Landrieu Mary

Panicked Dems resort to creepy bullying, playing race card

What kind of party resorts to sending menacing, Big Brother-like letters to its supporters, warning their failure to vote will be tracked and recorded? Or blames its struggling white incumbent senator’s poll gap on racism (against Obama) and sexism (though she’s been re-elected several times)?

A party that is in a heap of trouble come next Tuesday: the Democrats.

Particularly stunning is today’s New York Post story on creepy reminders going out to Dem voters, listing their participation (or lack thereof) in recent elections. Some supporters are furious, while party officials swear this is routine practice. Read all »

Roberts Catcall video

What election? That catcall video is dominating attention

Have you seen that catcall video?

A midterm election that has failed to capture the public imagination has seemingly been overshadowed by a series of other, often non-political news stories. Over the last few days, Shoshana B Roberts has certainly stolen her share of thunder.

Roberts is the woman whose filmed, 10-hour walk around New York City generated headlines after receiving over 100 “catcalls” from men. Sounds horrible, but that’s where this debate begins, not ends. Read all »


Elites panic: the bumpkins are taking over!

A swarm of backwater hicks seem to be taking over the country and it has city slickers verrry worried. That’s according to a New York Times piece that has others laughing out loud on their way to the next NASCAR event.

Or could it be there were always a lot of “bumpkins” out there, but the Manhattan / Hamptons crowd never took notice? Or, during the brief era of Obama’s utopia, were they simply not a threat? Read all »

Cosmo Magazine US July 2014

Fashion mag: ladies, vote Dem! Shirtless men on the way!

Between the scented perfume samples and endless advertisement pages, you might not realize fashion magazines have actual editorial content.

But they do and skew so far to the left, it’s (almost) enough to make the New York Times seem conservative by comparison.

Home of those annoying relationship quizzes your ex-girlfriend made you take, Cosmo is taking lefty activism a step further. Beyond merely endorsing a slate of Democrats, it’s making sure female college students in North Carolina (key to the re-election of Democratic US Senator Kay Hagan) get to the polls in the most attention-grabbing way possible. Read all »

Netanyahu Bibi

Did Obama official call Netanyahu a ‘chickensh-t’?

Did an Obama Administration official really call a key foreign leader a “chickensh-t” (without the dash, of course)?

An alarming report from The Atlantic Diplomatic Correspondent Jeffrey Goldberg has Israel seeing red tonight, with good reason. The decidedly un-liberal publication isn’t known for portraying Team Obama in a poor light, so this has more impact than had it come from elsewhere.

If true, it would seem the president is in yet another foreign policy flap of his own making. Why does he create these headaches so unnecessarily? Read all »

Maher Bill - HBO pub image

Bill Maher suddenly finds himself disowned by the PC crowd

Poor Bill Maher- after years of carefully cultivating a close relationship with the politically correct left, he now finds himself the target of one of their obnoxious pressure campaigns.

Why? For failing to tow the “progressive” line, which means he should have pretended there is no Islamic extremism, denied ISIS beheadings were real, never mentioned the way women are treated in Muslim societies, etc.  Get the picture? Read all »

Ebola 11

SA Paper: American ‘rednecks’, ‘conservatives’ the real Ebola problem!

When it comes to battling the Ebola virus, did you know American “rednecks” and conservatives are the real problem?

That’s the bizarre assertion of South African newspaper Mail & Guardian’s Gary Younge, who would rather deflect attention entirely away from the continent and its response to the deadly plague. Isn’t it more fun to blame Rush Limbaugh than question how West African countries and world organizations are handling it? Read all »

The new football for kids: touchdowns = punishment!

Hey kid, don’t score that touchdown, it’s morally wrong, will get your coach in trouble and cost the team $500!

That’s the twisted lesson an eight-year-old boy has learned the hard way in Georgia, where his first successful attempt at putting points on the board turned into a nightmare for the team and set off a media firestorm. It’s also circulating widely on social media.

The problem: he violated the youth league’s “mercy” rule which prohibits a winning team from scoring after a certain threshold has been met. Read all »

Haley Nikki SC

Most disgusting campaign moment of 2014: we have a winner!

When the story of Campaign 2014 is written, this will have to be considered the most disgusting moment of the season. In South Carolina on a campaign stop, Democratic gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen said of Governor Nikki Haley (shown above), “we’re gonna escort whore out the door!”

While the initial statement might have been a slip of the tongue, what made this not merely an innocent mistake was Sheheen’s extended period of knowing laughter after it became clear what he had said. It eliminates any excuse he might have been able to make of it being an accident. Read all »

Zehaf-Bibeau Michael

Website on Canada shootings: WE’RE the problem, not Islam

Some people will go to ridiculous lengths to make sure Islamic extremism isn’t to blame for terror attacks even when it so obviously IS.

Yesterday’s attack on Canada’s parliament? Why, WE’RE all at fault for jumping to conclusions! After all, he might actually be a Quebec separatist!

That’s the absolutely absurd line of “reasoning” employed today by Vox, a website founded by former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein. Apparently, we’re to ignore the fact that Michael Zehaf-Bibeau was a convert to Islam and has connections with extremists in both Syria and Canada itself, according to the Toronto Globe and Mail today (via The Lid). Read all »