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A prolific writer under pen names, Mark is notably the author of the civics-minded WW2 era novel Hearts & Spades and a book on concealed carry, Modern American Gunslinger. At the post graduate level, he studied international affairs and subsequently was the editor in chief for a prestigious international energy journal. For two decades he consulted globally in the energy and information technology space. Early in his career, Mark served as a United States Naval Officer in the Persian Gulf and other conflict areas. He’s currently the CEO of Atomic Fan, a firm specializing on social media strategy and Trilateral Technologies, a video production firm specializing in political work tailored to the digital world. He is the Executive Director for The Shining City Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to advancing the American idea. His professional, and academic experience refine an in-depth perspective of the world’s political economy of energy and the other topics he writes. He is a freelance editor for Media Equalizer and is finishing a second edition of the Political Economy of Energy: Energy Security in a Complex World. As an avid world traveler, he has visited over 100 countries and enjoys scuba diving tropical locations around the world.

Politics trumps morality: Why the media can’t get Judge Moore’s story straight

Politically-energized viewers anxiously expected a resolution to Sean Hannity’s Tuesday night gauntlet-dropping demands for Judge Roy Moore to answer unresolved questions regarding allegations of events that happened nearly 40 years ago.

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Following the money: media, sponsors, and foreign influence

Recently, Twitter suspended Russia Today’s promotional activities, who in 2016 spent $270,000 on Twitter advertising.

Also, a RT marketing campaign in New York came under the scrutiny of the United States Department of Justice, who asked the network to register as a under the Foreign Agents Registration act of 1938, FARA.

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Ingraham, Maloney on the media’s case of aggressive amnesia

In tonight’s show, Laura Ingraham could not have made a more exquisite example of the media’s aggressive amnesia.

When Juanita Broadderick told her story of Bill Clinton’s aggressive sexual advances in a hotel room, scarcely any mainstream journalist would dare touch the story. True, a few reports surfaced the story, but it was quickly forgotten – a rape allegation, forgotten. Read all »

With the Ingraham Angle, Fox looks to shut out the competition

Last night, Hannity gave a personal introduction of Ingraham’s new show and provided Laura Ingraham with a warm handoff – a clever strategy to carry over Hannity’s viewers into the 10pm slot. The launch of the Ingraham Angle seemed to follow a similar strategy to the launch of Hannity’s new timeslot – bringing in a long exclusive with White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, featuring candid coverage of everything from China & North Korea, to immigration, and the Mueller investigation.

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Trump about Benghazi, “Our memory is deep and our reach is long”

During the Obama Presidency, the capture of a major terrorist mastermind would have been front page news, for days.  The opposite is true during the Trump Presidency.  The mainstream media largely ignored yesterday’s capture of Benghazi mastermind Mustafa al-Imam by a United States special warfare team.

The White House released a statement quoting President Trump, “Yesterday, on my orders, United States forces captured Mustafa al-Imam in Libya. Because of this successful operation, al-Imam will face justice in the United States for his alleged role in the September 11, 2012 attacks in Benghazi, which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith, and Tyrone Woods—four brave Americans who were serving our country.”

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Despite media hyperventilation, no Trump-Russia collusion uncovered

An indictment and a guilty plea of former Trump campaign officials are making headlines today.  The indictment accuses Mr. Manafort of improper business dealings prior to his involvement with the Trump campaign, while the guilty plea involves George Papadopoulos, a low level Carson then Trump foreign affairs campaign employee, who misstated the chronology of certain meetings with foreign nationals.  Read all »

In new role, Laura Ingraham braves angry ocean filled with pirates, sharks


Sometimes being whip-smart, verbally exquisite and driven isn’t enough in the broadcasting world.

Since the dawn of radio and TV, the industry has been dominated by men. Only in the last five to ten years have women started to make inroads into this cloistered club. Even now, it’s hard work to maneuver around some very real obstacles that exist. Read all »

Clinton’s fake Russian dossier is symptomatic of a much bigger problem

Washington and the US shook today at the explosive revelation that the Hillary Clinton Campaign, the Democratic National Committee, and an unnamed GOP agent funded the creation of a salacious and fake Trump-Russia dossier used to start an FBI Russia collusion probe into Candidate Trump and then President Trump.  Questions swirl as to who the GOP funder might be: Jeb Bush’s campaign was one of the first clients of FusionGPS. Was it Jeb’s campaign?

It’s one thing to conduct opposition research on a candidate but it’s quite another to manufacture false information and then direct foreign operatives to leverage existing intelligence and diplomatic channels to funnel the information into the United States as credible.

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Pols in paradise: The ‘Climate Change’ swindle

Climate change conferences have become big business and a way for negotiators to see the world at taxpayer expense. The US delegation to the 2015 Paris Accord Conference (COP21), for example, numbered nearly 150 officials – no word on the number of supporting staff attending the all-expenses paid trip to Paris. Read all »

Whitewashing the panther

Outside of the normal competitive bidding process, the National Park Service recently awarded the University of California, Berkeley, nearly $100,000 to ‘Honor the Legacy’ of the controversial Black Panther Party . In part, the notice of intent to award read:

Committed to truthfully honoring the legacy of BPP activists and the San Francisco Bay Area communities they served, the project seeks to document the lives of activists and elders and the landscapes that shaped the movement…Equally significant, the project will document how the BPP impacted the visual arts, music, dance, and styles of the 1960s, 70s and 80s [and] will underscore the vastness of its impact on American culture.

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