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Brian Maloney is Editor-in-Chief of Media Equalizer. A longtime radio host and political analyst, Brian founded the Radio Equalizer website in 2004. He's been a frequent guest on cable talk channels including Fox News Channel, CNN, the former CourtTV and local television affiliates. Contact: radioeq at

Protests Flare After Ferguson No Indictment Decision

TIME: rioting is good! More, please!

With saturation coverage of Ferguson coming from every news outlet in the world, it takes a lot to stand out from the crowd.

At Time Magazine, however, Darlena Cunha has blown it all to bits with a deranged defense of rioting, looting and general mayhem.

And by the way, isn’t it all a lot like the Boston Tea Party? Those punks grabbing televisions from store windows? They’re modern-day freedom fighters!

Stealing everything is sight is merely “acting upon decades of pent-up anger at a system decidedly against them.” How convenient!

Throughout her lengthy piece, Cunha never puts the crack pipe down even for a moment, as she then attacks those who dared to denounce the destruction. For whatever reason, she devotes considerable time critiquing that great philosopher of our time, actor Kevin Sorbo: Read all »

Hooters T-giving

Bostonians forced to eat at Hooters! The horror!

When “Thanksgiving nightmare” scenarios come to mind, what would they be?

Snowed in at the airport with a million others? Stuck in endless traffic? An epic family battle at the dinner table?

When asked readers for their ultimate T-day horror story, the family forced to eat at Hooters (!) apparently took their cake. The Globe-owned site seemed more alarmed at this scenario than did the entrant herself: Read all »

Ferguson 2

Men in PRESS jackets ‘disgusted’ over decision

If you thought this morning’s Ferguson coverage couldn’t get any weirder, we’ve got something that will kick it up a notch: two media personnel openly siding with protesters!

Talk about bias in the media!

Wearing “PRESS” jackets, the unidentified individuals are told by correspondent Charlie LeDuff that cameras are rolling, yet spout off anyway about their disgust with the grand jury’s decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson on state charges in the shooting death of Michael Brown.

LeDuff apparently provides coverage to individual Fox affiliates around the country. Read all »

Harrigan Steve Fox

FOX-fire: reporter, crew duck Ferguson shots

Here’s one reporter who deserves hazard pay added to his next check!

Earlier this evening, Fox News Channel’s Steve Harrigan was attacked by a nut in a Guy Fawkes mask as a fresh wave of Ferguson riots began. According to Deadline Hollywood, his camera was knocked to the ground as F-bombs flew. Read all »

Ferguson Nov 14 -1

MSNBC OUTRAGED (!) over a few white racists

The (mostly white) liberals at MSNBC have found a clever way to shift some attention away from riots and looting this evening (above image) in Ferguson, MO: devote major coverage to a few (mostly white) racists on Twitter!

Since there’s no risk (?!?!) in giving a handful of knuckleheads way more publicity than they ever could have imagined, why not spread their otherwise-obscure racism all over the place? It provides an “everybody’s doing it” (acting stupid) angle that well-serves NBC’s agenda. Read all »

Perino Dana 3

Dana Perino: wandering off the reservation?

When talking heads suddenly start speaking a new language, it’s time to ask what’s really going on.

And that’s precisely the head-scratching situation we find ourselves in with Dana Perino, co-host of The Five on the Fox News Channel. Though normally viewed as reliably conservative, two recent assertions have the former Bush Administration press secretary herself admitting she’s an “outlier”.

The first oddity came on November 17, when Perino made an excuse for Obama’s feigned ignorance of loose cannon ObamaCare architect Jonathan Gruber (background on the Gruber scandal here from a left-wing source!), going further than even the president’s own apologists: Read all »

Perez Rosie The View

Cosby allegations spark odd media divisions

What kind of issue might have Whoopi Goldberg and Rush Limbaugh in agreement, while two Rosies, O’Donnell and Perez, are absolutely at odds?

It’s the Cosby rape allegations, of course: should we really try and convict the comedian-actor via a media firestorm? While no one can say for sure he’s innocent, the same goes for guilt- there’s no definitive proof at this time.

Isn’t there a difference between actually supporting Cosby (not many in this camp) and believing that guilt should be determined in court, not by Twitter? Or have emotions taken over? Read all »

Lemon Don -Bill-Cosby-CNN

Did CNNer make Rush Blush?

What happens when a newsworthy story is so cringeworthy, it must be avoided altogether?

It might make Rush blush (incidently, we’re not sure if anyone has ever used those two words in a rhyme), a relatively rare occurrence for a man who has been around the block. Read all »

Santelli Rick 4

Santelli: ‘I feel like I’m in a cartoon here!’

Somehow, after all this time, Rick Santelli still has a home at CNBC.

An iron-clad contract? Barnyard pics of NBC execs? We don’t know, but that doesn’t mean Santelli gets a whole lot of airtime despite his outsized public recognition. In any debate setting, he’s usually outnumbered five-to-one or more by Obama/Yellen suck-ups. Read all »

Cosby Bill 1969 album

Fox vs Fox fans over Cosby?

Does a 1969 comedy recording prove Bill Cosby’s a rapist?

That’s what a story picked up by Fox News seems to be suggesting, leading to criticism from from an atypical place: conservatives who are otherwise network fans.

Though the piece originated at Entertainment Tonight, Fox 411 picked it up in its entirety. The Washington Post has their own story, which points to New York’s Village Voice as making this “discovery”. That appears to be the origin of this dubious development. Read all »