Kasich ad

Bizarre Kasich ad imagines his presidential nomination

Fox hosts mock seemingly delusional political spot

Prince Judy Miller

Fox analyst: Time for press to get to the bottom of Prince’s death

Now that the initial shock is beginning to wear off, will the press get to the bottom of Prince’s death? With circumstances of the pop icon’s passing still so hazy, Fox News Channel Media Analyst Judy Miller says many “hard questions” must be answered, even if fans around the world would rather not know.

Hillary GMA

Stephanopoulos rescues Hillary from ‘annoying Bill’ question

With a reputation for stiffness and discomfort on the trail, Hillary Clinton’s campaign is clearly trying to loosen up her image. And with former Clinton staffer George Stephanopoulos leading today’s Good Morning America town hall meeting, what could possibly go wrong? Viewers were treated to inane audience questions, including one man who wondered which brand […]

King Peter

Congressman: ‘I’ll take cyanide’ if Ted Cruz wins

A GOP congressman says he’ll poison himself if Ted Cruz wins the Republican presidential nomination.

Stunning the panel with his extreme statement, Peter King (R-NY) told MSNBC’s Morning Joe that he despises the Texas senator: “I hate Ted Cruz, and I think I’ll take cyanide if he ever got the nomination.” Read all »

Dershowitz Alan

Dershowitz calls Bernie supporters ‘hard left’ ‘repressives’

Are Bernie Sanders supporters dangerous and even “repressive”?

That’s what famed attorney and political activist Alan Dershowitz believes, telling Fox Business yesterday that the Democratic presidential candidate is “not pro-Israel”. Read all »

FB Hill Kathleen Willey

Facebook confuses Hillary Clinton, Kathleen Willey

How’s this for bizarre: Facebook can’t tell the difference between Hillary Clinton and longtime foe Kathleen Willey!

As users of the social media network began to share images of Wednesday’s New York Post cover, which highlights Donald Trump’s big Empire State win, it asked whether a photo of Clinton should be tagged as Willey. Read all »

Pastor faces heat

Pastor faces heat over ‘PEDOPHILES are coming’ flyers

A New Hampshire pastor is facing heat after posting flyers some parents find offensive.

At issue: a proposed “Bathroom Bill” policy that would allow transgendered students in the town of Candia to choose which restroom to use. David Carlson, of Manchester’s Gospel Baptist Church, told WMUR-TV he’s acting entirely on his own. Read all »

Reporter saves motorist

Reporter saves driver caught in flood

Reporters are generally supposed to avoid becoming the news, but in one case, intervention seemed necessary.

When a driver found himself swept away by rising floodwaters, KTRK reporter Steve Champion helped the disoriented man reach land. Could he have really stood by and watched as the motorist was swept away? Read all »

Mika Bernie

Mika: Why doesn’t Hillary draw Bernie-sized crowds?

If Hillary Clinton really is 10 points ahead of Bernie Sanders, why is the Vermont senator drawing such huge crowds in New York?

With the Empire State’s partisan presidential primary just a day away, polls showing Clinton ahead would seem at odds with Bernie’s ability to generate voter excitement. During a rally in Brooklyn yesterday, the Sanders crowd was estimated at over 28,000. That’s his biggest yet. Read all »

Hillary dancing NY CNN

Dancing Hillary tries to loosen stiff image

Can Hillary Clinton loosen up her notoriously stiff image on the campaign trail?

It’s no secret that the Democratic presidential candidate is not particularly comfortable in unscripted settings, which has led to likeability problems heading into November’s election. But yesterday, Clinton took a stab at lightening up, dancing on stage with Latino leaders in New York City. Read all »

Kurtz 1

Has Zuckerberg’s anti-Trump move backfired?

Has Mark Zuckerberg’s move into partisan politics backfired spectacularly?

The Facebook chief’s recent speech denouncing some of Donald Trump’s campaign issues has generated a lot of controversy from those wondering how the social media network might attempt to sway the outcome of November’s elections. And a move by some employees to push for an official anti-Trump push within the company has raised eyebrows. Read all »

Kasich - Bash CNN

Hopeless candidate caught in convoluted ‘controversy’

“Don’t go to parties with alcohol.” Does that sound like a particularly controversial statement to you?

Some think that Ohio Governor John Kasich’s answer to a young woman who asked about improving campus safety was insensitive, given that he ended his somewhat lengthy reply with that advice. Read all »

Ryan Paul SNL spoof

SNL spoofs Paul Ryan’s supposed presidential disinterest

Is House Speaker Paul Ryan really uninterested in becoming president?

Saturday Night Live has its doubts and created a spoof “non-campaign” ad that calls into question his sincerity. Though the segment was actually cut from this week’s program for lack of time, it has quickly racked up views online. Taran Killam plays Ryan in the fake spot. Read all »

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