Zehaf-Bibeau Michael

Website on Canada shootings: WE’RE the problem, not Islam

Some people will go to ridiculous lengths to make sure Islamic extremism isn’t to blame for terror attacks even when it so obviously IS.

Yesterday’s attack on Canada’s parliament? Why, WE’RE all at fault for jumping to conclusions! After all, he might actually be a Quebec separatist!

That’s the absolutely absurd line of “reasoning” employed today by Vox, a website founded by former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein. Apparently, we’re to ignore the fact that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was a convert to Islam and has connections with extremists in both Syria and Canada itself, according to the Toronto Globe and Mail today (via The Lid). Read all »


Weird feud alert: Boston radio vs Dunkin’ Donuts

How did two Boston radio stations end up in a nearly year-long feud with New England’s most famous chain of coffee and donut shops?

It was probably not done without some kind of management approval, since blasting a revered local business is NOT typical in broadcasting.

It’s a bizarre story, one that now has political overtones, but it didn’t begin there. In February, Dunkin’ Donuts abruptly yanked ads from two of three stations owned by Entercom Boston, sports-talker WEEI and news-talk WRKO, leaving them running only on co-owned WAAF.

It was said to be in response to disparaging, anti-Dunkin’ remarks made three weeks earlier by the sports station despite the company’s contract with WEEI morning host Gerry Callahan to promote its products (!). Read all »

Lewinsky Monica

Did Rosie O’Donnell get one right?

Is this a rare case of Rosie O’Donnell getting one right?

The co-star of ABC’s The View shocked a lot of people this morning by coming out swinging in favor of Monica Lewinsky and condemning the behavior of Bill Clinton. Who knew Rosie could see beyond naked partisanship? Read all »

Zellweger Renee

Terrorism vs obsession over Renee’s face: who wins?

Ever feel like we live in two different worlds?

On one side: those who share deep concern as another disturbing terror attack on the West surfaces, this time at Canada’s parliament.

On the other: a bizarre obsession over Renee Zellweger’s face (!) that has erupted in the low-information media over the past couple of days. Just try to avoid it! It’s everywhere. Read all »

Rove Karl - Bill O'Reilly

Bill O’Reilly to Karl Rove: your prediction record sucks

One of the biggest mysteries of the 2012 Republican election debacle is how Karl Rove managed to keep his Fox News Channel gig despite offering so many wildly inaccurate predictions. After all, Dick Morris was sent to the woodshed for the same offense, so why not Karl?

And while many in politics still privately shake their heads in disbelief, it’s a bit more surprising to see a Fox host call attention to it on-air.

When Bill O’Reilly did just that during Monday evening’s show, Rove was less than amused, calling it “personal” and “petty”. Read all »

Hickenlooper John 1

Is this the most powerful campaign ad ever?

In a neck-and-neck political contest like Colorado’s gubernatorial race, one good ad could make a big difference. That’s why Republican challenger Bob Beauprez may have just gained a major boost in his effort to unseat Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper.

An independent expenditure by A Better Colorado Future has unveiled an ad blasting Governor Hickenlooper (above image) so effective, it may rank as one of the best campaign spots of all time. It has rocked what was already most of the most interesting battles of 2014. Read all »

Fox news channel logo 2

New study: conservatives trust Fox, Hannity, Rush most

Fox News truly has something to celebrate today: almost total conservative loyalty, from moderates to the far right.

That’s the verdict from Pew Research Journalism Project’s annual survey of attitudes toward the press. Who is trusted and who is not? According to their research, Fox has won the hearts and minds in a way no other network can match.

Conservatives put their faith in relatively few sources, with Sean Hannity (trusted by 62% of conservatives) , Rush Limbaugh (58%), Glenn Beck (51%), TheBlaze (Beck’s site, 37%) and Drudge Report (34%) coming in behind Fox’s 88%. Read all »

Davis Wendy 1

Texas governor’s race: the weirdest, nastiest EVER?

Has there ever been a political contest weirder or nastier than that of Texas this year? That state’s gubernatorial race has gone absolutely bonkers, moving into increasingly surreal subjects no one ever could have anticipated.

With the seat up for grabs as Governor Rick Perry steps down, it was expected to be nasty. But as election day draws closer, Democratic nominee Wendy Davis is churning out some of the strangest campaign materials in modern history. Read all »

Sharpton Al Fox News

MSNBC/Sharpton’s desperate election stunt

Faced with unprecedented unpopularity, just how desperate are Democrats to get core voters to the polls? A last-second stunt by Al Sharpton speaks volumes: the MSNBC host is headed back to Ferguson in an attempt to stir up anger just before election day.

Of course, the “official” reason is to call attention to supposed civil rights abuses over the police shooting of Michael Brown, but you’ll never see that scheduled for AFTER voting takes place, right? Read all »

Ebola Dallas

Book saw Ebola entering US through Dallas- published in 1999!

How is Frederick Aldrich feeling right about now?

A full fifteen years ago, the obscure author of terrorism thrillers predicted a future eerily similar to current events. “Absolute Zero” has a premise so dead-on, you’ll think he’s either psychic, or someone’s pulling a prank.

Long out of print, the book’s for real, however, with reviews stretching back to 1999, where readers must have had a tough time envisioning a post 9-11 future. Aldrich saw an Ebola scenario where “an African man carrying the virus has arrived unhindered in Dallas.” Sound familiar?

It gets better: “experts assure the public there is no cause for fear. But is there really nothing to fear?”

All that’s missing is a president golfing his way through the crisis!

Absolute Zero bookOne difference: Aldrich saw Ebola entering the US intentionally as an act of terrorism, which of course hasn’t been the case in 2014. Or has it? Who really knows at this time?

Reviews have been decidedly mixed over the years, with some finding it “contrived”, while others, discovering it just now in e-book form, are amazed at the way life is imitating art.

Reader Richard N Owens, posting his critique just two days ago, said “I was mesmerized by this story which explained the Ebola virus threat better than CDC has to date. A fast paced story you won’t be able to put down.”

But IM Tanuki was relatively harsh in his assessment: “wooden characters, contrived plot, really weak dialogue. But the concept is interesting, if only in light of the current Ebola epidemic.”

If Aldrich has any winning lotto numbers he’d like to share, please let us know!