O'Reilly Bill 1

The surreal race to dig up every shred of O’Reilly’s past

Just how bizarre has the media’s new obsession with Bill O’Reilly become? Clear back to the 1970s, they’re now digging up every report he’s ever filed. After the downfall of Brian Williams, it’s all part of an eye-for-an-eye payback attempt. And we’ve found one that tops them all, a newly-unearthed time capsule showing Bill reporting […]

O'Reilly Bill - David Corn

Rush in rare defense of Bill O’Reilly

Has the left’s post-Brian Williams eye-for-an-eye attempt to bring down Bill O’Reilly failed spectacularly? If measured by those who are now defending O’Reilly, the answer is yes: even Rush Limbaugh is now fending off attacks against the Fox News Channel host. Considering years of animosity between the two (Limbaugh has usually referred to him as […]

Obama front cover Boston Globe 2009

Boston Globe: Obama’s too tough on Muslims!

At a time when millions of Americans have questioned President Obama’s unwillingness to take a harder line against Islamic extremism, one media outlet is upset for the opposite reason, believing he’s unfairly singling out Muslims!

Citing a FBI statistic claiming only 6% of “domestic terror attacks” have a Muslim connection, the Boston Globe criticized the president in an editorial for not spreading the blame around more thoroughly while conducting his recent “Countering Violent Extremism” summit.

Given the 2009 headline shown above, it must really be painful for the paper to now conclude he favors fear over hope.

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Go Ultra Low Group 2

Charge: eco-groups paid UK paper for favorable coverage

Did corporations pay a left-wing London newspaper for coverage that would bolster their environmental image? And is it now seeking even more funds from nonprofit eco groups?

That’s the allegation made today by the Daily Telegraph, a competing publication with a more conservative reputation. The latest in a series of escalating charges, it recalls earlier days of nasty press wars. The piece contains no byline other than “by Daily Telegraph reporter”.

Providing documented evidence of advertorial coverage in the UK Guardian not disclosed to readers, the Telegraph perhaps more stunningly claims its liberal rival changed a story on the situation in Iraq to avoid “offending” Apple Computer. The tech giant is another Guardian sponsor. Read all »

Kerry John 19 Feb 2015

Kerry tries to defend spokeswoman, digs deeper hole

After an interview that played well on MSNBC but generated laughter outside the Beltway, the State Department has had a tough week. Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempt at repairing the damage, however, may prove ill-advised. Has he just dug a deeper hole?

Spokeswoman Marie Harf’s assertion that ISIS could be overcome if jihadists had better job opportunities has become a common punchline and Kerry clearly understands the need for neutralizing bad publicity.

Speaking at the Summit to Counter Violent Extremism, here’s his statement : Read all »

CNN ISIS kittens 2

CNN somehow links kittens, Nutella, emojis, ISIS

Would Westerners better understand ISIS if we knew more about their recruiting tactics?

Apparently, we know VERY LITTLE, but have now been duly informed thanks to the great minds at CNN.

A segment airing this morning on the long-suffering cable news outlet linked ISIS with kittens, emojis and of course, Nutella. Whether true or not, something about the way it was presented has the Internet in a frenzy this afternoon. Dozens of sites have already had a head-scratching field day pondering the terror group’s supposed strategy. Read all »

O'Reilly Bill - ISIS Obama

O’Reilly: Obama’s living in a ‘fictional world’

Calling on President Obama to change his “fictional” mindset before it is too late, Bill O’Reilly cited the “on-camera beheadings of 21 poor Christian workers from Egypt by ISIS jihadists” in demanding a drastic, immediate change in presidential policy.

Highlighting George Will’s humorous observation that the White House ought to use “non-Islamic randomness” as a new term to avoid “offending those who did it”, the Fox News Channel host used Tuesday’s Talking Points Memo to implore the president to show real leadership: “there is only one leader with the caché to lead the fight, that reluctant warrior, Barack Obama.”

O’Reilly also excoriated the president for allowing nine nations to become safe havens for terror groups under his watch.

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Axelrod David Feb 2015

Axelrod the comedian: no Obama scandals!

David Axelrod, stand-up comedian?

While Jerry Seinfeld probably has nothing to worry about, the former presidential advisor had many in stitches late Tuesday with an assertion that Obama’s first six years have been without a major scandal. Speaking at an event held by the University of Chicago Institute of Politics, Axelrod’s response came to a question from the audience: Read all »

Franken Al

Rush: I almost got tricked into SNL appearance

We thought we’d heard all of Rush Limbaugh’s old showbiz stories over the years, but a couple of new ones have emerged in recent days, such as a 1972 radio stunt involving Lily Tomlin (who would later join SNL’s cast) and raccoon meat.

Another came today, when El Rushbo revealed he was once nearly tricked into appearing on Saturday Night Live for a skit that was secretly part of a book promotion set-up by Al Franken. The disclosure came during a discussion about Sunday’s SNL 40 special on Monday’s radio show. Read all »

Sharpton Palin photo

Sharpton-Palin photo ignites social media

While Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special included many newly-memorable moments across three-and-one-half hours, the image burning up social media this morning happened a few steps away from the broadcast.

Appearing to anger left and right almost equally was a red-carpet image of Sarah Palin and Al Sharpton posing together for the cameras. If you’ve been on Facebook or Twitter at all in the last several hours, you’ve probably encountered at least one person complaining about Hell suddenly freezing over. Read all »

Obama depicted as sex assault suspect

Somebody’s in trouble over this news blunder

Is this the TV news blunder of the year?

In San Diego, viewers of KSWB-TV could be forgiven for any confusion after an image of President Obama appeared during a story on a sex assault suspect.

While image mix-ups aren’t unheard of in TV news, this one is harder to understand as the photo featured a bottom caption reading “No Charges”. So which producer put this one together? Read all »

Jackson Victoria 2

Victoria Jackson makes the infuriating hilarious

As Saturday Night Live celebrates 40 years with an epic 3.5 hour retrospective Sunday evening, a former castmember’s second career in the political realm continues to make waves with another in a series of parody video clips.

Known for Roseanne impressions and a precarious position seated next to Toonces the Driving Cat, Victoria Jackson shocked many in 2007 when the conservative sentiment she’d hidden for so long finally emerged. That led, of course, to immediate blowback from Hollywood’s “progressive” left. Read all »

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