Hannity Sean - belt Sept 2014

Hannity: I was hit with belt as a child

What was supposed to be a debate over NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s child abuse indictment took an unexpected turn last night as host Sean Hannity revealed he’d repeatedly been disciplined with a belt as a child.

Saying “I deserved it” and “I was a troubled kid”, Hannity repeatedly discussed the corporal punishment in his family home growing up and compared it with Peterson’s alleged use of a “switch” on his son. As the segment continued, the Fox News Channel talker’s own story seemed to overshadow that of the now-suspended Minnesota Vikings player. Read all »

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell: still clueless after all these years

After her previous tenure on The View ended embarrassingly, you’d think Rosie O’Donnell might have done her homework before returning to the show.

But Noooooo, Rosie still allows her mouth to get ahead of her brain, with predictable results. During yesterday’s edition of the ABC morning show, O’Donnell was stumped when syndicated columnist / author / TV pundit Charles Krauthammer came up in the discussion.

O’Donnell had never heard of him. While he’s not a household word by any means, Krauthammer’s name is universally known within the world of politics. And that’s where Rosie once again demonstrated just how little she knows. Read all »

Fox ISIS 2

Islamists: ISIS, Fox News Channel no different

Islamists may be brutal, but they’re not stupid. Maintaining “progressive” support against a backdrop of public beheadings is slightly tougher right now.

So what to do? The answer is simple: openly bash Fox News! What could be simpler?

That’ll have the Maddow crowd back to embracing extremism in a matter of moments.

And that’s exactly what’s occurring in Florida, where the head of that state’s Council on American-Islamic Relations has been using social media in recent days to attack the cable news channel. Sadly, CAIR representatives regularly visit the White House and confer with Obama Administration officials.

(Note to CAIR: for added impact, throw in “those evil Koch brothers”, it works every time.)

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Molestina Ken 2

The case for using a stage name

For performers in radio, television, stage and screen, it’s an old question: keep your real name, or make up a new one?

The reasons for changing it are many: to avoid confusion with someone else, ease a difficult pronunciation or project a star-like image (Did you know Helen Mirren was born Ilyena Lydia Vasilievna Mironov?). There’s a long list here.

But some stubbornly refuse to use anything other than their given name and that can cause problems down the road. Take KTXA-11 Dallas-Fort Worth reporter Ken Molestina: if you’re the newsroom assignment editor, do you send this guy to cover a court hearing for a teacher accused of sexual assault? Read all »

Bolling Eric Cashin' In

Rush on ratings: Fox weekend show beats everything on CNN, MSNBC!

What’s it like to work for a television network no one is watching? Sure, the paychecks are still coming in for now, but what kind of future can be expected? It can’t be good for newsroom morale.

The surging success of Fox’s weekend show Cashin’ In with Eric Bolling versus declining primetime ratings for CNN and msnbc had Rush Limbaugh asking these questions during yesterday’s show: Read all »

Homeland Season-4 Ad Little Red

Leftists decry ‘Islamophobic’ ‘Homeland’ ad

At a time when Islamofascists are rapidly spreading global mayhem, murder and destruction, you can count on “progressives” to leap to their defense. It wouldn’t be “progressive” if it weren’t ass-backwards, right?

And that’s what brings us to the OUTRAGE (!!!!!) OF THE DAY, courtesy of the latest Twitter feeds. In a banner ad found in New York City subways and elsewhere, Claire Danes is shown wearing a red headscarf inside a crowd of burqa-clad women.

The ad for Showtime’s “Homeland” series four suggests Little Red Riding Hood in a sea of wolves, they maintain. Even if that’s the correct interpretation, so what? Read all »

Bush-Hitler homework DC

Public skool assignment: ‘compare Bush and Hitler’

Lesson learned: be VIGILANT about every sheet of paper sent home with children.

If not for one DC parent who contacted local media outlets, a homework assignment asking students to compare Bush with Hitler would have passed unnoticed while students continue to be indoctrinated.

Is the teacher’s real mistake, however, in sending this home where parents could view it? If merely a classroom assignment, chances are they wouldn’t have.

The secret to brainwashing is to make sure no one notices it! Read all »

NBC logo 1954

Creep of the Week, NBC division

They sure know how to hire winners at NBC, don’t they?

Maybe there’s slot open for this creep over at MSNBC, they love abusive jerks over there.

From the New York Post today: Read all »

Peppa Pig Haram

Muslim campaign against Peppa Pig a hoax

A well-publicized “Muslim” campaign against a popular children’s cartoon has been exposed as a hoax, according to news reports today. But is it really that far off from today’s globally-pervasive Islamic extremism?

After launching a campaign against “Peppa Pig”, a cute, innocent British series that airs in nearly every country (NickJr in America), “Zayn Sheikh” set up a “Haram Pig” Facebook page, which quickly drew thousands of protests but also at least 100 supporters. A “Save Peppa Pig” counter-page was even set up by worried parents.

Once the British media were fooled, particularly the Daily Mirror (which now appears to have deleted its original reporting), Middle Eastern outlets picked it and treated the story as legitimate.

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Williams Montel 3

Even Montel Williams is pleading with Obama for leadership

In the face of public indecision while the world falls apart, just how badly has Obama’s image been damaged?

Even the guy who formerly peddled “presidential coins” bearing his likeness is now demanding leadership. Onetime Air America Radio liberal talker Montel Williams used his Twitter account Tuesday to request “a strategy for pursuing ISIS in Syria”: Read all »