Christie Chris rips Rubio

Christie rips ‘boy in the bubble’ Rubio

NJ governor says Florida senator ‘can’t answer the questions’

Paul Rand CNN debate controversy

Angry Rand Paul blames debate exclusion on Fox-GOP collusion

Can Rand Paul make lemonade out of debate-exclusion lemons? The Kentucky senator is using his elimination from tonight’s GOP debate to kickstart a much-needed round of publicity for his presidential candidacy. Appearing on rival CNN, Paul accused Fox of colluding with the Republican Party to keep him off the stage, despite a new Iowa poll […]

Trump rally 2

WaPo: Trump supporters are ‘losers’

Is it possible to analyze the Trump phenomenon without disparaging his supporters? At a time when even fellow Republicans are openly attacking their own party’s frontrunner (South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley did so last night, for example), the temptation was obviously too great for the Washington Post.

Cruz Ted NH protesters

Bizarre protest disrupts Ted Cruz rally in New Hampshire

Is it time for Ted Cruz to beef up his security team?

Earlier today, hecklers reached the stage during a New Hampshire campaign event, with one grabbing the microphone and making a statement before the Texas senator realized what was going on and had him removed. Read all »

CNN Philly cop shot Islam Miguel Martinez

Philly cop-shooter cites Islam motivation, yet CNN ‘not clear’ on cause

Even when the perpetrators make their intentions clear, is CNN making excuses for terrorism?

When a shooter openly cited Islam as his motivation, as occurred during last night’s ambush of a Philly police officer, the news network questioned whether he really meant it. Read all »

Rubio man heels

Rubio ridiculed over ‘high-heeled booties’, other candidates join the fray

As presidential candidates face their first primary elections, insults are absolutely flying. With many standard attack lines already utilized, however, they’ve had to get creative.

But Marco Rubio’s seemingly odd choice of footwear yesterday gave several Republican opponents an easy shot, which they happily exploited. Read all »

Cruz Ted Lawyer ad

New Ted Cruz ad wins praise even from enemies

Has Ted Cruz just produced the first truly clever political ad of the 2016 election cycle?

Though differing on substance, even some of his detractors concede the spot is attention-grabbing. Featuring journalists and lawyers wearing suits while racing across the border, it builds on a recent Cruz campaign theme: that elites would worry more about illegal immigration if their own positions were threatened. Read all »

Hillary UFOs CNN

Is CNN covering for Hillary over UFO investigation pledge?

Is Hillary Clinton genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of government UFO cover-up allegations or not?

Since a recent interview with a small New Hampshire newspaper, the issue has resurfaced, with Hillary telling the Conway Daily Sun, “yes, I’m going to get to the bottom of it.” Read all »

Trump CNN border

‘Error’ found in Trump’s first TV ad, but will it matter?

Whether intentional or not, will an “error” found in Donald Trump’s first television campaign ad hurt his standing with voters?

After media outlets around the globe aired the ad free of charge during news segments earlier today, a PolitiFact analysis revealed Mexican border “footage” actually took place in Morocco. At that time, migrants were attempting to scale a wall erected by Spain to protect territory it controls in North Africa.

While CNN and others ran with the PolitiFact story, Trump’s campaign fired back, saying it intentionally used the Morocco background to prove a point about border security. Read all »

CNN Obama gun

CNN, Obama team up on gun control

Can CNN help President Obama build public support for his executive actions on gun control?

Following the widely-expected move to enact new restrictions on firearms ownership, Obama might face difficulty selling his plan to a divided nation. On Thursday, he’ll join news anchor Anderson Cooper for a town hall event where the president will “express his frustration with Congress for refusing to tighten gun control laws.” Read all »


Jeb stuns interviewer: ‘I’ve learned not to answer questions’

Politicians duck press questions every day, but how often do they admit that outright?

That’s why Jeb Bush’s unusually honest response to a CNN interviewer’s question seemed stunning, throwing the host off-guard. Read all »

Obama Hawaii -3

CNN’s Acosta: Covering Obama in Hawaii ‘can be somewhat grueling’

What do you think are the toughest assignments in television journalism? Afghanistan, the Middle East, or remote corners of the globe?

Just try following the Obamas to Hawaii! That’s the bizarre assertion of CNN’s Jim Acosta, who says that while occasionally fun, it “can be somewhat grueling.” Read all »

Shkreli Martin arrest

Before arrest, hated CEO Martin Shkreli gave generously to Democrats

If Martin Shkreli didn’t exist, would politicians have had to invent him?

Seemingly the world’s most hated CEO and responsible for jacking up the cost of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750, Shkreli was taken into FBI custody today on charges related to securities fraud. The drug is effective against a deadly parasitic condition known as toxoplasmosis. Read all »

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