"Friends" Central Perk

Slate: ‘Friends’ reruns no longer politically correct

Nineties sitcom features themes unacceptable to today’s cutting-edge scolds

Pope flashes hand signal in Philippines - AP

LA Times: Did Pope Francis flash ‘devil’s sign’?

If the goal was to win first prize in this week’s Most Moronic Story category, the Los Angeles Times has absolutely nailed it! In a story covering the papal trip to the Philippines, it accused Pope Francis of flashing a “devil’s sign” at followers. Is he a Satanist? A heavy metal fan?

Biden Joe thumbs

President Biden?

We’re not sure why this isn’t generating more attention, but the longstanding assumption that Joe Biden won’t run for president next year may be incorrect. That has late-night comedians everywhere likely salivating at the thought of a gaffe-filled campaign! Question: how did it become conventional political wisdom that he wasn’t interested in the job? He’s […]

Patriots Deflategate

Rush: ‘If they were playing with tennis balls the Colts weren’t gonna win’

What do listeners really care about, another boring State of the Union speech, or the white-hot Deflategate scandal rocking the NFL? Though Rush Limbaugh spent plenty of time on the former during today’s show, the latter is what truly has America riled up heading into the Super Bowl.

And with El Rushbo never one to shy away from a football-related topic, he was happy to explain why the matter of underinflated footballs is not to be taken lightly, despite the Colts never really having a prayer: Read all »

Ernst Joni 2

GOP’s Spanish response doesn’t match English version

While you might be forgiven for assuming the Republican Party’s State of the Union response would be identical whether delivered in English or Spanish, that’s apparently not the case.

And there’s some confusion: while the party indicated the Spanish version would merely be a translation of the English speech, the congressman selected to present the former had said otherwise. So who made the changes? Read all »

Schultz Ed 100

Want to work for Ed Schultz? Don’t be like him!

Want to work for MSNBC’s Ed Schultz? Just make sure your lifestyle is nothing like that of the big guy himself.

Seeking a full time videographer, Ed Schultz Broadcasting is apparently looking for a designated driver as well. The successful applicant needs a clean driving record and valid passport to visit Ed’s Manitoba cabin.

Hey, somebody’s gotta be sober! Read all »

Cruz Ted

Hollywood to honor Ted Cruz, or not?

First question: why would a liberal Hollywood group nominate conservative Senator Ted Cruz for an award? And how could they believe he could address their annual ceremony without a left-wing uproar?

After the Caucus for Producers, Writers & Directors tapped the Texas Republican for its American Spirit Award, it set off an internal battle over whether the honor should be rescinded before the upcoming ceremony is held.

That’s the least surprising news since the discovery that water is wet. Read all »

Gabbard Tulsi 1

Who is Tulsi Gabbard?

How’s this for shaking up Capitol Hill: a Democratic congresswoman is blasting President Obama’s handling of Islamic extremism, saying he “refuses to recognize who our enemy is.”

If only Republican leaders had this kind of courage!

And she sure threw CNN’s Wolf Blitzer for a loop- no doubt he didn’t see this one coming! Nor did CNN producers, or the segment never would have materialized.

Just who is Tulsi Gabbard? She’s Hawaiian, ethnically Samoan and the only Hindu in Congress. Elected to the Aloha State’s legislature in her early twenties, the second-term representative is also an Iraq war vet. Only 33 now, does anyone think she’s lacking ambition? Read all »

Kerry John - James Taylor

That John Kerry-James Taylor thing really happened!

Did John Kerry really bring singer James Taylor to Paris to perform “You’ve Got a Friend”?

What many Americans thought was a mere Onion spoof has been confirmed as a real attempt at apologizing to the French for the rude Charlie Hebdo Solidarity March no-show days earlier.

With video proof widely circulating across the Internet (though most of it in grainy, low-res quality), the bizarre event has many shaking their heads in disbelief. And the laughs aren’t just coming from the right, even the BBC appeared to openly ridicule the odd spectacle. Read all »

GOP presidential debate 2012

Republicans reward CNN with THREE debates

As the Republican Party partners with traditionally-hostile networks for upcoming presidential primary debates, conservatives are shaking their heads in disbelief. Though the GOP has said it’s trying to take better control over the process, the decision they’ve made appears to do exactly the opposite.

The big question: who inside the GOP feels dead-and-buried CNN is worth THREE debate events? Or that NBC should be rewarded with ANY after its treatment of their party over the years? Counting one sponsored by CNBC, it has been handed two of them. Read all »


‘Pickled liver’ Boehner-hater canned in Boston

Memo to Victor Paul Alvarez: next time, stick to writing about iPhone accessories!

Oh, who are we kidding? After being canned today by the Boston Globe, the writer behind the already-infamous smear piece mocking the poisoning plot against House Speaker John Boehner is SURE to quickly find employment at a far-left website.

We broke the story Tuesday night and since then, it has generated a great deal of social media and press coverage. After Boehner’s office objected, the CEO of Boston Globe Media Partners apologized, according to the Boston Herald: Read all »


Boehner poisoning plot: ‘Would anyone have noticed?’

Think what you want about House Speaker John Boehner (he certainly has enemies both right and left!), but the disturbing news of a a plot to poison him is hardly a laughing matter.

A former bartender at his country club has been indicted on charges including threats on Boehner’s life. The accused man, Michael Robert Hoyt, may be mentally disturbed.

But a Boston Globe-owned site sees all of this as merely an opportunity to slime the speaker, splashing a hit piece across the top of its home page early Wednesday morning. The “story” would barely meet the standards of a fringe, far-left outlet, much less a major news website: “perhaps his pickled liver could have filtered out the toxins.” Read all »


WaPo: House Of Cards makes DC look bad!

Is the American version of “House of Cards” unfairly making DC and the political creatures who inhabit it out to be mean, nasty and corrupt?

While its premise echos a fairly common sentiment outside the Beltway, this is apparently somewhat shocking to at least one Washington Post columnist. Chris Cillizza hates the series so much, he’s published an extended rant-fest against the show not once, but twice.

A sampling of his case against it: Read all »