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Dems duck their own War on Women scandal

Don’t look now, but Democrats have a nasty War on Women scandal unfolding in Maine and they most certainly don’t want you to know about it. What coverage there is about a vulgar rap video sexually demeaning Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) is intended to absolve the Democratic Party of any wrongdoing.

If only it were that simple. The problem is, their fingerprints are all over it.

And even Republicans are strangely reluctant to distribute the clip, maintaining a private setting on YouTube. But that hasn’t stopped CBS News and other outlets from embedding the clip, nor will it prevent us from sharing what is important for the public to know: Read all »

Australia - ISIS

As Obama fiddles, Australia acts

When Islamic thugs succeed in taking over the world, at least one country will be safe: Australia. While Obama fiddles and the situation deteriorates, authorities there aren’t messing around, wiping out a suspected random public beheading plot.

If carried out, the resulting horror would have been incalculable, causing panic in the streets as victims are chosen by chance.

Addressing the alarming developments, former Congressman Allen West notes: Read all »

Scotland - Independence vote 2014

Was the UK nearly destroyed by one rogue pollster?

Tonight’s lesson learned: never panic over one lousy poll.

In recent weeks, you’d be forgiven for believing Scotland was ready to bolt from the United Kingdom thanks to a groundswell of support for the independence cause. Though that’s how the media portrayed the contest, the reality is quite different: No was well ahead in nearly every poll.

There was just one exception, a rogue pollster that had London in a panic and the media in overdrive. Its release sent the British government into a state of chaos, with sudden (and dangerous) promises of new power for Scotland should it choose to remain in the UK. With the results still being counted, new political divisions are already apparent. Read all »

CNN-Scotland 2

CNN in fresh blunder: 110% reporting in Scotland poll!

UPDATE: TWO new CNN blunders! These guys are on a roll!

Another day, yet another CNN screw-up. This time, alert viewers (a rare animal when it comes to the beleaguered cable news outlet) caught poll results that just didn’t add up.

While we know Scotland has put its all into the independence debate, without phantom voters, there’s no way to reach 110% of the electorate.

Twitter user Brady (@BurningGoats) managed to get a shot of this before it was too late: Read all »

Scotland vote - Caleb Howe -1

Scotland: we’d laugh if only it were funny

Somewhere around 10pm EDT, we should have some idea whether Scotland voters have gone for independence or opted to remain within the United Kingdom. Though a late poll has No (to independence) in the lead, it’s too early to tell what will occur.

In the meantime, there’s little to do other than wait for results and hope the people of Scotland can see just how dangerous breaking apart would be in terms of national (and global!) security, economics and more. Read all »

Hannity Sean - belt Sept 2014

Hannity: I was hit with belt as a child

What was supposed to be a debate over NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s child abuse indictment took an unexpected turn last night as host Sean Hannity revealed he’d repeatedly been disciplined with a belt as a child.

Saying “I deserved it” and “I was a troubled kid”, Hannity repeatedly discussed the corporal punishment in his family home growing up and compared it with Peterson’s alleged use of a “switch” on his son. As the segment continued, the Fox News Channel talker’s own story seemed to overshadow that of the now-suspended Minnesota Vikings player. Read all »

Annoying Coexist bumper sticker

‘Coexist’ stickers meet their match

At a time when liberals and conservatives live almost entirely apart from one another, one of the few remaining opportunities for “debate” is on the highways. You’ve no doubt seen “progressive” bumper stickers filling up every available square inch of the Prius in front of you, with none more obnoxious than the “Coexist” variety.

How exactly are we to “coexist” with extremists who will stop at nothing to kill us all? It’s a question the lefties have never been willing or able to answer.

But it was only a matter of time before conservatives would fight back with their own version. Read all »

Huckabee Fried Squirrel 2

Huckabee a threat to Ted Cruz?

Is Mike Huckabee really a threat to Ted Cruz for the GOP presidential nomination? We were sure this was satire until convinced otherwise, but the National Review has tried to make this case.

Apparently, the squirrel-eating Arkansas evangelist could be standing in the way of a Cruz 2016 general election campaign.

From the piece, published earlier today: Read all »

Huffington Arianna 9

Arianna to sheep (readers): pay for my reporter!

With a net worth conservatively estimated at $50 million (likely many times higher), it’s hard to believe Arianna Huffington would solicit donations to pay a reporter’s salary. Does she really need handouts?

But that’s exactly what has happened at Huffington Post, where a site called Beaconreader.com helped her raise $40,000 to keep a correspondent stationed in Ferguson, Missouri for the next year. Read all »

Limbaugh Rush 2

No means yes (to another round of election-year Rush-bashing)

Hey, it may (or may not) have worked last time, so why not try it again?

Looking to relaunch 2012′s War on Women, liberal activists have been waiting for a good chance to twist Rush Limbaugh’s words to power their OUTRAGE (!!!!!!!) Machine. It’s like rocket fuel for the angry left.

Today, they think they’ve found it. In a monologue from yesterday’s show, Limbaugh said this: Read all »