Once a crook, always a crook.

In Democrat Buddy Cianci’s case, however, the latest scandal couldn’t have emerged at a more unpleasant time. Though the former Providence mayor-turned-felon is looking reclaim that position this November, the AP has uncovered more shenanigans, this time involving a “charity” pasta sauce that bears his name and likeness.

Apparently, not a dime has been turned over for needy causes.

Until recently a talk host on WPRO radio in Rhode Island (and perhaps better known nationally for the junior high school bearing his name on TV’s “Family Guy”), Cianci is feigning ignorance about the sauce flap:

Cianci’s sauce promises to help kids, but made no money for charity in 4 years

Associated Press

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — Former Mayor Buddy Cianci’s face beams from the label of his Mayor’s Own Marinara Sauce, which also promises that sales are “Benefiting Providence School Children” and have helped hundreds of students attend college.

Cicanci Buddy Junior HighBut in recent years, no money from the sauce’s sales has been donated to Cianci’s charity scholarship fund, The Associated Press has learned. From 2009 to 2012, the sauce made a total of $3 in income, longtime Cianci adviser Charles Mansolillo told the AP.

Mansolillo – Cianci’s former city solicitor and the vice president, secretary and treasurer of the company that sells the pasta sauce – acknowledged the label could be misunderstood and said he would like to see it changed.

“People are thinking that every time they are buying a bottle of pasta (sauce) they’re making a contribution. That is not necessarily the case. That’s got to be clearly stated,” Mansolillo said. “It benefits the scholarship fund when it’s possible. … I don’t think even in the best year any more than two or three scholarships could be said to come from that.”

Cianci was mayor for a combined 21 years over two separate stints starting in 1975. Both ended in felony convictions. He started selling the sauce in 1995, during his second go-round as mayor and before he was sent to prison in 2002 for presiding over widespread corruption in City Hall. He is now running again for his old job as an independent.

Will he be elected again, only to face a third felony rap? Life has a way of repeating itself.