Carlson Tucker FB

Tucker: Glenn Beck was ‘sucking up’ to Mark Zuckerberg

Meeting between Facebook head, ‘conservatives’ had bizarre undertones

Baio Scott

Scott Baio to GOP: ‘Suck it up’ and accept Trump as nominee

Should Republicans “suck it up” and accept Donald Trump as the party’s nominee? That’s what Scott Baio told Fox News Channel’s Neil Cavuto earlier today. During the interview, the actor expressed his frustration with the GOP and especially Mitt Romney for a seeming failure to go on the offensive against political opponents.

Lima Natalia

Fox reporter Ed Henry: The New Carlos Danger?

Remember when politicians had a lock on embarrassing sex scandals? Now, the reporters that cover them are proving just as self-destructive. At a time when notorious ex-congressman Anthony Weiner is back in the news via a new documentary covering his downfall, Fox News White House Chief Correspondent Ed Henry is facing a career-threatening sexting mess […]

Farrell Jr Paul T

Hillary lost to no-name candidate in parts of West Virginia

Just how bad was Hillary Clinton’s loss in yesterday’s West Virginia primary?

In at least one county, the Democratic presidential contender lost to a no-namer whose candidacy was based entirely on providing a protest vote. Read all »

Cruz - Kerry Picket

Is Ted Cruz really considering rejoining the GOP race?

Is Ted Cruz serious about possibly rejoining the GOP’s presidential primary race?

After comments made during this morning’s Glenn Beck Show, Beltway buzz about a possible return has gone into overdrive, leading to a brief frenzy during the senator’s afternoon press conference. The event was his first since dropping out after a poor showing in the Indiana Republican primary. Read all »

FB conservatives

Facebook bias revelations rock political world

Is this the mother of all Facebook PR crises?

Though conservatives have long felt they’re routinely undermined on the world’s largest social media network, a new report has provided solid evidence of systematic discrimination coming from deep inside the company. Importantly, the story came not from a right-leaning publication, but Gizmodo, a technology site. Read all »

NK party leaders MB

North Korea: While workers starve, party leaders drive luxury cars

The most frustrating job in television news this week has to be covering events in North Korea where, as one CNN crew discovered, “reporting” consists largely of waiting in hotel lobbies while being kept miles away from anyone who matters.

But it did manage to capture something newsworthy while attempting to gain access to a rare conference of party leaders: their fleet of identical luxury cars parked out front.

Yes, while average North Koreans go without food, electricity and other basics, the upwardly mobile elite enjoy riding around in a shiny new Mercedes-Benz. Read all »

Erickson Erick 2

Limbaugh show fill-in host demands GOP ‘apologize’ for impeaching Clinton

A conservative editor and talk show host is demanding Republicans “apologize” for the 1998 impeachment of President Bill Clinton, contending the party is now excusing the same kind of behavior.

Calling Donald Trump “a pathological liar and womanizer,” Erick Erickson made the comparison at his site, The Resurgent. Read all »

Chick-Fil-A NYC Boycott Fox

Are New Yorkers taking mayor’s Chick-Fil-A boycott call seriously?

How’s New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s Chick-Fil-A boycott call faring?

Judging by the long line waiting to get into its Manhattan outlet, not well. Is it even having the opposite effect, encouraging some to visit the fast food chain that wouldn’t have otherwise? Read all »

Cruz elbows wife

CNN rubs in Ted Cruz’s ‘cringe-worthy’ elbow incident

After bowing out of a hard-fought presidential primary campaign, Tuesday was a rough night for Senator Ted Cruz.

Having no option but to withdraw from the race wasn’t the only reason for distress: at the conclusion of his concession speech, the Texas Republican accidentally elbowed his wife, Heidi. Of course, it was caught on tape, leading to widespread ridicule from detractors.

Is it nice to kick a man when he’s down, especially when he’s as exhausted as Cruz was last night? Read all »

Cruz Hillary with a 2

Cruz campaign director: ‘We’re not gonna nominate Hillary Clinton with a penis’

Just in case presidential politics weren’t surreal enough so far this year, a Ted Cruz staffer has upped the ante today with a vulgar outburst seen on live television.

During CNN’s At This Hour, host Kate Bolduan was left red-faced after New Jersey State Campaign Director Steve Lonegan of the Cruz campaign answered a question about the number of delegates his candidate might receive during tonight’s Indiana primary vote by saying, “we’re not gonna nominate Hillary Clinton with a penis.” Read all »

Cruz VP pick

Has Carly VP pick helped Cruz?

Has Ted Cruz benefited from the selection of Carly Fiorina as his running mate?

With a tough battle heading into tomorrow’s Indiana primary, the answer may be no, if the latest polls are correct (two have Trump ahead by double-digits).

During a Fox Business Channel segment on the impact of the Texas senator’s recent campaign moves, David Freddoso of the Washington Examiner indicated he didn’t think Cruz was enjoying much of a boost after making a relatively early VP pick:

Earlier, however, Cruz National Spokesman Ron Nehring said his candidate still has a strong chance of securing the Republican nomination, given his contention that “delegates will abandon Trump like crazy.”

From the Fox News Channel:

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Trump Brown Pride

Vulgar anti-Trump kids create firestorm

With enemies like these, who needs friends?

Another instance of Anti-Trump protesters behaving in a seemingly counterproductive manner has hit the Internet by storm, this time in Fort Wayne, Indiana. There, Matt Finn of Fox News caught young children using obscene language in both Spanish and English, in addition to waving Mexican flags and handmade “brown pride” signs. Read all »

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