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Brian Maloney is Editor-in-Chief of Media Equalizer. A longtime radio host and political analyst, Brian founded the Radio Equalizer website in 2004. He's been a frequent guest on cable talk channels including Fox News Channel, CNN, the former CourtTV and local television affiliates. Contact: radioeq at

Candidates debate GOP

Liberals, CNN agree: Fox did a great job!

With its big debate night in the can, the good news for Fox is that its usual enemies on the left hate it quite a bit less, at least for the moment.

The unfortunate side effect: an avalanche of complaints from very angry conservatives who thought they might have been watching MSNBC by mistake. Many are longtime viewers who are now feeling betrayed. Read all »

Trump debate 1

Trump vs Megyn Kelly: tonight’s most unexpected showdown?

While we might normally expect a presidential primary debate to feature sparring between candidates, one of the sharpest exchanges instead took place between moderator Megyn Kelly and Donald Trump.

When the Fox News Channel host challenged the GOP frontrunner over some of the latter’s past remarks about women, Trump fired back with a denunciation of political correctness. Read all »

Paul Christie Fox

Which candidates are grabbing the most airtime?

During tonight’s 10-person GOP debate, who is getting the most airtime?

Having the opportunity to speak is partly about assertiveness, but also where the moderator’s questions are directed. Fox moderators seem to have had their knives sharpened for Trump this evening. Read all »

Maddow Conspiracy Theory (1)

Maddow: Fox deliberately ‘ending candidacies’ of Republicans they don’t like

Accusing Fox News Channel of deliberately manipulating poll averages to boot certain candidates off the main debate stage, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow delivered an epic, 13.5-minute tirade on the subject during Tuesday evening’s show. Do they still take commercial breaks over there?

Claiming Fox had “perverted the course of the Republican primary to end candidacies that otherwise might have worked out in the end,” Maddow cited evidence the network may have changed the criteria used to pick the top ten.

Earlier, they said they’d use the five most recent polls to make the determination, but now have apparently disregarded a NBC survey in favor of an earlier one from Quinnipiac University, citing methodology standards. Read all »


How did MSNBC obtain Trump’s debate prep notes?

How did MSNBC obtain Donald Trump’s debate prep notes?

After the network’s Kasie Hunt reported on a series of outlines that were allegedly circulating inside the campaign, it became the question of the day: why would someone leak this to NBC? It is, after all, enemy territory.

The prep materials include potential comebacks for The Donald to use should he come under fire from certain Republican candidates. Read all »

Trump Donald 12

Have big donors planned ‘must get Trump’ strategy for tonight?

Have major donors to other candidates planned a secret “must get Trump” strategy for tonight’s debate?

That’s the contention of Rush Limbaugh, who spoke today of a “giant psyops underway” that he believes has been in the works for weeks. The goal: effectively eliminate The Donald immediately, utilizing the Fox News Channel forum to accomplish the task.

He sees yesterday’s leaked news that Bill Clinton called Trump to talk about the race as a tactic designed to throw the GOP frontrunner off his game. Did it make Donald look bad? Reviews are mixed. Read all »

Van Susteren Greta 4

Greta: ISIS executions show REAL ‘war on women’, American men ‘best in the world’

With the Islamic State’s execution of 19 young sex slaves for refusing to carry out their “duties” with its soldiers, Greta Van Susteren is speaking out on what she calls the “REAL war on women” and defending American men at the same time.

The Fox News Channel host is particularly disgusted by reports that young girls are “peddled like barrels of petrol”, as the Daily Mail reports. Read all »

Migrant social media hoax

HuffPo falls for ‘migrant’s struggle’ social media hoax

After a social media account chronicling a migrant’s struggle as he worked his way toward Europe turned out to be a hoax, the Huffington Post and others have been left red-faced today.

The story of “Abdou”, updated daily via Instagram, was actually the creation of a marketing firm and the man has been identified as Hagi Toure, a handball player living in Spain.

Didn’t the images seem a bit too slick, guys?

The campaign was meant to generate sympathy for the plight of immigrants crossing dangerous terrain on their way to a new life. Instead, the fakery may play into the hands of those seeking a crackdown on asylum seekers in Europe.

Read all »

Farrahkhan Mass Murder

Farrakhan calls for mass murder of whites

To wild applause from followers, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan has called for mass murder of whites, justified in his view by God and lack of assistance for African-Americans from the federal government.

The setting was Miami’s Mt. Zion Baptist Church on July 30, but is generating widespread attention today.

Despite the blatant call for violence against innocent people, Facebook is apparently fine hosting the video clip, which has already generated more than 124,000 views and 4500 likes. A further 7774 users have shared it with their friends, meaning his message has already reached a large audience. Read all »

Zeleny Jeff CNN

CNN analyst worries debate may not be anti-Trump enough

With the first Republican debate only three days away and the final candidate roster not yet determined, pundits are focused on how aggressively those who make the cut will go after Donald Trump.

Will the final 10 attack the GOP frontrunner sufficiently? That was the concern expressed by CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, who called it important to have New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former Texas Governor Rick Perry occupying two of the spots, as “they’d be the most combative against Donald Trump”. Read all »

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