Trump CNN Norwood 1

CNN pounces on Trump: Is this a fundraiser?

Candidate says $100-a-person fee was to recoup expenses, Obama’s June events cost up to $33,400 each

CBS Parker Ward murders

TV shooting suspect was tweeting until just minutes ago

The suspect in the on-air killings of a Virginia TV reporter and cameraman this morning was tweeting until just minutes ago, then attempted to take his own life. Before his Twitter account was abruptly suspended, Bryce Williams, the name used professionally by Vester Flanagan, was furiously posting not only a series of rantings against the […]

Luntz Trump

Operation Save My Career: Pollster’s complete Trump reversal

Politics may be phony, but even hardened Beltway cynics could be shaking their heads today after one pollster’s 180-degree turnaround on Donald Trump. During last night’s edition of Hannity, Frank Luntz suddenly had incredibly positive things to say about Donald Trump’s popularity. He even scored the first-ever 100% focus group approval during one portion of […]

Graham Lindsay - Trump CNN

Lindsay Graham on Trump: ‘I’ll beat his brains out’

Despite trailing the Republican frontrunner in his own home state by a full 26 points, Senator Lindsey Graham has a message for Donald Trump: I’ll beat your brains out!

The South Carolina Republican made the stunning assertion during a CNN interview earlier this afternoon, telling CNN’s Kate Bolduan that he’s used to fending off numerous opponents in the Palmetto State and can do it again in running for president. Read all »

Santelli CNBC QE4 Rant

Rick Santelli: ‘Don’t live in denial’

With a global market collapse now seemingly underway, a number of economic pundits and financial news services are already calling for new bailouts, including a potential fourth round of Quantitative Easing money-printing (even though the first three didn’t work).

That has CNBC’s Rick Santelli seeing red, even though his own network is usually among the first to demand government intervention (and spent part of Monday doing just that). Read all »

Trump CNN smear 1

CNN smears Trump with ‘white power’ allegation

Based on what one person in a crowd of 30,000 may have shouted during a Mobile political rally, is it fair to attack Donald Trump’s campaign as racist?

That might seem a stretch to many, but not to CNN, where manager / spokesman Corey Lewandowski was asked by Jim Acosta about the alleged white supremacist supporter during today’s edition of State of the Union. Read all »

Maher - MN mayor Jimmy attack ad

Bill Maher unveils ‘attack ad’ for six-year-old Minnesota mayor

By creating an attack ad on behalf of a six-year-old Minnesota mayor, Bill Maher has found a great way to spoof modern campaign advertising.

During this weekend’s edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the “ad” was made for Bobby Tufts, the six-year-old who has now lost his position as mayor of Dorset to kid brother Jimmy, who is just three. Read all »

Barkley Charles

Charles Barkley: Hillary ‘just doesn’t have the it factor’

Though a lifelong Democrat, basketball great Charles Barkley says he’s not supporting Hillary Clinton for president.

Telling CNN this morning there are a number of Democrats he’d like to see run but who aren’t in the race, Barkley revealed he’s instead backing Ohio Governor John Kasich, a Republican. Read all »


Greta: CNN ‘really dumb’ if it excludes Carly from debate

Upset over CNN’s formula for deciding which Republicans can appear in its upcoming debate, Greta Van Susteren is calling any move to exclude Carly Fiorina “really dumb”.

On her website today, the Fox News Channel host said her former employer’s use of old polls (many from July) to make the determination will fail to reflect the surge Fiorina has received since the first debate, which aired on Fox. Read all »

Fogle Jared CNN

Jared’s downfall was eight years in the making

What brought down Jared Fogle, longtime Subway spokesman?

The backstory is remarkable and reveals his implosion was actually eight full years in the making. Read all »

Shake guy Adult Swim

War of words between Mark Levin, Mediaite editor

Because there’s nothing more fun than a good media-related fight, we invite you to check out the one brewing today between Mediaite Editor Andrew Kirell and conservative talk host Mark Levin.

Is the battle over immigration? Obama, Clinton, or Trump?

No, it’s about Levin’s radio voice, which Kirell finds annoying. That has the latter openly antagonizing the bestselling author via social media: Read all »

Carter Jimmy RT

NBC mislabels Carter as nine-year-old

While we wish President Carter a speedy recovery like everyone else, a news network’s typo seems to have sparked quite a reaction today, probably because it seems so increasingly common in the media. Have all the editors been fired?

On its Facebook page earlier this afternoon, NBC News mislabeled Carter as a nine-year-old, missing his true age by a full 81 years. Readers immediately went to town after seeing the error: Read all »

Matthews Chris Hillary

Chris Matthews: I’ll quit if Hillary does!

Chris, can we hold you to this pledge?

During last night’s edition of Hardball, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews affirmed his belief that Hillary Clinton will remain in the presidential race no matter what, telling viewers, “when Hillary Clinton quits this election, we`re going to shut down this show, OK?” Read all »

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