Harris Heidi 2

Heidi Harris: Nevada’s war on men

Under the guise of “protecting women”, Nevada is poised to begin a War on Men. Our legislature and state government are currently controlled by Republicans. With all this principled, conservative thinking, you’d expect legislation that actually made sense without pandering to the emotional crowd.

Enter Assembly Bill 212, initially drafted to completely remove the statute of limitations on sexual assault reporting for adult victims, but which has now been modified to allow a 20 year limit for reporting sexual assault. If Governor Sandoval, (a possible GOP Vice President pick) signs it, it becomes law. Read all »

Obama Golf 10

Obama, media: asleep on ISIS?

Longtime US Senator Dianne Feinstein says the Islamic State is very dangerous, and evil.

Over the weekend, however, when American Special Operations forces killed an Islamic state leader, CBS News White House Correspondent tweeted the weather as President Obama played the Andrews Air Force Base golf course: Read all »

Hersh Seymour

Did Obama lie about the bin Laden assassination?

In an article for the London Review of Books on Sunday, investigative journalist Seymour Hersh argues President Obama lied to Americans about Osama bin Laden’s 2011 assassination in Abottabad, Pakistan. Hersh claims Pakistani officials sold the US access to Osama bin Laden after his 2006 imprisonment in 2010 for $25 million and more room to act in Afghanistan.

Former acting CIA director Michael Morell said on Monday’s CBS This Morning that all of his supposed facts are incorrect. Read all »

Waka Flocka rapper running for president

Why is Rolling Stone promoting a rapper for president?

Should Rolling Stone magazine choose our next president? Can the campaign of an underage rap star be taken seriously?

Rapper Waka Flocka, or Juaquin James Malphurs, announced his independent presidential candidacy via the music magazine earlier this week. He promoted overall liberal policies, which captured social media attention, though as many noted at 28 he doesn’t even meet the presidential age requirement of over 35. Read all »

Hillary - Van 2015

Why the press obsession with Hillary’s ‘mystery’ van?

Why the press obsession with Hillary Clinton’s campaign van?

Named after Scooby Doo’s Mystery Machine , her vehicle was recently spotted parked partially on a handicapped space. After Clinton left a meeting with local Democratic Party leaders in Iowa, some media outlets pounced on an opportunity to portray Hillary as a celebrity above the law: Read all »

Paul Rand - CNBC 2

Rand Paul vs the media: who will win?

A warning to interviewers: don’t put words in Rand Paul’s mouth!

Rand Paul’s unique mix of conservative Republicanism and libertarianism might explain his defensive, quick-to-interject response when he thinks an interviewer is wrong.

Rand Paul complained that “Today Show” anchor Savannah Guthrie was editorializing when she said he changed his position on foreign policy issues. Read all »

Harris Heidi

My life as MSNBC’s token conservative guest

“Every time I see you on TV I change the chanel.”

Yep, that’s how she spelled it.

Such is the life and email box of a conservative who dares to appear on left-wing cable shows. I’ve been doing it for over ten years, which bemuses my conservative listeners and amuses my liberal ones. And of course, nearly every MSNBC viewer hates me.

That’s okay, I can take it. Read all »

Perino Dana FNC

Dana Perino on DC men: flabby, limp, pale, pudgy!

Memo to Beltway men: Dana Perino thinks you need work!

Perino, Fox News contributor, co-host of The Five and former White House press secretary for George W. Bush, wrote in her new memoir that in 1997, the Washington, D.C. male dating pool was decidedly unappealing. Read all »

Walker Scott 2

Is this the dumbest-ever ‘fact-check’ on a candidate?

Is this the most ridiculous example of political fact-checking since the beginning of time?

Though nothing pleases our media friends more than the opportunity to catch a GOP presidential candidate in a lie, testing Scott Walker’s bargain shopping claims seems absurd. Yet the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel did just that earlier this week, checking to see if it was really possible to buy a sweater at Kohl’s for one dollar.

In an effort to save American democracy from impending ruin, the Wisconsin governor’s assertion was put to the test: Read all »

Crowder muslim bakery 2

Dude with a camera upends wedding cake debate

What happens when a guy tries to order a same-sex wedding cake from a Muslim bakery? Hilarity ensues and a national debate is suddenly turned on its head.

Due to a controversy over some states passing laws to protect religious freedoms, which allow private businesses to maintain their right of refusal to be involved in certain activities, like, say, baking a wedding cake for gays, LouderWithCrowder sent a film team undercover to order actual wedding cakes in Dearborn, MI to highlight how the law works in practice. Read all »

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