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Brian Maloney is Editor-in-Chief of Media Equalizer. A longtime radio host and political analyst, Brian founded the Radio Equalizer website in 2004. He's been a frequent guest on cable talk channels including Fox News Channel, CNN, the former CourtTV and local television affiliates. Contact: radioeq at

Kim World Police

Wait, North Korea DIDN’T do it?

When the mainstream media accepts something as fact, there’s simply no telling them otherwise. Regarding Sony’s cyberattack meltdown, however, shouldn’t we listen to the experts rather than lazy (or scheming) reporters?

Things may not be as they appear and misleading details provide unwarranted street cred to a dying dictatorial regime.

Between our hapless federal government and major news outfits, the disruption that brought the studio to its knees is blamed entirely on North Korea. In a piece posted late this afternoon, CNBC spells out how the Hermit Kingdom has (supposedly) pulled this off: Read all »

The Interview T-Shirt 1

‘Interview’ items suddenly worth big $$$

Think the Kim Regime will target Ebay next?

In the wake of North Korea’s huge success in bringing Sony to its knees, relatively scarce promotional items for “The Interview” are now bringing in big bucks.

Starring Seth Rogan and James Franco, the ill-fated comedy film’s portrays two American journalists who are instructed to kill the country’s dictator during in an-person meeting. The Kim dictatorship responded with an unprecedented attack on Sony Pictures, its producer. Read all »


Fighting back against global tyrants

It’s been a great week for thug regimes: between North Korea’s epic dismantling of Sony and Obama’s free pass for Cuba’s Castros, dictators everywhere are popping champagne corks.

Sony’s absolute cowardice in the face of the Kim regime’s apparently strong hacking skills (which caught the Obama Administration off-guard) is angering the public and especially those involved in the making of now-shelved comedy The Interview: Read all »

Grumpy Cat

Media and fake sudden-wealth stories: what gives?

What’s with the news media and its obsession with sudden-wealth stories?

In the past couple of weeks, they’ve been fooled twice by such tales without first checking the facts. The result: egg on faces at numerous mainstream media outlets. Tracing the path of these hoaxes can be instructive as it reveals just how little time is spent questioning “facts” that really don’t seem plausible.

If it came from a magazine or major network, it must be true, right? Read all »

White protesters SF Chronicle 12 2014

Hey whitey: put down that megaphone!

Hey, outside of Ferguson itself, why are so many of the protesters / rioters / general soreheads white? Or even worse, pale males?

That’s the question posed today by the San Francisco Chronicle, exploring in-depth what some had observed during recent anti-police meltdowns in the Bay Area. According to the piece, African-Americans are increasingly feeling pushed right out of marches by street cred-seeking whites who resort to violence, vandalism and at the very least, rampant bullhorn-hogging.

There’s even a term for it: “march-jacking”. Read all »

Boehner Obama

Hannity, Rush: off with Boehner’s head!

While it’s no secret conservative talkers haven’t exactly been buddies with House Speaker John Boehner, they seemed to stop short of calling for his outright removal. But with the Ohio Republican’s shady new budget deal with President Obama that has them looking like BFFs, the gloves have truly come off.

During Thursday’s show, Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity called for the perma-tanned pol’s ousting, comparing him with disgraced Obamacare architect/ loose cannon Jonathan Gruber: Read all »

Johnson Helen Alabama egg story al dot com photo

Debate over cop’s help for egg lady

Have you heard about the cop who brought truckloads of donated food to the home of an impoverished grandmother busted for stealing five eggs?

Driven first by explosive social media sharing, the national news media then picked up the story of Helen Johnson of Tarrant, Alabama with seeming reluctance. After all, it sure flies in the face of an entire year of cop-bashing based on events in Ferguson and New York City. Can they afford to let viewers know that not all police are brutal killers?

A moved American public then began to flood the Alabama town with donations for the Johnsons with not just food but cash contributions to an account set up on their behalf. Read all »

Perry Rick 2

Rick Perry, answer MSNBC’s stupid questions faster!

Let’s make one thing clear up front: the only potentially stupid thing Rick Perry has done is agree to be interviewed by anyone employed at NBC.

Beyond that, left-wing criticism that the outgoing Texas governor didn’t answer one of its moronic questions fast enough is absurd. Should “are you smart enough to be president?” be dignified with a response? Perry skated around it smoothly, almost as if he’d expected it. Read all »

Barbie versions 2

CNBC exclusive: Barbie pricing racism!

Is there a conspiracy to keep Barbie dolls out of reach for African American girls?

CNBC found a white version selling for two dollars less at Walmart than a black Barbie and DEMANDED ANSWERS. Perhaps even more discriminatory, at Toys’R’Us, the darker-skinned doll was four dollars cheaper than her pale counterpart!

Where is all of this leading? To an Al Sharpton-led demonstration and corporate shakedown? Only NBC knows for sure. Read all »

Dunham Lena 3

Pals protect Lena Dunham as rape story falls apart

Things are quickly turning ugly for “progressive” media darling Lena Dunham, but if her friends have their way, you’ll never know a thing about it.

Back in October when the issue first surfaced, we wondered how the “Girls” star’s story of a “mustachioed campus Republican” rapist named “Barry” would hold up under scrutiny. In the weeks after the release of her book, where her rape allegations were first made, skeptics began to dig around for clues.

In the meantime, a real guy named Barry (and campus Republican) who attended Oberlin College at the same time as Dunham set up a legal fund to defend himself from wherever this might lead. Read all »