MSNBC selfie stick

MSNBC’s strange new crusade: banning selfie sticks!

Could politics give way to fluffy, millennial-friendly topics?

Obama Cleveland

Captain Barack Obvious: MSNBC, Fox are different!

Did you know that Fox News and MSNBC present opposing viewpoints on American politics? Or that cable news channels are responsible for the public’s distrust of Washington? Captain Barack Obvious is the one to thank for clearing up that first point. But is he right on the second?

Miller Larry Conservative MP Ontario

Welcome to Canada! Feel free to hide your face

Should new Canadian citizens who are Muslims be allowed to hide their faces behind a niqab during induction ceremonies? In recent weeks, it’s been a hot topic there, with even Prime Minister Stephen Harper weighing in, saying he believes it should be clear exactly who is being sworn in. But a Conservative Party MP from […]

Jon Voight Israel ad

Jon Voight to Israel: don’t blow it!

We’ve seen Hollywood actors try their best to influence American elections, but can a film star sway a foreign poll?

Appearing in a last-minute ad for apparently-struggling Bibi Netanyahu, actor Jon Voight is certainly giving it his best try. In a minute long spot, Voight criticizes President Obama while proclaiming his “love for Israel”, which he does not want to see taken over by “the madmen of the world”: Read all »

Palin Bristol engagement

Bristol Palin engaged, heads explode

What is it about the Palins that inspires such Pavlovian rage from the Party Opposite? Nothing riles ‘em up more than good news from the family, especially if it threatens to provide positive publicity for the oft-maligned clan.

With today’s announcement of an engagement between daughter Bristol Palin and war hero Sgt Dakota Meyer, at least a few heads are exploding out there.

Left-leaning Mediaite tweeted the least-flattering image it could find of Sarah and Meyer together, where they’re holding a banner saying “Fuc- you Michael Moore”. This occurred in January. Read all »

Hannity 12 Mar 2015

Inside the mind of a Ferguson protester (hint: not much)

You might think life as a cable talk host is a bed of roses, but it can also be unbelievably frustrating. Take a look at what Sean Hannity endured last night while attempting to get inside the mind of a Ferguson protester.

Do these guys even know why they’re out in the streets in the first place? Read all »

Sarah Palin

Sarah vs Hillary in one photo

For those compelled to carry more than one device to keep personal and work correspondence separate, Sarah Palin’s take on Hillary Clinton’s email scandal may resonate.

Earlier this morning, Palin posted a damning, side-by-side comparison of Hillary’s supposed inability to handle more than one phone, versus her own image holding one tagged “Personal” while another shown as “State of Alaska” sits on the table. In her other arm: a baby. Read all »

Hillary email scandal 1

Loudest voices against Hillary are actually on the left

While some in the Democratic Party establishment continue to claim Hillary Clinton’s email scandal is a fake controversy manufactured by the right, the reality is quite different. In fact, the loudest voices against her are coming from the left.

But that’s ignored by Clinton loyalists such as (the apparently still living and breathing) James Carville, who believes the whole mess is nothing more than “right-wing talking points”. Salon’s Steve Almond finds it “f-cking boring” and believes the “vast right-wing conspiracy” is the real problem. Read all »

Hannity Selma 09 March 2015

Was Hannity ‘blasted’ or merely shouted down?

We’ve moved into a sad era where “winning” a debate merely means out-shouting the other side using filibuster techniques as opposed to carefully-crafted arguments. Unlike today’s repressive collegiate environment, however, cable talk shows at least still feature multi-sided discussions.

But that doesn’t mean guests on these programs set a good example. During last night’s Hannity, civil rights attorney Leo Terrell absolutely melted down when asked about Obama’s record on race. But instead of facing criticism today, left-wing publications are celebrating the latter for supposedly “blasting” the Fox News Channel host. Read all »

Hillary email 2 06 Mar 2015

Schizo MSNBC: slam Hillary, then blame the right

Say what you want about MSNBC, but it does provide consistency for “progressives”: tune in anytime, day or night and opinions are unlikely to vary much.

That’s what makes the divisions in recent days so remarkable. Since when do these guys veer from assigned talking points?

Since news of Hillary Clinton’s email scandal broke (via a New York Times story) earlier this week, however, MSNBC has seemingly gone schizo.

Yesterday, for example, Ed Schultz spent his show slamming “the righties” for somehow being behind the entire mess. And of course, David Brock of Media Matters (and increasingly crazy hair) was front-and-center, rabidly defending the 2016 likely presidential contender, telling Schultz she should be “fuming” over what he sees as false allegations: Read all »

Limbaugh 101

Is StopRush behind latest false rumor?

For Rush Limbaugh’s “progressive” foes, it was nearly a day of celebration: rumors the syndicated host would be cancelled in Chicago spread across the Internet. Originating with a Chicago Tribune-affiliated website, left-wing outlets quickly ran with the story.

But it wasn’t long before Cumulus Media, the company that owns Limbaugh affiliate WLS-AM, flatly denied the rumor was true. And our own independent sources confirmed there was nothing behind the report. Could this be the work of StopRush? Read all » sock puppet

CNBC bubble madness!

Think stocks haven’t gone high enough? Then you perhaps you should consider becoming one of the dwindling number of regular CNBC viewers, the network that’s never met a bubble it thought it couldn’t pump just a little bit more (and there’s a political component- see below).

Flying in the face of NBC’s frenzied buying panic push is a new warning from billionaire Mark Cuban: he sees the current situation as “worse than the tech bubble of 2000.” Read all »

O'Donnell Lawrence 02 Mar 2015

MSNBC hosts shocked by Hillary email revelations

How has Hillary Clinton managed to shock cable talkers at an ordinarily loyal network? Through behavior so outside of normal expectations that it is impossible to defend.

After a New York Times report revealing Clinton’s unprecedented use of a personal email account for nearly all official communications while secretary of state, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell appeared stunned as they digested its details. Read all »

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