Hillary email 2 06 Mar 2015

Schizo MSNBC: slam Hillary, then blame the right

Say what you want about MSNBC, but it does provide consistency for “progressives”: tune in anytime, day or night and opinions are unlikely to vary much.

That’s what makes the divisions in recent days so remarkable. Since when do these guys veer from assigned talking points?

Since news of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal broke (via a New York Times story) earlier this week, however, MSNBC has seemingly gone schizo.

Yesterday, for example, Ed Schultz spent his show slamming “the righties” for somehow being behind the entire mess. And of course, David Brock of Media Matters (and increasingly crazy hair) was front-and-center, rabidly defending the 2016 likely presidential contender, telling Schultz she should be “fuming” over what he sees as false allegations: Read all »

Pets.com sock puppet

CNBC bubble madness!

Think stocks haven’t gone high enough? Then you perhaps you should consider becoming one of the dwindling number of regular CNBC viewers, the network that’s never met a bubble it thought it couldn’t pump just a little bit more (and there’s a political component- see below).

Flying in the face of NBC’s frenzied buying panic push is a new warning from billionaire Mark Cuban: he sees the current situation as “worse than the tech bubble of 2000.” Read all »

O'Donnell Lawrence 02 Mar 2015

MSNBC hosts shocked by Hillary email revelations

How has Hillary Clinton managed to shock cable talkers at an ordinarily loyal network? Through behavior so outside of normal expectations that it is impossible to defend.

After a New York Times report revealing Clinton’s unprecedented use of a personal email account for nearly all official communications while secretary of state, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell appeared stunned as they digested its details. Read all »

Magers Paul 1

Why doesn’t CBS want you to see its dancing news anchor?

Why is CBS so touchy about a short clip featuring one of its anchors doing a happy dance? It’s not like anybody’s claiming to have been in a shot-down helicopter.

But the improperly-edited news tease airing on KCBS-TV/ Los Angeles has executive suits in a tizzy. And that has led to a sudden tug-of-war between the network and FTV Live, an industry site. FTV’s Scott Jones is fighting YouTube to keep the 22 second video of Paul Magers online after CBS filed a copyright infringement notice. Read all »

Corn David MSNBC

Corn: O’Reilly’s ‘putting me in a place of death’

Though his reporting failed to get Bill O’Reilly fired, David Corn believes the Fox News Channel host is in turn “putting me in a place of death.”

During a MSNBC appearance with Rachel Maddow last evening, the Mother Jones reporter / network analyst claims his accusations against O’Reilly could have lethal consequences and claims threats have already occurred: Read all »

Nye Bill 1

Is Bill Nye really going to get away with this?

Ever notice how some media darlings seem able to get away with even the most outrageous statements, outbursts that would surely land others in hot water?

With a jaw-dropping take on anti-Semitism in Europe, “Science Guy” Bill Nye is unquestionably one of them. Did he really just blame Jews themselves for rising bigotry on the continent? Yes, he did! Read all »

O'Reilly Bill 1

The surreal race to dig up every shred of O’Reilly’s past

Just how bizarre has the media’s new obsession with Bill O’Reilly become? Clear back to the 1970s, they’re now digging up every report he’s ever filed. After the downfall of Brian Williams, it’s all part of an eye-for-an-eye payback attempt.

And we’ve found one that tops them all, a newly-unearthed time capsule showing Bill reporting from a Hartford shopping mall in 1979. Can his foes find anything fishy in this story on a long-forgotten teen idol signing autographs in front of screaming teenagers? Read all »

O'Reilly Bill - David Corn

Rush in rare defense of Bill O’Reilly

Has the left’s post-Brian Williams eye-for-an-eye attempt to bring down Bill O’Reilly failed spectacularly?

If measured by those who are now defending O’Reilly, the answer is yes: even Rush Limbaugh is now fending off attacks against the Fox News Channel host. Considering years of animosity between the two (Limbaugh has usually referred to him as “Ted Baxter”, for one thing), it’s kind of a big deal. Read all »

CNN ISIS kittens 2

CNN somehow links kittens, Nutella, emojis, ISIS

Would Westerners better understand ISIS if we knew more about their recruiting tactics?

Apparently, we know VERY LITTLE, but have now been duly informed thanks to the great minds at CNN.

A segment airing this morning on the long-suffering cable news outlet linked ISIS with kittens, emojis and of course, Nutella. Whether true or not, something about the way it was presented has the Internet in a frenzy this afternoon. Dozens of sites have already had a head-scratching field day pondering the terror group’s supposed strategy. Read all »

O'Reilly Bill - ISIS Obama

O’Reilly: Obama’s living in a ‘fictional world’

Calling on President Obama to change his “fictional” mindset before it is too late, Bill O’Reilly cited the “on-camera beheadings of 21 poor Christian workers from Egypt by ISIS jihadists” in demanding a drastic, immediate change in presidential policy.

Highlighting George Will’s humorous observation that the White House ought to use “non-Islamic randomness” as a new term to avoid “offending those who did it”, the Fox News Channel host used Tuesday’s Talking Points Memo to implore the president to show real leadership: “there is only one leader with the caché to lead the fight, that reluctant warrior, Barack Obama.”

O’Reilly also excoriated the president for allowing nine nations to become safe havens for terror groups under his watch.

Read all »

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