Fidel CNN 90

CNN celebrates Fidel’s long life and victory over would-be assassins!

Quoting Cuban officials, network claims he’s survived 600 attempts on his life

Bush Jeb CBS

CBS to younger Bush: Trump hurt your dad’s feelings, remember?

Just yesterday, we wondered whether the family approved of George P Bush’s move to back Donald Trump in November’s presidential election. While the Texas Land Commissioner’s sudden public support may be a signal the family is backing away from its opposition to the Republican nominee, it sure did seem to upset CBS News!

Marcotte Vanessa

Here’s how women are responding to the murder of two joggers

With two joggers from New York City found murdered within a week under similarly brutal circumstances, women in the Northeast are taking no chances today, quickly looking for new ways to defend themselves. Last week’s victim was 30-year-old Karina Vetrano, found in Howard Beach after a search that included her father. There was evidence of […]

Sununu John

Is Trump’s economic message a ‘hot’ version of Romney’s?

Given the former Massachusetts governor’s intense dislike of this year’s Republican nominee, is it odd to think Donald Trump’s economic policies may actually be very similar to Mitt Romney’s?

On a point-by-point basis, Trump seems to be emulating Romney in many ways, according to former New Hampshire Governor John Sununu. Read all »

Bush George P

Wandering off the reservation? Younger Bush backs Donald Trump

Just in case pigs are flying, it might be a good time to check outside.

That’s because the seemingly-unthinkable has happened in this already-bizarre election year: a Bush has publicly backed Donald Trump! Read all »

Hannity Stephens 4

Bitter war of words between Hannity, WSJ editor over Hillary, Trump

For a crystal-clear picture of the Grand Canyon-like divisions between the rigid, seemingly-shortsighted NeverTrump crowd and those who believe Hillary Clinton must be stopped at all costs, take a look at the bitter war of words between Bret Stephens and Sean Hannity.

While hardly the only battle between “conservatives” who don’t mind a Clinton victory to stop the GOP nominee and those who think Trump is not the devil he’s been made out to be, this showdown is notable for its high-profile nature. Thanks to social media, it’s all out in the open. Read all »

CNN Muslims in America

‘I need a hug!’: CNN airs video of Muslims complaining of mistreatment

Would ‘mistreated’ Muslims in America benefit from a big hug?

That’s just one of several bizarre moments in a new piece airing on CNN. Read all »

Mair Liz

Vulgar anti-Trump bashing: The new price of admission for pundits?

Just yesterday, we wondered why any cable pundit hoping for future bookings would resort to calling a presidential nominee a “loud mouth dick”.

After seeing the reaction to political strategist Liz Mair’s rant that aired live on CNN last night, however, we realize just how wrong we were. Not only has the praise she’s received from a rabidly anti-Trump media class boosted her career standing, but denunciations from opponents have merely served to generate further street cred in their eyes. Read all »

Hillary press protecting

Is the media giving Hillary a free ride?

Can Hillary Clinton expect a free ride from media scrutiny well through election day?

Some say the answer is yes and point to a recent interview where the Democratic presidential nominee seemed to misrepresent the FBI’s findings related to her email / classified documents scandal. While several publications did take her to task, others, including the New York Times, ignored the controversy altogether. Read all »

Panhandler anti-Trump sign

Panhandler makes $12,000 holding anti-Trump sign

Capitalizing on liberal city politics, a group of young panhandlers are making a great deal of money holding anti-Trump signs on street corners.

Reading “give me one dollar or I’m voting Trump”, the cardboard placards have become quite lucrative, with one man claiming he’s made over $12,000 in the past three months. He says he got the idea off of the Internet. Read all »

Mair Liz dick

This is CNN: Trump called ‘loud mouth dick’ live on air


It’s every producer’s nightmare: that great guest you’ve booked, the one who tells it like it is, goes way too far and uses obscene language on-air.

That’s what happened earlier this evening when strategist Liz Mair called Donald Trump a “loud mouth dick” live on CNN. In the clips below, watch as Anderson Cooper tries to pretend he didn’t hear it and moves forward with the interview as though nothing had occurred. It’s exactly what a broadcaster should do in this situation. Read all »

Niqab dollar store

Video: Muslim woman kicked out of store for wearing niqab

A dollar store in crime-ridden Gary, Indiana is making headlines today after a manager repeatedly asked a Muslim woman to leave.

Caught on video, the Family Dollar store employee told Sarah Salaam that because robberies were so common, it was necessary to keep faces uncovered. Read all »


DC Metro cop busted for ISIS support: What was he doing?

How did a DC Metro cop with the decidedly un-Islamic name of Nicholas Young end up busted for supporting ISIS?

Investigators say he had been under surveillance since at least 2010 and is believed to have provided material support for terrorists, including the purchase of gift cards to be sent overseas. These are later utilized by ISIS for use in recruiting potential combatants and supporters. Read all »

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