Grumpy Cat

Media and fake sudden-wealth stories: what gives?

What’s with the news media and its obsession with sudden-wealth stories?

In the past couple of weeks, they’ve been fooled twice by such tales without first checking the facts. The result: egg on faces at numerous mainstream media outlets. Tracing the path of these hoaxes can be instructive as it reveals just how little time is spent questioning “facts” that really don’t seem plausible.

If it came from a magazine or major network, it must be true, right? Read all »

Boehner Obama

Hannity, Rush: off with Boehner’s head!

While it’s no secret conservative talkers haven’t exactly been buddies with House Speaker John Boehner, they seemed to stop short of calling for his outright removal. But with the Ohio Republican’s shady new budget deal with President Obama that has them looking like BFFs, the gloves have truly come off.

During Thursday’s show, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity called for the perma-tanned pol’s ousting, comparing him with disgraced Obamacare architect/ loose cannon Jonathan Gruber: Read all »

Johnson Helen Alabama egg story al dot com photo

Debate over cop’s help for egg lady

Have you heard about the cop who brought truckloads of donated food to the home of an impoverished grandmother busted for stealing five eggs?

Driven first by explosive social media sharing, the national news media then picked up the story of Helen Johnson of Tarrant, Alabama with seeming reluctance. After all, it sure flies in the face of an entire year of cop-bashing based on events in Ferguson and New York City. Can they afford to let viewers know that not all police are brutal killers?

A moved American public then began to flood the Alabama town with donations for the Johnsons with not just food but cash contributions to an account set up on their behalf. Read all »

Perry Rick 2

Rick Perry, answer MSNBC’s stupid questions faster!

Let’s make one thing clear up front: the only potentially stupid thing Rick Perry has done is agree to be interviewed by anyone employed at NBC.

Beyond that, left-wing criticism that the outgoing Texas governor didn’t answer one of its moronic questions fast enough is absurd. Should “are you smart enough to be president?” be dignified with a response? Perry skated around it smoothly, almost as if he’d expected it. Read all »

Barbie versions 2

CNBC exclusive: Barbie pricing racism!

Is there a conspiracy to keep Barbie dolls out of reach for African American girls?

CNBC found a white version selling for two dollars less at Walmart than a black Barbie and DEMANDED ANSWERS. Perhaps even more discriminatory, at Toys’R’Us, the darker-skinned doll was four dollars cheaper than her pale counterpart!

Where is all of this leading? To an Al Sharpton-led demonstration and corporate shakedown? Only NBC knows for sure. Read all »

Limbaugh Rush Chris Wallace Fox 2

Feisty Rush rocks Fox

A feisty Rush Limbaugh made a rare television appearance today, sparring with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday over race relations, a potential government shutdown and the GOP’s recent election victories.

While Wallace tried to keep the focus on race as the primary factor in the Eric Garner choking death, Limbaugh said the real issue was a tax-hungry city wasting police resources on the petty arrest of a guy accused of selling individual cigarettes. This has already sparked anger from his “progressive” foes: Read all »

Peter Pan Live! - Season 2014

Peter Pan: oppressive force for evil!

While an unsuspecting public goes about its business, Eeeevil cleverly lurks in hidden places.

Take last night’s live rendition of Peter Pan on NBC: did you know it was actually a tool of The Oppressor? The Man himself? Read all »

Garner Eric arrest

Krauthammer sides with left in NYC choking death

In the choking death of Eric Garner, the Reverend Al Sharpton and others on the left have a friend in an unlikely place: the Fox News Channel.

There, conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer has blasted a grand jury’s decision not to file charges against NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo, calling it “totally incomprehensible.” Read all »

Barkley Charles

The Barkley backlash begins!

Did Charles Barkley really think he could get away with blatantly supporting police officers and lambasting rioters in today’s media environment?

After calling Ferguson looters “scumbags” and Al Sharpton as part of the “same cast of sad characters“, the onetime basketball star must have known he’d quickly be targeted by the Smear Machine. But Barkley’s strong enough that tearing him down is a bit tougher.

First, Barkley’s CNN interview: Read all »

O'Reilly Bill Ferguson

O’Reilly: networks lying about Ferguson violence

Are major news networks downplaying violence in Ferguson to serve a “progressive” political agenda?

Bill O’Reilly thinks so and used Monday’s show to blast “racial agitators” such as MSNBC analyst Michael Eric Dyson. Claiming a “plague of white officers who kill unarmed black youth,” Dyson’s incendiary language had O’Reilly incensed, especially after examining facts about police shootings in America: Read all »