Sharpton Al Fox News

MSNBC/Sharpton’s desperate election stunt

Faced with unprecedented unpopularity, just how desperate are Democrats to get core voters to the polls? A last-second stunt by Al Sharpton speaks volumes: the MSNBC host is headed back to Ferguson in an attempt to stir up anger just before election day.

Of course, the “official” reason is to call attention to supposed civil rights abuses over the police shooting of Michael Brown, but you’ll never see that scheduled for AFTER voting takes place, right? Read all »

Snyderman Dr Nancy

Take-out run might mean curtains for NBC doctor’s career

Ebola quarantines are for the little people!

That’s what NBC’s Dr Nancy Snyderman seemed to be saying when she violated a 21-day Ebola confinement for a take-out run. Snyderman, with NBC for eight years and ABC the previous 17, apparently didn’t think anyone would notice.

But we’re in an age of cameras everywhere and Twitter, so this turned out as could be expected. According to TMZ, her judgement lapse had wider repercussions, also causing a local maid to lose her job (it’s a long story). Read all »

Ebola 10

CNBC Ebola editorial attacks ‘idiocy and vileness of the Republicans’

Are Republicans who call for greater presidential leadership over the unfolding Ebola crisis guilty of “idiocy and vileness”?

That’s what appeared at’s main page earlier this evening in a particularly non-constructive analysis of Obama’s Ebola Czar appointment. While many have focused their criticism of appointee Ron Klain on his political insider status and lack of medical and health care background, Jeffrey Sachs sees the entire process as nothing but an attempt by Obama to appease evil Republicans. Read all »

Ebola Pentagon 17 Oct

Another day, another Ebola scare

Another day, another Ebola scare! Which city will be next?

Today, it’s DC’s turn, as a bizarre vomit attack inside the Pentagon’s parking lot instantly turned into an emergency situation. Because the woman had recently visited West Africa and was on a tour bus at the time of the incident, all hell broke loose pretty quickly.

So much for public confidence that the threat (or panicky response) can be contained anytime soon. Read all »

Vinson Amber 1

One Ebola patient means closed schools, banks in Ohio

Is this a taste of what’s to come?

In Ohio, suspected exposure to just one Ebola patient has meant dramatic local upheaval as schools and even a bank processing center are shut down. In one case, a teacher’s husband was merely on the same flight as Amber Vinson, the nurse from Dallas who inexplicably traveled to Ohio against any sliver of good judgement. The former was then sent home with pay for 21 days while students were dismissed so the school could undergo decontamination.

Across Ohio, similar situations are emerging which require closed schools and workplaces. That has Fox 8 Cleveland tracking these as though it was a severe weather event in January!

Does anyone else find this situation surreal? It sounds more like one of those “outbreak” movies than any possible reality. Read all »

WH Press Corps NPR dot Org

Reporters rebel against Obama’s control over White House news

Obama and his minions have been censoring news reports coming out of the White House and some media scribes have finally had enough.

Though small in number so far, enough pool reporters have joined together to create the makings of an alternative system, reports the Washington Post. Ninety print correspondents have found a way to bypass administration control over news dissemination using a private Internet group.

Left unexplored, however: how did Obama & Friends ever get this kind of control over the news? It’s the kind of thing we’ve long suspected, but never could confirm. According to the story, the White House has kept the master contact list for print reporters and also handled distribution.

So much for a free press! Does that sound like America, or a despotic Third World hellhole? Read all »

Governor Oregon First Lady

Democratic women and pot = today’s news trend

For whatever reason, it’s been a strange day for Democratic women and marijuana.

First, in what may or may not have been a contrived, cynical ploy to get the pothead activist vote, Hillary Clinton cracked a weed joke during a campaign visit to Colorado on behalf of US Senator Mark Udall.

Was this planned ahead of time? After all, she’s in dire need of enthusiastic special interest groups and that is a particularly active one. Read all »

Toure msnbc

NBC worried some liberals are embracing ‘Islamophobia’

Are some liberals wandering off the politically correct reservation? The folks at NBC think so and are sounding the alarm.

Apparently, they’re having a harder time convincing the left that Islam is “a religion of peace” and are doubling-down on the propaganda. On the surface, what msnbc’s Toure and other network talking heads are saying sounds reasonable, that not every Muslim can be blamed for ISIS / al-Qaeda extremism. But their “facts” are presented in a way that makes today’s Islam seem mainstream and bypass unpleasant realities (43% support al-Qaeda, for example).

Watch as the (otherwise UN-watched) Toure and a NBC political analyst “explain” why everyone else is wrong, at one point even comparing Islamic extremism with that of Hindus (?): Read all »

Ebola plane Fox 25 Oct 13 2014

Media misunderstands public panic over Ebola

Without encountering a public official or talking head telling us not to panic over the Ebola virus, it was hard to go anywhere near a TV or radio today. But the lecturing likely fell on deaf ears, not only because of new cases and a suspect plane in Boston, but especially from a misreading of public alarm.

People are “panicking” not because they’re overreacting to the virus itself. Rather, it’s the woefully inadequate governmental response that has greatly undermined confidence that a highly infectious disease can be safely contained. Read all »

Maddow Rachel

Shocked NYT learns things not so hot at MSNBC

It’s a tough day for our media establishment friends: they’ve just learned things aren’t going well at msnbc!

Though the network (that thinks so little of itself it uses lower case letters) has been struggling for years, that unpleasant news somehow didn’t reach the elite until now. Other than a brief flash in the pan during the height of Obama’s popularity, the far-left cable news channel has never really delivered good ratings.

Eventually, even the New York Times had to face this, leading to today’s painful reality check.

One broader point worth repeating: average viewer age for all three of the biggest cable talk channels continues to rise, not a favorable development.

Annoyingly, the NYT also allows network honchos to make excuses for poor performance, such as blaming politics in general rather than facing the truth: it hitched itself to Obama’s wagon, which means it’s along for the ride while he fades into the sunset.

Read all »