Will Sean Hannity soon join Michael Savage on the United Kingdom’s no-go list?

Thanks to a recent public spat with actor Russell Brand over the Gaza – Israel war, it’s certainly possible. His crime: outspoken support for the UN’s Most Hated Nation. If that isn’t illegal in the UK, it will be soon enough, as one Daily Telegraph columnist has documented.

Before Brand chose Hannity as his YouTube tirade target, how many in Britain were aware of the Fox News Channel host’s existence? Now, however, his visit to Israel is being tracked closely by some London-based publications.

Hannity arrived there early this morning and has been filing reports for his website and the network.

Here’s his auto-updating Twitter feed:

The liberal Independent newspaper and Huffington Post UK have been particularly interested, with the former taking to mockingly calling him “Sanity” and repeating Brand’s “Hannerty” silliness.

From the Independent:

Just what Israel-Gaza always needed – Sean Hannity’s triumphant arrival.

The Fox News anchor took time out from shouting at Palestinians and labelling Russell Brand “kind of dumb and ignorant” over his videoed critique of Hannity’s pro-IDF coverage of the conflict in the Middle Eastern country to fly over to Israel.

He posted the above image of himself standing by a ‘Welcome To Israel’ sign, dressed in a striped golf T, a pair of dark sunglasses and a baseball cap.

He also posted more images – an aerial shot of the country, covered in thick plumes of cloud, which he captioned simply “Flying into Israel”, and a second, hazy shot of the shoreline as his plane descended.

Then came the pictures of him inspecting “1 of 9 Iron Dome locations that shoot down incoming rockets” and the entrance into a gated community with military protection.

Hannity Israel screenshot 3How can Sean be faulted for heading right into the middle of the war to get the facts first hand? It’s a lot more constructive than Brand spouting pro-terror propaganda on YouTube.

From Hannity.com, here’s his first written report, does this come across as anything other than factual and carefully considered?

Nearly 3,000 rockets have been fired into Israel since tensions rose a few weeks ago. If not for Israel’s Iron Dome, with a 90% success rate, it’s hard to imagine how much damage and destruction we would be witnessing.

Standing close to the Gaza border, there’s a playground. Life seems to go on as normal, until you realize it’s surrounded by bomb shelters. This is life every day now for Israelis trying to defend themselves.

Ceasefires, like the seven-hour one we just had, don’t seem to mean much as Israel’s Iron Dome continues to intercept incoming rockets from Gaza. Before the latest ceasefire, Israel struck and killed a militant leader in Gaza. Also, the Washington Post reports that “an Israeli civilian was killed in Jerusalem when an Arab attacker used a backhoe to ram and overturn a bus.”

The latest seven-hour truce came after Israel received harsh criticism for striking a target outside in U.N. school in Southern Gaza. IDF Capt. Eytan Buchman says the target was three Palestinian militants who were on a motorcycle driving past the school. But the U.N. decided that was too close for its own comfort, as the nearby school had about 3,000 Palestinians seeking shelter, including some civilians out buying ice cream when the airstrike occurred.

When the likes of Russell Brand becomes a country’s de facto opinion-maker on a devastating war, we should all wonder about its future.