Maher Bill 11

Maher on Muslims: ‘Stop respecting their medieval bullsh-t’

Is Michelle Obama a crusader against political correctness and Islamofascism? Um, we didn’t think so, but Bill Maher has used her appearance in Saudi Arabia sans headscarf to make the case against Muslim “bigots”.

Though Obama’s widely-noticed move has been hotly debated, many have interpreted it differently than the HBO host. How many believe she was telling the world to “stop respecting their medieval bullsh-t under the guise of it’s their culture”? That’s Maher’s position, however. Read all »

Valenti Jessica

Don’t like PC? You heteronormative cisgender!

Have a problem with political correctness? Then be ready to be slapped with every new disparaging identifier emerging from the grievance machine.

That’s the fate of unfortunate UK Guardian readers subjected to Jessica Valenti’s insistence that “we can all live with” speech suppression as long as it’s for the greater good.

How wonderful is that?

Anyone opposed to the ever-increasing assault on our language must be a heteronormative, cisgendered oppressor who more likely than not makes liberal use of the c-word when referring to women. Got it? Read all »

O'Reilly Bill - Palin

Palin vs O’Reilly feud excites media

To our media friends, there’s absolutely nothing more exciting than a nasty public spat between a politician and TV talk host, especially when both have ties to the Fox News Channel!

That Sarah Palin’s denunciation of Bill O’Reilly occurred during Sean Hannity’s show on the very same channel means it’s a guaranteed coverage tsunami. The only question is which is hated most by the mainstream media: Palin, O’Reilly, Hannity or Fox as a whole? Read all »

North Korea anti-American poster

Is the US military doing business with North Korea?

If we told you a company with ties to the North Korean government had been entrusted with moving the personal property of American troops moving overseas, would you believe it?

Truly, it seems preposterous to think the federal government could allow this to happen, but according to a bombshell report just published at the Daily Caller, it’s real and the results to date have been predictably disastrous. Read all »

"Friends" Central Perk

Slate: ‘Friends’ reruns no longer politically correct

File this under “the one where Friends fail to fits in with ‘modern gender politics'”.

By the standards of circa-2015 political correctness, does the long-running sitcom pass the test? The show that brought a huge young audience to NBC’s primetime lineup in the 1990s was apparently a hotbed of anti-gay, misogynistic antics and all-around bigotry.

That’s according to the historical revisionists over at Slate, where Ruth Graham has been taking notes while binge-watching reruns on Netflix. Could it be the next Amos ‘n Andy? Read all »

AZ Super Bowl Times Square

Giant Sheriff Arpaio invades Times Square!

This has got to be New York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio’s worst nightmare: a gigantic electronic billboard featuring Sheriff Joe Arpaio!

At a time when DeBlasio has done so much to promote divisions between the public and police, a Godzilla-sized image of Arizona’s best-known law enforcement official right in Times Square has got to be unnerving. Read all »

Deflategate cookies Salon

Deflategate media madness

Just how out-of-control has the media been on the NFL’s Deflategate scandal? Sports anchors have taken to calling it “our Watergate”, while even the White House is fielding ridiculous questions about New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and underinflated footballs.

But in the face of enormous global turmoil (the fall of Yemen to extremists, Saudi king’s death, collapse of the Euro, rapid economic disintegration in Venezuela, etc) the story increasingly appears to be a carefully-constructed distraction from our government’s recent failings. Read all »

Wealthstock Jon Stewart

Davos leftists fly private jets, eat $47 hamburgers

You know it’s bad when even Jon Stewart is fed up!

The annual guilt-release gathering of billionaires at Davos, Switzerland is once again underway as the global elite tackle “climate change” and “income inequality” despite flying in 1700 private jets for the occasion.

First class is for the little people! Read all »

Biden Joe thumbs

President Biden?

We’re not sure why this isn’t generating more attention, but the longstanding assumption that Joe Biden won’t run for president next year may be incorrect.

That has late-night comedians everywhere likely salivating at the thought of a gaffe-filled campaign!

Question: how did it become conventional political wisdom that he wasn’t interested in the job? He’s thrown his hat in the ring previously, so why not now as veep? Or could it be true that some kind of deal was cut in 2008 to pave the way for Hillary to run in 2016?

Read all »

Ernst Joni 2

GOP’s Spanish response doesn’t match English version

While you might be forgiven for assuming the Republican Party’s State of the Union response would be identical whether delivered in English or Spanish, that’s apparently not the case.

And there’s some confusion: while the party indicated the Spanish version would merely be a translation of the English speech, the congressman selected to present the former had said otherwise. So who made the changes? Read all »