Annoying Coexist bumper sticker

‘Coexist’ stickers meet their match

At a time when liberals and conservatives live almost entirely apart from one another, one of the few remaining opportunities for “debate” is on the highways. You’ve no doubt seen “progressive” bumper stickers filling up every available square inch of the Prius in front of you, with none more obnoxious than the “Coexist” variety.

How exactly are we to “coexist” with extremists who will stop at nothing to kill us all? It’s a question the lefties have never been willing or able to answer.

But it was only a matter of time before conservatives would fight back with their own version. Read all »

Huckabee Fried Squirrel 2

Huckabee a threat to Ted Cruz?

Is Mike Huckabee really a threat to Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination? We were sure this was satire until convinced otherwise, but the National Review has tried to make this case.

Apparently, the squirrel-eating Arkansas evangelist could be standing in the way of a Cruz 2016 general election campaign.

From the piece, published earlier today: Read all »

Huffington Arianna 9

Arianna to sheep (readers): pay for my reporter!

With a net worth conservatively estimated at $50 million (likely many times higher), it’s hard to believe Arianna Huffington would solicit donations to pay a reporter’s salary. Does she really need handouts?

But that’s exactly what has happened at Huffington Post, where a site called helped her raise $40,000 to keep a correspondent stationed in Ferguson, Missouri for the next year. Read all »

Limbaugh Rush 2

No means yes (to another round of election-year Rush-bashing)

Hey, it may (or may not) have worked last time, so why not try it again?

Looking to relaunch 2012′s War on Women, liberal activists have been waiting for a good chance to twist Rush Limbaugh’s words to power their OUTRAGE (!!!!!!!) Machine. It’s like rocket fuel for the angry left.

Today, they think they’ve found it. In a monologue from yesterday’s show, Limbaugh said this: Read all »

Honey Bun box

Celery for schoolkids, but honey buns at the White House!

At a time when school districts nationwide have been compelled to offer disappointingly incomplete meals and faced student revolts as a result, you’d think Michelle Obama might have White House vending machines stocked full of celery and carrots.

But NO, instead, they’re filled with “caloric nightmares” including a 590-calorie Honey Bun, Famous Amos chocolate chip cookies, coconut mini donuts and more. The prepackaged pastry includes 17g of saturated fat and 30g sugar.

It’s perfect for First Family-types who might get a late night case of the munchies! Read all »

Woolery Chuck1

Liberals vs Game Show Hosts

Nothing infuriates “progressives” more than entertainment industry folks who refuse to stick to the script.

Because blacklisting is normally a simple matter, actors are easily controlled. But television personalities with a lot of tenure in a niche segment are tougher to destroy.

That may be why game show hosts Chuck Woolery and Pat Sajak have been getting away with overtly promoting conservative ideology on social media and elsewhere: how exactly do you get them fired? So the left can only seethe in anger while these two use Twitter to taunt their foes. Read all »

Fox ISIS 2

Islamists: ISIS, Fox News Channel no different

Islamists may be brutal, but they’re not stupid. Maintaining “progressive” support against a backdrop of public beheadings is slightly tougher right now.

So what to do? The answer is simple: openly bash Fox News! What could be simpler?

That’ll have the Maddow crowd back to embracing extremism in a matter of moments.

And that’s exactly what’s occurring in Florida, where the head of that state’s Council on American-Islamic Relations has been using social media in recent days to attack the cable news channel. Sadly, CAIR representatives regularly visit the White House and confer with Obama Administration officials.

(Note to CAIR: for added impact, throw in “those evil Koch brothers”, it works every time.)

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Boston Pothead

Wait, smoking bans apply to potheads, too?

Did you know public smoking bans also apply to marijuana use? Not us- we thought laws applied only to cigarettes, not pot.

Aren’t stoners allowed to do what they like?

In Boston, public officials have dared to lump ganja in with nicotine sticks, placing a toke-ban during this year’s Hempfest, taking place now on Boston Common. How DARE they? Read all »

Paltrow Gwyneth 1

Got a spare $32,400? Why not hang out with Gwyneth and Barack?

Just when celebrity culture and corrupt politics didn’t seem quite annoying enough, along comes a pairing that brings new meaning to the word obnoxious. Full-time elitist Gwyneth Paltrow and part-time President Barack Obama are teaming up for a political fundraiser designed to separate the gullible from their hard-earned (or hardly-earned) money.

The setting: Los Angeles, where Obama has held at least 17 previous cash-sucking events.

Of course, local media can’t contain their excitement about the limitless celeb-gawking possibilities. Commuters are already dreading the gridlock-potential, however. Read all »


Dumbclucks at CA school ban Chick-fil-A

Where public officials spend an increasing amount of time preemptively banning, blocking and censoring things just in case someone might be offended, we’ve now entered a bizarro world. Beats actually doing something productive, right?

Today’s example: a truly silly Chick-fil-A sales ban at Ventura (CA) High School football games. Never mind that no one has actually complained, the PC Police are on the case anyway, which will cost the sports program $1600 in lost fundraising proceeds. Read all »