Biker gangs Fox 1

Biker gangs: all this over a jacket patch?

If you were as stunned as we were over Sunday’s deadly biker gang shootout in Waco, Texas, perhaps you’ll be even more blown away by the dispute’s cause: a simple patch worn on each member’s jacket.

Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity and Greta Van Susteren interviewed the former leader of one of the gangs, as well as an undercover agent who once went undercover inside their ranks. Their stories are incredible:

Van Susteren spoke with a law enforcement agent who infiltrated biker gangs and was shocked by their extreme violence:

That’s quite a loss of life over a mere patch and the right to include “Texas” on their jackets.

Obama Golf 10

Obama, media: asleep on ISIS?

Longtime US Senator Dianne Feinstein says the Islamic State is very dangerous, and evil.

Over the weekend, however, when American Special Operations forces killed an Islamic state leader, CBS News White House Correspondent tweeted the weather as President Obama played the Andrews Air Force Base golf course: Read all »

Hillary - Van 2015

Why the press obsession with Hillary’s ‘mystery’ van?

Why the press obsession with Hillary Clinton’s campaign van?

Named after Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine , her vehicle was recently spotted parked partially on a handicapped space. After Clinton left a meeting with local Democratic Party leaders in Iowa, some media outlets pounced on an opportunity to portray Hillary as a celebrity above the law: Read all »

Paul Rand - CNBC 2

Rand Paul vs the media: who will win?

A warning to interviewers: don’t put words in Rand Paul’s mouth!

Rand Paul’s unique mix of conservative Republicanism and libertarianism might explain his defensive, quick-to-interject response when he thinks an interviewer is wrong.

Rand Paul complained that “Today Show” anchor Savannah Guthrie was editorializing when she said he changed his position on foreign policy issues. Read all »

Harris Heidi

My life as MSNBC’s token conservative guest

“Every time I see you on TV I change the chanel.”

Yep, that’s how she spelled it.

Such is the life and email box of a conservative who dares to appear on left-wing cable shows. I’ve been doing it for over ten years, which bemuses my conservative listeners and amuses my liberal ones. And of course, nearly every MSNBC viewer hates me.

That’s okay, I can take it. Read all »

Perino Dana FNC

Dana Perino on DC men: flabby, limp, pale, pudgy!

Memo to Beltway men: Dana Perino thinks you need work!

Perino, Fox News contributor, co-host of The Five and former White House press secretary for George W. Bush, wrote in her new memoir that in 1997, the Washington, D.C. male dating pool was decidedly unappealing. Read all »

Crowder muslim bakery 2

Dude with a camera upends wedding cake debate

What happens when a guy tries to order a same-sex wedding cake from a Muslim bakery? Hilarity ensues and a national debate is suddenly turned on its head.

Due to a controversy over some states passing laws to protect religious freedoms, which allow private businesses to maintain their right of refusal to be involved in certain activities, like, say, baking a wedding cake for gays, LouderWithCrowder sent a film team undercover to order actual wedding cakes in Dearborn, MI to highlight how the law works in practice. Read all »

Noah Trevor

Oops: slow NYT misses boat on Trevor Noah backlash

Just how did the New York Times miss a Twitter backlash against Trevor Noah, Jon Stewart’s replacement for the Daily show?

While the paper lauded Trevor Noah’s takeover of the Daily Show from Jon Stewart as a positive sign of foreign comedy entering the US, many elsewhere had found previous posts on his Twitter account less than desirable. Read all »

MSNBC selfie stick

MSNBC’s strange new crusade: banning selfie sticks!

When Al Sharpton begins to devote entire hours to “lumbersexuals”, then we’ll know big changes are afoot at MSNBC, but for now, we can only wonder what might have inspired its strange new crusade against selfie sticks, of all things.

Is it part of a desperate grab for the millennial audience? Could it be tied to the return of NBC executive Andrew Lack, who may have been hired to clean up the ratings mess that is today’s MSNBC? Read all »

Cruz Ted CNN getting Obamacare

CNN’s Ted Cruz-Obamacare ‘scoop’ not what it appears

Appearing late Tuesday afternoon, CNN’s screaming headline was enough to have anyone question a certain senator’s sanity: “BREAKING NEWS- Ted Cruz Going on Obamacare”.

Coming just one day after the Texas Republican announced his candidacy for the party’s presidential nomination, how could Cruz sign up for the very legislation he has so vehemently opposed? CNN’s “scoop” was then quickly picked up by other sites eager to trumpet his supposed hypocrisy. Read all »

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