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Brian Maloney is Editor-in-Chief of Media Equalizer. A longtime radio host and political analyst, Brian founded the Radio Equalizer website in 2004. He's been a frequent guest on cable talk channels including Fox News Channel, CNN, the former CourtTV and local television affiliates. Contact: radioeq at

Johnny Depp proves celebs are still rewarded for their violent rhetoric

If there were any real consequences, would Hollywood celebrities continue to advocate violence against the president and other elected officials? Read all »

Twitter war: Standing up to CNN’s smear machine

For someone in a such a key network position, yesterday’s pushback against CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski and his KFile team revealed a particularly thin skin. Read all »

Media Matters: Why is David Brock hiding money from the IRS?

Why is David Brock hiding money from the IRS? Read all »

After pressure campaign, Maddow loses major sponsor

June 16, 2017 press release from the Media Equality Project:


Stop the Scalpings and the Media Equality Project Claim Another Victory; withdraws ads from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show 


Boston, MA – Upon hearing that has decided to pull their ads from MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show, Melanie Morgan, Co-founder of the Media Equality Project, thanked the thousands of volunteers who have been calling, emailing, writing letters and cancelling their accounts.

“We’re fighting fire with fire and we’re winning! It’s so gratifying to hear understands how Rachel Maddow’s dishonest and biased reporting doesn’t resonate with their customers. Thank you to all the Stop the Scalpings volunteers who made their voices heard,” said Morgan.

Stop the Scalpings has posted the contact information for every advertiser on MSNBC’s flagship show on their Facebook page (now 103,000 strong) and on the website. Every day, volunteers focus their efforts on a different company and share their feedback.

Co-founder Brian Maloney added, “When left-wing smear organizations attempted to remove opposing voices from the airwaves, they should have known it would compel a strong response. While we’re not for censorship, we do believe moderates, conservatives and independents can choose to patronize businesses that correspond to their own values. LegalZoom has recognized this new environment.”

The Stop the Scalpings (STS) online effort launched in April 26th to counter the Media Matters campaign against Fox News host Sean Hannity’s advertisers. In a matter of days, tens of thousands of volunteers coalesced around the effort, persuading some of Hannity’s advertisers to rejoin him.

Using social media to disseminate advertiser contact information, volunteers have turned their efforts to include corporate supporters of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow; CNN’s Kathy Griffin and Don Lemon; and the Public Theater in NYC. STS has been successful in persuading sponsors of the mock assassination of President Donald Trump during the ‘Shakespeare in the Park’ series not to fund the production. Delta, Amex and Bank of America pulled their sponsorship after the campaign began.

More information and updates are available at

Press Contact: Audrey Mullen, 202-270-2772 


*** To support the Media Equality Project, click here ***

Despite shootings, ‘Terminate’ GOP group remains on Facebook

[Warning: Graphic Content]

Despite yesterday’s shooting rampage targeting GOP members of Congress, a disturbing Facebook group remains in place today with no apparent action taken by the social media behemoth. Read all »

Baseball shooter thought Bernie Sanders didn’t go far enough

The man who allegedly opened fire on a Republican congressional baseball practice this morning believes Bernie Sanders isn’t liberal enough on taxation issues. Read all »

Media Matters: Who is Angelo Carusone? Even supporters may not like the answer

First in a series of reports by Melanie Morgan and Brian Maloney

[Editor’s Note: The countdown clock has expired and the curtain swings back. Intimate details of the mysterious men hiding in the shadows of a secretive organization called Media Matters for America are finally being exposed]

Exactly why is Media Matters silencing opposition voices with shady dealings, lies and deceptions?

Why are they using dozens of shell organizations to hide the flow of money from the billionaire leftist donor George Soros, as well as former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton? Read all »

Media Matters: Time’s Up!

Time’s up, guys!

Since last Monday, when we launched the Media Matters Countdown, the George Soros-funded smear outfit has continued its attacks against all who disagree with its extremist agenda. Read all »

Media Matters: Two days to go!

Since Monday, when we launched the Media Matters Countdown, the George Soros-funded smear outfit has continued its attacks against all who disagree with its extremist agenda. Read all »

When unpleasant questions are asked, here’s how Media Matters responds

Since Monday, we’ve been challenging Media Matters to either call off the dogs or explain themselves.

To anyone who has watched them in action, it should be no surprise that the George Soros-funded “progressive” political organization responded in a less-than-professional manner. Read all »

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