Corn David MSNBC

Corn: O’Reilly’s ‘putting me in a place of death’

Though his reporting failed to get Bill O’Reilly fired, David Corn believes the Fox News Channel host is in turn “putting me in a place of death.”

During a MSNBC appearance with Rachel Maddow last evening, the Mother Jones reporter / network analyst claims his accusations against O’Reilly could have lethal consequences and claims threats have already occurred: Read all »

Nye Bill 1

Is Bill Nye really going to get away with this?

Ever notice how some media darlings seem able to get away with even the most outrageous statements, outbursts that would surely land others in hot water?

With a jaw-dropping take on anti-Semitism in Europe, “Science Guy” Bill Nye is unquestionably one of them. Did he really just blame Jews themselves for rising bigotry on the continent? Yes, he did! Read all »

O'Reilly Bill 1

The surreal race to dig up every shred of O’Reilly’s past

Just how bizarre has the media’s new obsession with Bill O’Reilly become? Clear back to the 1970s, they’re now digging up every report he’s ever filed. After the downfall of Brian Williams, it’s all part of an eye-for-an-eye payback attempt.

And we’ve found one that tops them all, a newly-unearthed time capsule showing Bill reporting from a Hartford shopping mall in 1979. Can his foes find anything fishy in this story on a long-forgotten teen idol signing autographs in front of screaming teenagers? Read all »

O'Reilly Bill - David Corn

Rush in rare defense of Bill O’Reilly

Has the left’s post-Brian Williams eye-for-an-eye attempt to bring down Bill O’Reilly failed spectacularly?

If measured by those who are now defending O’Reilly, the answer is yes: even Rush Limbaugh is now fending off attacks against the Fox News Channel host. Considering years of animosity between the two (Limbaugh has usually referred to him as “Ted Baxter”, for one thing), it’s kind of a big deal. Read all »

CNN ISIS kittens 2

CNN somehow links kittens, Nutella, emojis, ISIS

Would Westerners better understand ISIS if we knew more about their recruiting tactics?

Apparently, we know VERY LITTLE, but have now been duly informed thanks to the great minds at CNN.

A segment airing this morning on the long-suffering cable news outlet linked ISIS with kittens, emojis and of course, Nutella. Whether true or not, something about the way it was presented has the Internet in a frenzy this afternoon. Dozens of sites have already had a head-scratching field day pondering the terror group’s supposed strategy. Read all »

O'Reilly Bill - ISIS Obama

O’Reilly: Obama’s living in a ‘fictional world’

Calling on President Obama to change his “fictional” mindset before it is too late, Bill O’Reilly cited the “on-camera beheadings of 21 poor Christian workers from Egypt by ISIS jihadists” in demanding a drastic, immediate change in presidential policy.

Highlighting George Will’s humorous observation that the White House ought to use “non-Islamic randomness” as a new term to avoid “offending those who did it”, the Fox News Channel host used Tuesday’s Talking Points Memo to implore the president to show real leadership: “there is only one leader with the caché to lead the fight, that reluctant warrior, Barack Obama.”

O’Reilly also excoriated the president for allowing nine nations to become safe havens for terror groups under his watch.

Read all »

Franken Al

Rush: I almost got tricked into SNL appearance

We thought we’d heard all of Rush Limbaugh’s old showbiz stories over the years, but a couple of new ones have emerged in recent days, such as a 1972 radio stunt involving Lily Tomlin (who would later join SNL’s cast) and raccoon meat.

Another came today, when El Rushbo revealed he was once nearly tricked into appearing on Saturday Night Live for a skit that was secretly part of a book promotion set-up by Al Franken. The disclosure came during a discussion about Sunday’s SNL 40 special on Monday’s radio show. Read all »

Obama depicted as sex assault suspect

Somebody’s in trouble over this news blunder

Is this the TV news blunder of the year?

In San Diego, viewers of KSWB-TV could be forgiven for any confusion after an image of President Obama appeared during a story on a sex assault suspect.

While image mix-ups aren’t unheard of in TV news, this one is harder to understand as the photo featured a bottom caption reading “No Charges”. So which producer put this one together? Read all »

O'Reilly El Salvador

Left targets Bill O’Reilly: ‘did he cover up a war crime?’

Must the downfall of Brian Williams be avenged?

Because the now-suspended NBC anchor’s tall tales were simply too inaccurate to defend, few on the left attempted to save his career. But some now see an opening to scalp a longtime foe of their own, with Bill O’Reilly the lucky winner after a claim that he may have “cover[ed] up a war crime.” Read all »

Obama Grammy 2015

Another awards show, another Obama appearance

With President Obama making yet another “surprise” appearance at last night’s Grammy Awards, the only truly unexpected development these days would be his absence from a major, nationally-televised event.

This time, Obama popped up in a PSA announcement denouncing rape and violence against women as part of a campaign called “It’s On Us”. “It’s not OK, and it has to stop,” the president told viewers.

A noble cause, but are there others who could more effectively deliver this message? Read all »

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