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Obsessed Yelp users take over lion-killer dentist’s page

As thousands of users post and re-post angry denunciations of the lion-hunting Minnesota dentist, online review site Yelp is finding itself overwhelmed and seemingly unable to cope.

While deleting user comments quickly at the review page for River Bluff Dental of Bloomington (shown above), it’s unclear why access to it can’t be suspended altogether, especially since Dr Walter Palmer has shut his practice and is currently in hiding. In addition, none of these comments pertain to his dental business, which means they clearly don’t belong on Yelp.

Many are using it to call for Palmer’s death and are making violent threats. In less than 30 minutes, the Media Equalizer saw Yelp delete over 1100 comments. Read all »

Apple bans Civil War games from app store

Apple bans all Civil War-related games from App Store

As Apple abruptly yanked dozens of Civil War games from its App Store today, the sudden removal and anything and everything a person might find offensive continued unabated.

The reason? Images of the Confederate flag, of course, as one might expect such an app to show. Read all »

Apple emojis

Apple’s ‘ethnically inclusive’ emojis backfire, badly

In trying to be politically correct, Apple Computer has instead been accused of racism. How’s that for irony?

“In an effort to better represent society,” the Daily Mail writes, “Apple has revealed a new set of globally diverse emoji that will come in six different skin tones.”

What could possibly go wrong? For the tech behemoth, absolutely everything! Read all »

Kim World Police

Wait, North Korea DIDN’T do it?

When the mainstream media accepts something as fact, there’s simply no telling them otherwise. Regarding Sony’s cyberattack meltdown, however, shouldn’t we listen to the experts rather than lazy (or scheming) reporters?

Things may not be as they appear and misleading details provide unwarranted street cred to a dying dictatorial regime.

Between our hapless federal government and major news outfits, the disruption that brought the studio to its knees is blamed entirely on North Korea. In a piece posted late this afternoon, CNBC spells out how the Hermit Kingdom has (supposedly) pulled this off: Read all »

Taylor Dr Matt comet landing shirt

PC madness: comet landing vs ‘sexist’ shirt

What’s more important: landing a rocket on a comet or that one of the architects of this miracle wore a politically-incorrect shirt during a media conference?

The resulting firestorm over Dr Matt Taylor’s “kinky” shirt quickly began to overshadow the main event to the point where he felt compelled to give a tearful apology, once again before the press: Read all »

Tom- and- Jerry

Amazon: Tom & Jerry cartoons are racist!

Are classic Tom & Jerry cartoons racist?

That’s the opinion of the scolds at, who’ve slapped an official “racial prejudice” warning on their streaming service, according to several news reports today.

Yesterday’s collegiate political correctness becomes today’s day-to-day reality, with seemingly no way to even slow down the insanity. At Amazon in particular, left-wing extremism appears to be official corporate policy.

From the Daily Mail: Read all »

Samsung ad

Samsung’s brilliant marketing on the fly

You really didn’t expect Apple’s competitors to remain silent in the face of the company’s newest fiascoes, did you?

With the above ad spoofing its unintended bendability (see above), Samsung has JUMPED on widely-publicized iPhone glitches, but fresh problems for Apple are emerging faster than the ability to lampoon them.

See below and try to keep from laughing (or crying if you’ve already purchased one) where it says they “MIGHT replace” the warped units: Read all »

Boston sunset

Everything that’s wrong with social media, in one story

Yes, the sunset was beautiful last night, but did you actually watch it, or use it to get social media attention?

This post caught our attention for underscoring everything that’s wrong with social media today: it’s become a substitute for actually living. Read all »


EXCLUSIVE: Key analyst says talk radio’s biggest companies close to pulling the plug

It was a move that sent shudders through an already-nervous radio industry: Pittsburgh’s WPGB-FM suddenly dumped its talk format, switching to country music. The early August change meant America’s biggest hosts would have to relocate to a small, 7000-watt AM station.

Because it conflicted directly with the expected trend of moving talk AWAY from AM in favor of FM, many took it as a sign industry giant Clear Channel had made a U-turn. With digital streaming services and other emerging technologies stealing music fans from radio by the millions, talk was seen as the one format that could keep traditional broadcasting alive.

Local media speculated the real problem was excess clutter which keeps the average hour clogged up with extremely long commercial sets, news and weather breaks, plus recorded mini-features. Whatever the case, the medium that has done so much to change the national political landscape and inspired others around the world to do the same suddenly seemed more endangered. Read all »

ISIS twitter hoax US Army

Who is behind this sinister ISIS – US Army hoax?

Is a disturbing, yet fraudulent image making the rounds across the Internet the work of ISIS or like-minded terror groups?

As we learn more about their increasing sophistication, it becomes a bit easier to spot these social media disinformation campaigns. Rather than relying entirely on the shock value of public executions, we’re seeing subtle yet powerful schemes emerge from their ranks.

In the latest example, ISIS terrorists have been re-branded as American soldiers committing massacres while wearing Muslim garb. It’s a way of deflecting away blame for their atrocities. In America, it has fooled many on Twitter and elsewhere, so it could be considered a success so far. It has spread rapidly today. Read all »

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