Geraldo threatens Bolling July 15

Geraldo threatens co-host in epic meltdown over illegals

All that was missing were flying chairs and broken noses!

In one of the most heated exchanges we’ve seen on cable news in some time, Geraldo Rivera came within a hair of punching one of his co-hosts in the face, by his own admission. Read all »

Replica ammunition arrest Boston

Now, it’s illegal to be a punk rocker

Luckily, he wasn’t in possession of Dukes of Hazzard toys, or one Boston-area man might really be in trouble!

What 26-year-old Kevin Young of Watertown failed to recognize is just how quickly times are changing, as it’s now no longer okay to be an ordinary punk rocker.

Not only was his “replica ammunition” belt enough to incite “panic” on a bus Friday afternoon, but police noted he was “wearing what was described as spiked fighting gloves and spiked leather bracelets,” according to the Boston Police Department’s official website. Read all »


Which is worse: Obama golfing or media’s obsession with it?

Another summer weekend, another Obama golf outing. Since there’s absolutely nothing new about that, what explains the news media’s continued fascination with his game?

It might have been easier to understand in 2009, when the novelty of a new president had yet to wear off, but in 2015 it’s just weird. Read all »

Glicklich Brian

‘Stop Rush’ activist ordered to pay Limbaugh spokesman

In a key ruling in the ongoing battle between an anti-Rush Limbaugh pressure group and the radio host’s spokesman, an Anaheim, California woman was ordered Thursday by an Orange County Superior Court judge to pay $9282.50 in legal costs.

Carol Kernahan Wallin is a leader of Stop Rush, a group of activists who target Limbaugh sponsors, in some cases pushing them to stop running ads during his program. In January, she filed suit against Limbaugh spokesman Brian Glicklich (pictured above), an action which was later dismissed by the Court. Glicklich then filed a motion for his attorney’s fees, based on California’s Anti-SLAPP law against nuisance suits. A judge found for Glicklich. Read all »

Cuomo Andrew 2

Cuomo suggests ‘deporting’ Donald Trump

Could a state governor obtain the power to “deport” one of its own residents? If there was ever one who might actually seek this additional authority, it would be New York’s Andrew Cuomo.

As a guest on yesterday’s Politics Nation, Cuomo told MSNBC’s Al Sharpton he would remove Donald Trump from the Empire State if “I believed in deportation.”

During an interview that had primarily focused on Cuomo’s executive order targeting police with a special prosecutor for officer-involved shooting case, Sharpton steered the conversation toward the Republican presidential candidate: Read all »

Cyberattack 08 July China vs US

Does anyone really believe there hasn’t been a cyberattack?

With a wave of what appear to be cyberattacks affecting the New York Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal, United Airlines and others today, officials seem determined to convince us it’s just a series of glitches. But does anyone really believe that?

Warfare culprits range from China, which has been targeting American servers all day, to Anonymous, which sent a cryptic tweet last night that some have taken to mean it could be involved.

Using Norse Corp’s realtime cyberattack tracking tool, Zero Hedge uncovered a pattern this morning that has continued throughout the afternoon, that of a relentless stream of China-based assaults targeting the St Louis area:

Cyberattacks 08 July 2015

ZH China

Are any of the affected servers based in St Louis?

Fox Business Channel, meanwhile, is calling attention to this odd tweet sent last night from the Anonymous collective, which has been tied to similar attacks in the past:

Anon cyberattack Fox Business

For his part, Rush Limbaugh thinks we are particularly vulnerable, given the Federal Reserve’s obsession with pumping up stock prices that began in March 2009 and the Shanghai Composite’s collapse over the past three weeks:

The stock market is scary because, look, folks, the one thing that everybody there knows is, if they stop for a moment and be honest with themselves, the stock market roaring along here really has — there’s no reason for it if you try to link it to an accompanying uptick in the US economy. It just isn’t there. The US economy is not percolating along at a level that would indicate the stock market doing what it’s doing. And we all know why. The Federal Reserve has been priming the stock market. That’s what quantitative easing is.

It’s built on a flimsy foundation and everybody involved knows it. That’s why just the briefest momentary glitch in anything can cause an outright panic or fear. Now, one of the things that’s also weighing in on this, as best I can tell, and I’m not, by the way, a professional or expert in this. All I can do is pass along things that I have read and, of course, then I apply my expertise and analysis. But the Chicom stock market is really plunging. The Chicom stock market has lost something like $3 trillion in value in just the past couple or three months.


Study: thousands self-identify as ‘vampires’, acceptance needed

Are self-identified vampires suffering from widespread stereotyping and therefore afraid to disclose their true nature to doctors? Is vampire acceptance needed in a society quick to discriminate against them?

And are they subject to the “same potential for microaggressions and oppression from their workers as those who occupy other positions of minority status”?

Those are some of the questions addressed in a new study from the latest issue of Critical Social Work, “an interdisciplinary journal dedicated to social justice” published by the University of Windsor.

It finds that thousands worldwide self-identify as vampires and feel they are born with the condition in a way that is like sexual orientation. Read all »

Deen Paula Lucy

Paula Deen faces social media firestorm over ‘brownface’ tweet

Remember Paula Deen? After a previous race-based firestorm, the southern chef had mostly disappeared from view and especially from cable television.

But what good is an invisible PC punching bag? That’s why the perpetually-offended were thrilled to see Deen’s Twitter account make an apparent blunder in posting an I Love Lucy parody with her son Bobby in “brownface” playing Ricky Ricardo.

Suddenly, she matters again. Read all »

Sad Panda 1

China’s stock crash ‘solution': ban all references to it!

China has a novel solution for burying bad economic news: ban all mentions of it!

With the Shanghai Composite having shed $3 trillion in market capitalization in just a few weeks, there is panic in the air. The fallout is even said to be the reason behind cratering global oil prices this week. Read all »

O'Reilly Bill Trump July 15

O’Reilly: Trump unfairly vilified over illegal immigration

In recent weeks, it’s become fashionable to bash presidential contender Donald Trump from every conceivable angle. Liberals, moderates and conservatives have each taken turns to see who can use the strongest language.

Right-leaning columnist Charles Krauthammer, for instance, called him a “rodeo clown” just two days ago. Similar examples are found all over the Internet.

That’s why being seen as defending Trump really jumps off the page: though his poll numbers are surging, few commentators are willing to go out on a limb. During last night’s edition of the O’Reilly Factor, however, host Bill O’Reilly said that fingers were pointing the wrong way on the illegal immigration issue. Read all »

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