A conservative editor and talk show host is demanding Republicans “apologize” for the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, contending the party is now excusing the same kind of behavior.

Calling Donald Trump “a pathological liar and womanizer,” Erick Erickson made the comparison at his site, The Resurgent.

“Republicans owe Bill Clinton an apology for impeaching him over lies and affairs while now embracing a pathological liar and womanizer,” Erickson wrote. “That apology will not be forthcoming. In fact, for years Republicans have accused the Democrats of gutter politics and shamelessness. Now the Republicans themselves have lost their sense of shame,” he continued.

Erickson even blames Trump for the alleged actions of one of his voters: “In South Carolina, a Trump supporter refused to help a disabled woman who had been in a car wreck because the woman had a Bernie Sanders sticker on her car. The man actually said he thought the Lord came to him. But these people have learned this behavior from their party’s new political leader.”

With a history of attention-grabbing stunts, Erickson is perhaps best known as a frequent fill-in host for Rush Limbaugh. But this position places him at direct odds with the syndicated talker, who was an outspoken Clinton critic during the impeachment process.

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