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After returning from a few days off over the holiday weekend, Sean Hannity has experienced a ratings surge that saw his program take the number one ratings position Tuesday evening.

Given that his show airs at 10pm, normally a disadvantage in television, it is particularly noteworthy. Beating the entire Fox News Channel lineup, he also topped all of CNN, MSNBC, and HLN’s programming in the key 25-54 demographic.

In total viewers, the 10pm EDT airing attracted 2,766,000 average viewers at any one time, again higher than all of cable news.

On Wednesday, he did it again, ranking number one across the board in 25-54 adults and a close second to Tucker Carlson among all viewers with an average of 2,730,000. The recent surge experienced by MSNBC appears for the moment to be subsiding.

These numbers are only for the first viewing, not the 1am EDT / 10pm PDT rebroadcast.

Thursday’s numbers have not yet been released, so we will update this later.