[Editor’s note: Simeon Hinton is an incoming college freshman residing in the San Francisco Bay Area]

As a kid in the Bay Area about to go to college, I have experienced the full force of progressive ideology. From the leftist politics taught in the classroom, to Trump protests, I have endured everything. 

Now, I am seeing an illegal immigrant sue the city of San Francisco and even the mayor supports it! The spin is that illegal immigrants shouldn’t have to live in fear for residing here.

Counterpoint: If they are here legally, they will NOT have to live in fear. I’m one of the minority of young people who believe we should enforce our immigration laws.

Why do millennials and young people pretend illegal immigrants are a group facing discrimination? I’m not blaming our parents, but SOMEONE has to teach us.

It is the duty of every conservative to stand up for their beliefs and help educate younger generations, like myself, even if it is just in conversation. How else will we learn?

America is great because we have a variety of thoughts and opinions, but if you leave it to schools to educate us, then future generations will never be exposed to anything other than left-wing ideology.

Remind your kids and grandkids that undocumented immigration isn’t just missing a piece of paper, it involves breaking the law.

Even if it isn’t the most heinous crime, it still has to be enforced.

Anywhere else, this would be absurdly illogical. A doctor performing surgery without a license isn’t an “undocumented surgeon”, for example. It is a doctor illegally performing surgery!

“Undocumented” is just a word used to sugarcoat a lawbreaker.

As a nineteen-year-old, I know those my age won’t understand this unless we are told that we don’t have to submit to the left and their twisted logic.