Brexit Mirror

Don’t like election results? Demand a re-vote!

Two million pro-EU voters petition for second vote, hoping to change outcome

Brexit 1

Was Brexit the UK’s version of Trump?

After its shocking move to leave the European Union, Britain’s Brexit referendum shows this is anything but a normal political year. What will that mean for the US? A lot, as many are discovering today.

Sanders CSPAN

Think Sanders supporters will vote for Hillary? Guess again

Is it safe to assume Bernie Sanders voters will automatically migrate to Hillary Clinton in the general election? According to a new survey, the answer is surprisingly NO.

Trump Scotland 1

Is Trump’s Scotland trip a bad idea?

Could anything positive come from Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland?

At a time when his campaign has seen radical personnel changes, a fundraising shortfall and unclear strategy, it’s easy to wonder what the trip could do beyond creating media-friendly protest scenes. Read all »

Willey Kathleen 3

Is Facebook targeting Kathleen Willey?

Is Facebook targeting Kathleen Willey?

If not, it’s an odd coincidence, to say the least. For months, strange things have been happening related to the onetime Clinton White House staffer and longtime Hillary foe’s social media account. Read all »

Facebook Zuckerberg dictator

Investors: Mark Zuckerberg’s a dictator

Do investors have any say in the future of Facebook?

According to some key shareholders, the answer is absolutely not! Read all »

Dems ISIS GOP guns

Silly Season: Republicans accused of ‘selling guns to ISIS’

Who says politicians don’t have a sense of humor? Though it may be unintentional, sometimes they can be downright hilarious.

During a heated debate over proposed gun control legislation, Democratic Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) appeared to go overboard when attacking his opponents.

Read all »

Carson Trump funds

Shocking figure reveals financial state of Trump campaign

Just how bad is Donald Trump’s cash situation?

The presumptive GOP nominee actually has less available campaign funds than Ben Carson, who dropped out of the race months ago! With $1.7 million on hand to Trump’s $1.2 million, it’s perhaps an unprecedented situation, especially given Hillary Clinton’s sizable warchest. Read all »

Trump Hillary 20 June Fox

Are we obsessed with polls that really don’t matter?

With the presidential election months away, should we really pay close attention to polling data?

From data showing Clinton ahead of Trump, to the seeming virtual tie between supporters and opponents of Thursday’s European Union membership referendum in the UK, recent surveys have moved markets and shaped the media narrative. Read all »

China bank beatings

Video: Bank employees in China beaten, humiliated for underperformance

In a clip so disturbing it was described as “shocking” even by the state-run media, a bank manager in China has been caught on tape beating employees with a stick.

Their crime? Failure to “exceed themselves” on the job, whatever that means. Read all »

Ami Brooklyn

Think ISIS inspired Orlando attack? Not in Brooklyn

While it’s no secret that Americans are divided on many issues, it can nonetheless be startling to hear these divergent views.

And in an era where social media networks intentionally shelter us from opposing opinions, it’s especially true. Read all »

Cox Jo Commons speech

Sickening? Stocks surge after MP’s assassination

If greed is good, then cold-blooded murder is apparently even better.

After the murder of Labour MP Jo Cox, who was gunned down earlier today near Leeds, stocks (and the British pound) suddenly rallied. That’s due to the new belief that next week’s Brexit vote could either be delayed, or public sentiment could abruptly shift toward remaining in the European Union.

Recent polls have shown otherwise, leading to concern over the potential economic impact. Read all »

Corwin Jeff

Animal Planet host: This is NOT how alligators normally behave

As Americans wonder how an alligator could have plucked a toddler right off of the shore at a Disney resort, an animal expert is speaking out, saying this is far from typical behavior.

According to Animal Planet host Jeff Corwin, “alligators don’t normally prey on human beings, we’re not part of the food chain.” Read all »

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