Hillary CNN axis

Left, right tired of Hillary colluding with CNN

Proof emerges of direct connection between candidate, news network

Hillary TA I Will Survive

Hillary spoofed in new parody song

Is it time to inject some humor into a thoroughly-depressing presidential contest? The answer surely must be yes and thankfully, our friends the Taiwanese Animators have come to the rescue, with a new spoof featuring Hillary Clinton reworking some classic tunes.

James Trinidad CNN Rapper

CNN’s terrorism ‘experts’: Rapper, second-hand ‘ISIS spy’ source

What is it about CNN and its strange way of reporting on major world events? In the past, it has taken heat for going overboard with plane crash coverage. Now, the news network is covering Islamic terrorism in ways that seem peculiar.

Kasich John Trump attack ad

Trump blasts Kasich’s new attack ad

A new attack ad targeting Donald Trump and Ben Carson has the former seeing red tonight.

In a series of tweets, Trump is blasting the new television spot, produced on behalf of Ohio Governor John Kasich. Created and funded by New Day for America, an outside PAC supporting the latter’s GOP presidential run, it slams Trump, Ben Carson and Barack Obama as requiring “on-the-job training that does not work.” Read all »

Bush Jeb Big Desk

Bush in NH: ‘You’re looking at the guy who’s gonna be the nominee’

How should a still-struggling Jeb Bush position himself on the campaign trail?

With Donald Trump’s lead in the Republican presidential field seemingly insurmountable, the former Florida governor is stuck in fifth place among a shrinking list of primary contenders. As the New Hampshire primary is now less than three months away, does projecting a sense of confidence in victory seem almost silly, or politically wise? Read all »

Geraldo Paris 2

Geraldo in Paris: ‘I’ve been begging my daughter to leave France’

After his own daughter’s close call with Friday’s terrorism spree in Paris, a still-shaken Geraldo Rivera says he has conflicting thoughts on what she should do next.

Reporting from the street on the latest police sweep of suspected Islamic terror plotters, Rivera told Fox & Friends this morning he isn’t sure about the state of security right now: “What happened here this morning is an indication that this story is alive and well, that the conspiracy, the diabolical conspiracy to commit mass murder, to inflict a wound, on a scar on the soul of the French nation, here, the perpetrators of that have been brought to justice.” Read all »

Obama Manila GOP

Obama blames Republicans for ISIS strength

While European leaders take a hard line on ISIS terrorism, led by François Hollande of France, President Obama has instead chosen to blame his political opponents.

During a speech in Manila, Obama said Republicans are using language that is serving as “a potent recruitment tool” for ISIS, which he continues to call “ISIL” (a coded recognition of a Middle East that eliminates Israel from the map). Read all »

MJ Refugees

Mother Jones warns fellow leftists: You’re out of touch on Syrian refugee issue

In times of crisis, politics can be unpredictable, but nothing is less expected than a traditionally-leftist publication chiding its own over behavior it says is hurting their cause.

In a piece published today, Mother Jones has warned liberals that their position on accepting Syrian refugees is damaging “progressive” credibility, at least in the “mocking” tone being used to attack the right. “Electoral disaster” could even be the result, it says. Read all »

Rudy Obama Isis

Rudy Giuliani: Obama CREATED ISIS!

Saying ISIS “never would have emerged” without a “vacuous foreign policy,” Rudy Giuliani blasted President Obama last night for actually “creating” the terror state.

Appearing on Fox News Channel’s Hannity, the former New York mayor said, “This did not have to happen if our policies were different.”

“[If Obama] had set up a no-fly zone over Syria five years ago, if we had gone in and worked with the Syrian legitimate rebels, if we had not taken our troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan. ISIS is filling a vacuum that was created by vacuous foreign policy,” he continued. Read all »

Obama - Two Brothers and a Crockpot

Defensive Obama calls Boston Marathon killings ‘two brothers and a crockpot’

If the goal was to reassure the world Obama is capable of dealing with rising terrorism threats, today’s G20 speech in Turkey may have had the opposite effect. Rather than provide solutions, he offered excuses as to why it would be too difficult to defeat ISIS.

A defensive president sighed visibly when a French correspondent asked why his approach hadn’t changed, while even CBS pressed him to explain why a year-long series of bombings had “failed to contain the ambition and ability of ISIS to launch attacks on the West.” Read all »

Harvard bomb threat 2

Bomb threats pouring in, latest is at Harvard University

In the aftermath of the terror attacks in Paris, anyone who’d ever contemplated phoning in a bomb threat has seemingly gone ahead and done it today.

The latest is at Harvard University, where four buildings have been evacuated, according to officials: Read all »

France filter

Newspaper accuses pro-France Facebook users of ‘white supremacy’

Are Facebook users who change their profile photos to show solidarity with France actually supporting white supremacy?

That’s the dubious assertion made by the UK Independent newspaper today, in a piece by “Lulu Nunn” that was shared 1000 times within 30 minutes of being published. Read all »

Paris FNC

Candidates respond to shifting winds- who is best positioned?

Though it might seem too soon to focus on the political aftermath of last night’s series of terror attacks in Paris, in reality, the landscape has changed and so must presidential candidates.

Republican Ted Cruz used a Fox News Channel appearance this morning to blast President Obama for being “unwilling to even utter the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism'” and lacking a “concerted effort” to defeat it. Read all »

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