports Illustrated has done the same thing by adding a “plus-size” model to their swimsuit issue who doesn’t appear the slightest bit overweight.

In an oversaturated media environment, is this the only remaining way to get attention? Read all »

Moron du jour: ‘Muslims have right to be angry’

For every atrocity, there is a designated moron, with today’s winner standing head and shoulders above the rest.

Either deranged, in desperate need of press attention or under the impression an infidel can win over bloodthirsty jihadists, the Catholic League’s Bill Donohue is enraging many today with comments justifying yesterday’s massacre of journalists at the Paris offices of Charlie Hebdo.

Apparently, the cartoonists DESERVED IT, because they’d also insulted Catholics in the past (actually, Charlie Hebdo has a reputation for attacking absolutely everyone, utilizing a no sacred cows philosophy). That’ll teach ’em! Read all »

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