Carson Dr Ben

Dr Ben Carson: mocked, yet taken seriously

The same “progressives” who mock Dr Ben Carson’s presidential hopes sure spend a lot of time writing about him! So what gives?

During an appearance on yesterday’s Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace essentially told Carson he doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting elected. That sent the left into a frenzied, derisive write-athon, from Media Matters to Talking Points Memo and Crooks and Liars.

From TPM: Read all »

MSNBC Hayes Frostpaw

If we interview a polar bear, will anyone notice?

Not that they had much credibility to begin with, but msnbc has truly plumbed the depths of desperation this week.

Ratings-challenged Chris Hayes, he of the theoretically-important 8pm timeslot, interviewed a “polar bear” named Frostpaw. And had anyone watched, they might have come away with a new understanding of something or other.

Furry Arctic creatures are good! It’s not fair when they’re arrested! Maybe that was it. Read all »

Traficant Jim D-OH

Jim Traficant, we’ll miss you!

There will never be another Jim Traficant and that’s truly a loss for America.

The onetime congressman famous for his “beam me up” catchphrase, bizarre hairpieces, eccentricities and love for his country has died today at 73. The Ohio Democrat succumbed to injuries sustained during a tractor accident earlier in the week.

Traficant was an early pioneer in the use of cable television to build a national reputation as a political pundit in an era before Fox, msnbc and others made this type of personality so common. Using the brief time allotted to individual members to speak on the record at the end of each day, Traficant made once-dull C-SPAN a must-watch every evening. In addition, he was a regular talk radio guest, appearing on programs across the country. Read all »

Hayes Steven 1

Fox contributor: I’m on terror watch list!

For years, “progressives” and Democrats have accused Fox News Channel personalities of being terrorists. Now, one network contributor has discovered he’s actually been placed on the watch list!

Via Twitter, Steve Hayes of the Weekly Standard announced to followers he’d learned of the Department of Homeland Security designation, which he thinks was triggered by a trip to Turkey: Read all »

Fleckenstein Bill 2

Want airtime on CNBC? Out-bull the next guy

Want to become a CNBC darling? Just out-bull all of the other guests and watch your airtime grow.

CNBC’s role in the current market bubble is eerily reminiscent of its behavior during the 1999-2000 bubble peak, when ultra-bullish analysts making ridiculous market predictions were rewarded with praise and additional guest bookings.

Meanwhile, the occasional bear featured in the name of “balance” would be widely ridiculed and scorned. Read all »

KTVA - Anchorage reporter quits on-air

TV reporter chooses marijuana over news

If you’re going to quit the broadcasting biz for a new profession, you might as well go out with a bang, right?

That’s what one Anchorage TV reporter chose to do with a fame-generating, F-bomb laden walk-off in the middle of a newscast. According to news reports from Alaska, it was a preplanned stunt coordinated with a local cannabis club.

Let’s hope the medical marijuana business works out for Charlo Greene, because returning to broadcasting could be tough after this outburst! Read all »

CNN-Scotland 2

CNN in fresh blunder: 110% reporting in Scotland poll!

UPDATE: TWO new CNN blunders! These guys are on a roll!

Another day, yet another CNN screw-up. This time, alert viewers (a rare animal when it comes to the beleaguered cable news outlet) caught poll results that just didn’t add up.

While we know Scotland has put its all into the independence debate, without phantom voters, there’s no way to reach 110% of the electorate.

Twitter user Brady (@BurningGoats) managed to get a shot of this before it was too late: Read all »

Seacrest Ryan - strike 1

Seacrest Lout

Is there anything more amusing than the union-led circus outside Ryan Seacrest’s Hollywood offices? The allegedly talented star (of what exactly, again?) is facing International Alliance of Theatrical and Stage Employees (IATSE) pickets over labor practices on one of his reality shows, Shahs of Sunset.

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy (wait, is Seacrest human or android, somebody should check).

They’ve even brought out Scabby the Rat to make their point more clear: Read all »

Hannity Sean - belt Sept 2014

Hannity: I was hit with belt as a child

What was supposed to be a debate over NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s child abuse indictment took an unexpected turn last night as host Sean Hannity revealed he’d repeatedly been disciplined with a belt as a child.

Saying “I deserved it” and “I was a troubled kid”, Hannity repeatedly discussed the corporal punishment in his family home growing up and compared it with Peterson’s alleged use of a “switch” on his son. As the segment continued, the Fox News Channel talker’s own story seemed to overshadow that of the now-suspended Minnesota Vikings player. Read all »

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O’Donnell: still clueless after all these years

After her previous tenure on The View ended embarrassingly, you’d think Rosie O’Donnell might have done her homework before returning to the show.

But Noooooo, Rosie still allows her mouth to get ahead of her brain, with predictable results. During yesterday’s edition of the ABC morning show, O’Donnell was stumped when syndicated columnist / author / TV pundit Charles Krauthammer came up in the discussion.

O’Donnell had never heard of him. While he’s not a household word by any means, Krauthammer’s name is universally known within the world of politics. And that’s where Rosie once again demonstrated just how little she knows. Read all »