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Brian Maloney is Editor-in-Chief of Media Equalizer. A longtime radio host and political analyst, Brian founded the Radio Equalizer website in 2004. He's been a frequent guest on cable talk channels including Fox News Channel, CNN, the former CourtTV and local television affiliates. Contact: radioeq at

Greta Brexit dogs

Greta blasts NYT columnist for calling British voters ‘dogs’

Are British voters “dogs” who supported “a coup” that has forced their country out of the European Union?

That’s the view of New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who refuses to see a democratic process at work in the Brexit outcome. That kind of rhetoric has Greta Van Susteren seeing red. Read all »

Brownies 1

Boy comments on brownies at school party, gets grilled by police

In some places, has political correctness now become so extreme that the only answer is to pack up and move, or switch schools?

After one mother’s unbelievable ordeal, the answer in parts of New Jersey appears to be yes. Read all »

CBS drunkest two

CBS News to ‘drunkest cities’: Drink even more!

Yes, we know what you’re probably thinking: it’s summer, the adults are on vacation and interns are running the marketing department.

Whatever the reason (or excuse), we’re wondering how this social media campaign was approved without at least one corporate suit’s objection. Read all »

Brexit crash FNC

Could the next country to leave the EU cause a market crash?

Could the next country to consider leaving the European Union trigger a global market crash?

That’s what Shaffer Asset Management’s Dan Shaffer believes, telling Fox Business Channel that such an event could occur in the next three months. Read all »

Hillary Trump segment FNC

Is Hillary running to the right of Trump?

How well do you know where the major party presidential candidates stand on key issues?

You may be in for a shock.

If this election year wasn’t wacky enough already, a closer analysis of specific stances by both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump show the Democrat moving into a surprisingly conservative position, while her opponent seemingly shifts leftward. Read all »

Microaggressions segment FNC

Micro-aggression list adds new banned phrases

With new phrases added to those previously banished from conversational use, that list of campus “micro-aggressions” seems to grow every day. Where will it end? Read all »

Slender Man case ABC

Mother of girl who stabbed friend 19 times fights to keep her out of prison

Can a child be held responsible for an attempted murder she committed at the age of 12?

Two years after Morgan Geyser and a friend allegedly stabbed another girl 19 times, that question has been raised by her mother, who is desperately trying to keep her out of prison. Angie Geyser wants her daughter tried in juvenile court, rather than as an adult, citing her young age and diagnosis of schizophrenia. Read all »

Sacramento riot June 2016

Sacramento riot: What went wrong?

From a news standpoint, Sunday’s neo-Nazi-sparked riot in Sacramento, California seemed to come out of left field.

While in the past, events featuring white nationalists seemed to generate a lot of advance media attention, this one caught many by surprise. Were we distracted by major global events? Read all »

Brexit Mirror

Don’t like election results? Demand a re-vote!

Don’t like the results of election? Demand a re-vote!

After Thursday’s Leave victory in the UK’s European Referendum, those who want the country to stay inside the EU are demanding a re-vote, setting the goalposts wherever they please after the fact. Could this become an annoying new trend? Read all »

Sun Brexit

Can American polls be trusted this year?

After the political earthquake that just hit the UK, can American polls be trusted this year?

Brexit surveys proved wildly inaccurate this year, leading many to wrongly conclude it didn’t have a chance of success. Even Nigel Farage, one of the leaders backing Britain’s exit from the European Union, had prematurely conceded before votes were even counted. He later realized what a mistake that had been. Read all »

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