Cruz Ted CNN getting Obamacare

CNN’s Ted Cruz-Obamacare ‘scoop’ not what it appears

Appearing late Tuesday afternoon, CNN’s screaming headline was enough to have anyone question a certain senator’s sanity: “BREAKING NEWS- Ted Cruz Going on Obamacare”.

Coming just one day after the Texas Republican announced his candidacy for the party’s presidential nomination, how could Cruz sign up for the very legislation he has so vehemently opposed? CNN’s “scoop” was then quickly picked up by other sites eager to trumpet his supposed hypocrisy. Read all »

The Five March 2015

With friends like these…

On the day Ted Cruz finally announced his candidacy for the GOP presidential nomination, flak from the left was to be expected. But what explains some of the unsupportive reactions from Fox News Channel hosts and analysts?

On The Five, co-host Greg Gutfeld suggested Cruz was nothing more than a vanity candidate, saying “the problem I have is, is he running for himself, or is he running for the country?” Dismissing his US Senate career entirely, Gutfeld compared him to “attention-seeking vessels who are seeking a talk show or something else.” Read all »

Harf Marie Mar 2015

Marie Harf: It’s not easy being me!

Are we really at the point where government officials believe they can expect to do their jobs without facing public scrutiny?

State Department Spokeswoman Marie Harf provides today’s case-in-point: after widespread laughter and derision over the “jihadis need jobs” PR fiasco, she sees herself as a victim. But isn’t she really a public servant whose actions are subject to criticism?

Yet, here’s what she told a foreign policy conference earlier this week: Read all »

Matthews - Jonathan Capehart

Even MSNBC dislikes Senator Durbin’s ‘back of the bus’ rhetoric

When even MSNBC is critical, it should be clear to any Democratic politician they’ve absolutely blown it.

And that’s exactly where Senator Dick Durbin found himself last night. After his now-infamous use of “back of the bus” to describe Loretta Lynch’s confirmation hearing delay, Hardball fill-in host Jonathan Capehart and former GOP Chairman Michael Steele, both African-Americans, wondered why the white senator played the race card. Even the Democratic strategist on the panel could muster only a mild defense of his language. Read all »

Obama Cleveland

Captain Barack Obvious: MSNBC, Fox are different!

Did you know that Fox News and MSNBC present opposing viewpoints on American politics? Or that cable news channels are responsible for the public’s distrust of Washington?

Captain Barack Obvious is the one to thank for clearing up that first point. But is he right on the second? Read all »

Miller Larry Conservative MP Ontario

Welcome to Canada! Feel free to hide your face

Should new Canadian citizens who are Muslims be allowed to hide their faces behind a niqab during induction ceremonies?

In recent weeks, it’s been a hot topic there, with even Prime Minister Stephen Harper weighing in, saying he believes it should be clear exactly who is being sworn in.

But a Conservative Party MP from a rural Ontario district is under intense fire from Canadian media outlets today after he told a local radio station those who cover their faces during the event should “stay the hell where you came from.” Read all »

Palin Bristol engagement

Bristol Palin engaged, heads explode

What is it about the Palins that inspires such Pavlovian rage from the Party Opposite? Nothing riles ‘em up more than good news from the family, especially if it threatens to provide positive publicity for the oft-maligned clan.

With today’s announcement of an engagement between daughter Bristol Palin and war hero Sgt Dakota Meyer, at least a few heads are exploding out there.

Left-leaning Mediaite tweeted the least-flattering image it could find of Sarah and Meyer together, where they’re holding a banner saying “Fuc- you Michael Moore”. This occurred in January. Read all »

Hannity 12 Mar 2015

Inside the mind of a Ferguson protester (hint: not much)

You might think life as a cable talk host is a bed of roses, but it can also be unbelievably frustrating. Take a look at what Sean Hannity endured last night while attempting to get inside the mind of a Ferguson protester.

Do these guys even know why they’re out in the streets in the first place? Read all »

Hillary email scandal 1

Loudest voices against Hillary are actually on the left

While some in the Democratic Party establishment continue to claim Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is a fake controversy manufactured by the right, the reality is quite different. In fact, the loudest voices against her are coming from the left.

But that’s ignored by Clinton loyalists such as (the apparently still living and breathing) James Carville, who believes the whole mess is nothing more than “right-wing talking points”. Salon’s Steve Almond finds it “f-cking boring” and believes the “vast right-wing conspiracy” is the real problem. Read all »

Hannity Selma 09 March 2015

Was Hannity ‘blasted’ or merely shouted down?

We’ve moved into a sad era where “winning” a debate merely means out-shouting the other side using filibuster techniques as opposed to carefully-crafted arguments. Unlike today’s repressive collegiate environment, however, cable talk shows at least still feature multi-sided discussions.

But that doesn’t mean guests on these programs set a good example. During last night’s Hannity, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell absolutely melted down when asked about Obama’s record on race. But instead of facing criticism today, left-wing publications are celebrating the latter for supposedly “blasting” the Fox News Channel host. Read all »

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