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Brian Maloney is the co-founder of the Media Equality Project, creator of StopTheScalpings, a Facebook group with over 100,000 members and publisher of Media Equalizer. A longtime radio host and political analyst, Brian founded the Radio Equalizer website in 2004. He's been a frequent guest on cable talk channels including Fox News Channel, NewsmaxTV, OneAmerica News Network, CNN, the former CourtTV and local television affiliates. On Fox, he's appeared frequently on both Hannity and the former O'Reilly Factor.

Melanie Morgan: After TV appearance, Al Franken harassed me too

Exclusive to the Media Equalizer
With additional reporting from Martin Walsh

Immediately raising questions about double-standards in the media and on Capitol Hill, a Los Angeles radio news anchor today accused Senator Al Franken (D-MN) of sexually assaulting her.

Now, Media Equalizer Co-Founder Melanie Morgan has come forward as well, recounting her own experience with the onetime comedian, liberal radio host and activist. Morgan’s disturbing encounter was sparked by daring to disagree with Franken during an August, 2000 edition of ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher. Read all »

Watch guest openly mock Don ‘Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy’

Are CNN’s primetime hosts now so disrespected that guests feel comfortable openly mocking them? Read all »

State Rep on Roy Moore accusers: Timing fishy, political motivations

While the chattering classes in Washington and elsewhere duke it out over last-minute allegations of sexual impropriety by Roy Moore ahead of a key special election, one Alabama politician is firing back, calling its timing politically motivated. Read all »

‘He had soft hands’: CNN slobbers all over Obama’s jury duty appearance

Other than a plane crash or new “reason” to bash the current president, nothing gets CNN more excited than a chance to fawn all over Barack Obama. Read all »

Shooting down the left’s ridiculous ‘Fox ignored election results’ claim

Running rampant across the left side of the Internet today is the ridiculous claim that embarrassed by yesterday’s election results, Fox News is choosing to ignore the issue entirely. Read all »

Media scrubs coverage of Senator Paul’s ‘socialist’ attacker, it’s now ‘a minor property dispute’

When a radical, far-left neighbor of US Senator Rand Paul attacked him from behind while the latter was mowing his lawn, some nearby pointed to longstanding political differences. Read all »

Has Donna Brazile just vindicated Sean Hannity?

For speaking out about Hillary Clinton’s doomed presidential campaign, it’s hard to understate just how much left-wing vitriol has been reserved for former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile this weekend.

During an appearance on ABC This Week today (video below), Brazile seemed especially defensive when asked about the claims made in her new book about the 2016 election cycle. Read all »

Account vanishes: Is Twitter playing games with Trump?

After an unexplained account outage sent social media users buzzing, is Twitter playing games with Donald Trump? Read all »

‘Cultural Appropriation’: The PC left’s most insidious demand?

In this era of rampant political correctness, the race is on to escalate the absurdity of it all, lest another leftist beat you to it. Read all »

Exclusive: Melanie interviews Laura Ingraham ahead of Fox News debut

#Winning: That’s Laura Ingraham’s style.

And she’s winning all over the place. In an exclusive interview, Media Equality Project Co-Founder Melanie Morgan found out what drives the talk titan to succeed, while Laura also reveals her secret vice! Read all »

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