Boston Herald Obama watermelon toothpaste

‘Racist’ cartoon provides another distraction from real news

Ebola, terrorism, war, respiratory illnesses, stock market plunges, who needs any real news when there’s another “racist” flap to dominate news media attention?

Today, it’s a manufactured controversy over a “racist” cartoon published by the Boston Herald which appears to be an innocent oversight by the illustrator. But arch-rival Boston Globe scribes are having great fun making hay out of this, providing another cheap opportunity for holier-than-thou finger-wagging:

Boston Herald’s Cartoon Is Pretty Darn Racist

The following cartoon ran in both the print and online versions of today’s Boston Herald.

WBZ Managing Editor Pete Wilson tweeted that The Herald has apologized, saying: “We sincerely regret if we inadvertently offended anyone.”

Boston Magazine has pointed out that another version of the same cartoon was also published on Safe to say, The Herald would have probably been better off going with this version.

Boston Herald Obama toothpaste version two

But what the second version proves is the cartoonist’s mere oversight in the first- the joke still works regardless of the toothpaste’s flavor. Nobody in their right mind would intentionally create a racist drawing in today’s hyper-PC society, it would be career-killing. This one truly looks like an accident.

Next stop on the PC train: a complete ban on the word “watermelon” in all contexts.

Tom- and- Jerry

Amazon: Tom & Jerry cartoons are racist!

Are classic Tom & Jerry cartoons racist?

That’s the opinion of the scolds at, who’ve slapped an official “racial prejudice” warning on their streaming service, according to several news reports today.

Yesterday’s collegiate political correctness becomes today’s day-to-day reality, with seemingly no way to even slow down the insanity. At Amazon in particular, left-wing extremism appears to be official corporate policy.

From the Daily Mail: Read all »

Ebola Sierra Leone

What’s more important, Ebola, or what your enemies have to say about it?

What’s more important, that Ebola has found its way into the United States, or what conservatives might have to say about that fact?

To one left-leaning website, it’s all about the latter. If millions were to end up with the disease on this continent, would they still worry about how it was covered on Fox?

At Mediaite, the only concerns Andrew Kirell had were of “partisan hackery”, “panic-driven punditry”and “feverish claims”: Read all »

MJS MICHELLE 10703, De Sisti, sisti.JPG

Michelle O to reporter at political event: don’t interview the crowd

Why would Michelle Obama not want reporters to interview attendees at her political rally in Wisconsin? Whatever the reason (and we do have a theory, hang on a second for that), it sent a chill down the spine of an otherwise-jaded, hardened Milwaukee correspondent.

As The Blaze reported today, Meg Kissinger was stunned to be told she couldn’t mingle with the crowd and get their reactions to Obama’s appearance on behalf of Badger State Democratic gubernatorial nominee Mary Burke.

So why was such an unusual request made? Our theory: perhaps some of the “supporters” were paid to attend and might not know how to give suitable answers as to their presence there. Read all »

Franken Al - 2

Alan Colmes: hey, why are Dems running as warhawks?

Al Franken once blasted Alan Colmes as liberal-lite and even spelled his name in shrunken, lowercase letters.

In his books, Franken lambasted Colmes at every opportunity. Years later, however, the longtime commentator, radio and television host has an opportunity to turn the tables against the now-Minnesota senator.

With the alleged comedian now up for re-election, Franken really does sound like the very Republicans he spent years criticizing, a point not many on the left have been willing to make.

But at Liberaland, his website, Colmes didn’t skip the opportunity: Read all »

White House crazed lunatic

The White House sure has a funny guest policy

Want a tour of the White House?

Here’s how it works: storm the place with a knife and you can have the run of at least the first floor. But if you’re a vet who has just walked hundreds of miles on behalf of a Marine wrongly imprisoned in Mexico, expect the door to be slammed in your face.

First, from the Washington Post: Read all »

Obama CBS 60 Lefties

Lefty site calls out Obama on ISIS finger-pointing

After blaming his bungled terrorism policy on faulty intelligence, President Obama is taking heat from an unlikely source: a left-wing investigative site.

Pouring cold water on Obama’s blame-game today is the Daily Beast, where contributor Eli Lake provides evidence that agencies were warning of the impending threat caused by ISIS as far back as eight months ago. That’s quite different than what the president asserted on Sunday’s 60 Minutes.

From his piece: Read all »

Carson Dr Ben

Dr Ben Carson: mocked, yet taken seriously

The same “progressives” who mock Dr Ben Carson’s presidential hopes sure spend a lot of time writing about him! So what gives?

During an appearance on yesterday’s Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace essentially told Carson he doesn’t have a chance in hell of getting elected. That sent the left into a frenzied, derisive write-athon, from Media Matters to Talking Points Memo and Crooks and Liars.

From TPM: Read all »

MSNBC Hayes Frostpaw

If we interview a polar bear, will anyone notice?

Not that they had much credibility to begin with, but msnbc has truly plumbed the depths of desperation this week.

Ratings-challenged Chris Hayes, he of the theoretically-important 8pm timeslot, interviewed a “polar bear” named Frostpaw. And had anyone watched, they might have come away with a new understanding of something or other.

Furry Arctic creatures are good! It’s not fair when they’re arrested! Maybe that was it. Read all »

Traficant Jim D-OH

Jim Traficant, we’ll miss you!

There will never be another Jim Traficant and that’s truly a loss for America.

The onetime congressman famous for his “beam me up” catchphrase, bizarre hairpieces, eccentricities and love for his country has died today at 73. The Ohio Democrat succumbed to injuries sustained during a tractor accident earlier in the week.

Traficant was an early pioneer in the use of cable television to build a national reputation as a political pundit in an era before Fox, msnbc and others made this type of personality so common. Using the brief time allotted to individual members to speak on the record at the end of each day, Traficant made once-dull C-SPAN a must-watch every evening. In addition, he was a regular talk radio guest, appearing on programs across the country. Read all »