O'Donnell Lawrence 02 Mar 2015

MSNBC hosts shocked by Hillary email revelations

How has Hillary Clinton managed to shock cable talkers at an ordinarily loyal network? Through behavior so outside of normal expectations that it is impossible to defend.

After a New York Times report revealing Clinton’s unprecedented use of a personal email account for nearly all official communications while secretary of state, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell appeared stunned as they digested its details. Read all »

Biden Joe NECN

Did Joe Biden really just praise Dick Cheney?

Here’s something weird: Joe Biden went to New Hampshire, delivered a speech full of praise for Republicans and almost no one noticed. What gives?

This Boston Herald story covering the vice president’s visit seemed like a joke or hoax, so we dug up the clip and sure enough, it’s all true! So how did everyone else miss it? Read all »

Corn David MSNBC

Corn: O’Reilly’s ‘putting me in a place of death’

Though his reporting failed to get Bill O’Reilly fired, David Corn believes the Fox News Channel host is in turn “putting me in a place of death.”

During a MSNBC appearance with Rachel Maddow last evening, the Mother Jones reporter / network analyst claims his accusations against O’Reilly could have lethal consequences and claims threats have already occurred: Read all »


StopRush now targeting Limbaugh’s STAFF

*** UPDATE: Twitter suspended Glicklich’s account shortly after this piece was posted ***

Apparently not satisfied with their effort to intimidate Rush Limbaugh’s advertisers, the left’s StopRush crusade is now allegedly targeting his spokesman. In their view, simply working for the talk host is apparently a crime, with an online and legal harassment campaign as punishment.

Even sharing a surname with an EIB employee can now mean being pulled into this battle!

As a result of his position with the show, longtime spokesman/ advisor Brian Glicklich has found himself on the receiving end of a harassment campaign after he began to investigate the inner workings of this secretive group.

Considered one of the seven most-active members of StopRush, Carol Kernahan Wallin has made two failed attempts at securing a restraining order against Glicklich and failed to appear at a third court date. In response, Glicklich’s attorneys have filed a motion attempting to hold Wallin accountable for filing what they consider a prohibited Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation (SLAPP). It will be heard March 13. Read all »

Apple emojis

Apple’s ‘ethnically inclusive’ emojis backfire, badly

In trying to be politically correct, Apple Computer has instead been accused of racism. How’s that for irony?

“In an effort to better represent society,” the Daily Mail writes, “Apple has revealed a new set of globally diverse emoji that will come in six different skin tones.”

What could possibly go wrong? For the tech behemoth, absolutely everything! Read all »

Nye Bill 1

Is Bill Nye really going to get away with this?

Ever notice how some media darlings seem able to get away with even the most outrageous statements, outbursts that would surely land others in hot water?

With a jaw-dropping take on anti-Semitism in Europe, “Science Guy” Bill Nye is unquestionably one of them. Did he really just blame Jews themselves for rising bigotry on the continent? Yes, he did! Read all »

O'Reilly Bill 1

The surreal race to dig up every shred of O’Reilly’s past

Just how bizarre has the media’s new obsession with Bill O’Reilly become? Clear back to the 1970s, they’re now digging up every report he’s ever filed. After the downfall of Brian Williams, it’s all part of an eye-for-an-eye payback attempt.

And we’ve found one that tops them all, a newly-unearthed time capsule showing Bill reporting from a Hartford shopping mall in 1979. Can his foes find anything fishy in this story on a long-forgotten teen idol signing autographs in front of screaming teenagers? Read all »

O'Reilly Bill - David Corn

Rush in rare defense of Bill O’Reilly

Has the left’s post-Brian Williams eye-for-an-eye attempt to bring down Bill O’Reilly failed spectacularly?

If measured by those who are now defending O’Reilly, the answer is yes: even Rush Limbaugh is now fending off attacks against the Fox News Channel host. Considering years of animosity between the two (Limbaugh has usually referred to him as “Ted Baxter”, for one thing), it’s kind of a big deal. Read all »

Obama front cover Boston Globe 2009

Boston Globe: Obama’s too tough on Muslims!

At a time when millions of Americans have questioned President Obama’s unwillingness to take a harder line against Islamic extremism, one media outlet is upset for the opposite reason, believing he’s unfairly singling out Muslims!

Citing a FBI statistic claiming only 6% of “domestic terror attacks” have a Muslim connection, the Boston Globe criticized the president in an editorial for not spreading the blame around more thoroughly while conducting his recent “Countering Violent Extremism” summit.

Given the 2009 headline shown above, it must really be painful for the paper to now conclude he favors fear over hope.

Read all »

Go Ultra Low Group 2

Charge: eco-groups paid UK paper for favorable coverage

Did corporations pay a left-wing London newspaper for coverage that would bolster their environmental image? And is it now seeking even more funds from nonprofit eco groups?

That’s the allegation made today by the Daily Telegraph, a competing publication with a more conservative reputation. The latest in a series of escalating charges, it recalls earlier days of nasty press wars. The piece contains no byline other than “by Daily Telegraph reporter”.

Providing documented evidence of advertorial coverage in the UK Guardian not disclosed to readers, the Telegraph perhaps more stunningly claims its liberal rival changed a story on the situation in Iraq to avoid “offending” Apple Computer. The tech giant is another Guardian sponsor. Read all »

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