Protests Flare After Ferguson No Indictment Decision

TIME: rioting is good! More, please!

With saturation coverage of Ferguson coming from every news outlet in the world, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.

At Time Magazine, however, Darlena Cunha has blown it all to bits with a deranged defense of rioting, looting and general mayhem.

And by the way, isn’t it all a lot like the Boston Tea Party? Those punks grabbing televisions from store windows? They’re modern-day freedom fighters!

Stealing everything is sight is merely “acting upon decades of pent-up anger at a system decidedly against them.” How convenient!

Throughout her lengthy piece, Cunha never puts the crack pipe down even for a moment, as she then attacks those who dared to denounce the destruction. For whatever reason, she devotes considerable time critiquing that great philosopher of our time, actor Kevin Sorbo: Read all »

Ferguson Nov 14 -1

MSNBC OUTRAGED (!) over a few white racists

The (mostly white) liberals at MSNBC have found a clever way to shift some attention away from riots and looting this evening (above image) in Ferguson, MO: devote major coverage to a few (mostly white) racists on Twitter!

Since there’s no risk (?!?!) in giving a handful of knuckleheads way more publicity than they ever could have imagined, why not spread their otherwise-obscure racism all over the place? It provides an “everybody’s doing it” (acting stupid) angle that well-serves NBC’s agenda. Read all »

Perino Dana 3

Dana Perino: wandering off the reservation?

When talking heads suddenly start speaking a new language, it’s time to ask what’s really going on.

And that’s precisely the head-scratching situation we find ourselves in with Dana Perino, co-host of The Five on the Fox News Channel. Though normally viewed as reliably conservative, two recent assertions have the former Bush Administration press secretary herself admitting she’s an “outlier”.

The first oddity came on November 17, when Perino made an excuse for Obama’s feigned ignorance of loose cannon ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber (background on the Gruber scandal here from a left-wing source!), going further than even the president’s own apologists: Read all »

Shadowy political figure 1

CNN exposé: no fair- Republicans used Twitter!

Eager to regain its credibility after years of wandering aimlessly, CNN is returning to hard-hitting (!) investigative pieces. Today’s top-of-homepage scoop? Damning revelations that Republicans and conservative groups used Twitter to share polling data. How dare they!

What’s next, a week-long series on Jaywalking in America: the National Scourge?

Even more sinister (and perhaps entertaining), these shadowy GOP figures communicated in SECRET CODE: Read all »

Taylor Dr Matt comet landing shirt

PC madness: comet landing vs ‘sexist’ shirt

What’s more important: landing a rocket on a comet or that one of the architects of this miracle wore a politically-incorrect shirt during a media conference?

The resulting firestorm over Dr Matt Taylor’s “kinky” shirt quickly began to overshadow the main event to the point where he felt compelled to give a tearful apology, once again before the press: Read all »

Francis Melissa Fox Business

Melissa Francis: NBC censored me over O-care

Given the number of anchors and reporters who’ve departed CNBC since the creation of rival Fox Business Channel, we’ve long wondered when the beans would finally spill. What’s it like to work for a network directly in bed with the Obama Administration?

It’s why we’ve worked to bring attention to CNBC’s obsession with rosy economic happy-talk designed to make Obama look good, in the same way MSNBC is used to tout his political agenda.

It’s a point many conservatives have missed, wrongly assuming business news is unimportant. Read all »

CNN - you might hear the national anthem

CNN suggests National Anthem is offensive

In 2012, our previous site sparked a national firestorm when we caught former CNN host Bill Press denouncing the National Anthem. The resulting flap was featured on major news networks and had the unfortunate side effect of bringing the liberal talk host an undeserved wave of publicity. But that’s the price of calling attention to anti-American sentiment.

Now, it’s CNN itself under fire for showing a bizarre warning label before airing a portion of the Star-Spangled Banner. Did they think viewers would be offended? Or is it known to cause seizures?

When pushed by The Daily Caller, the conservative website that broke the story, the network blamed it on a producer’s error.

Whether that is to be believed depends on the status of the cable news channel’s credibility. Hint: it’s not particularly high these days! Read all »

Ernst Joni 1

Chris Matthews smears ‘castrator’ Joni Ernst

Is Joni Ernst ready for the left’s Smear Machine?

Our “progressive” media friends think they’ve found the next Sarah Palin and are devoting firepower accordingly, doing whatever they can to block the senator-elect’s political rise. The Iowa Republican stunned Beltway insiders after pulling off an upset victory on election night, leaving Democrats wondering why they’d underestimated her abilities (often a path to political success- don’t let them see you coming!). Read all »

Schultz Ed - Glenn Beck rant Nov 14

Sick or disabled? The smear machine doesn’t care

In a wheelchair? Seriously ill? The “progressive” smear machine has a red target painted on your chest!

In the past, political attacks certainly may have been gutter-level, but stopped short of personal smears against the sick and disabled. But in 2014, we’ve seen even that once-sacred boundary fade away, with depressing results.

In Texas, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis aired a now-infamous ad last month that seemed to attack Republican Governor-elect Greg Abbott over his disability. Abbott, who has been paralyzed and in a wheelchair since an accident many years ago, found his support base rallying behind him after the slimy ad aired, while Davis sunk further in the polls. Read all »

Midterm Mayhem

Parody clip rips MSNBC to shreds

After this month’s election bloodbath, does MSNBC have any viable future as a cable news network? A scathing new parody clip puts the matter to rest: it is toast.

You might expect this attack on NBC’s far-left news channel to come from the right, but it’s actually from “Midterm Mayhem“, featured on the Fusion channel. The latter is a joint venture of ABC and Univision, the Spanish-language network. Read all »