Washington Times reporter assaulted by anarchist thugs

Inauguration Day: Clad in black, looking for trouble

What the bleep? CNN accuses Monica Crowley of plagiarism

Bumping their exposé above updates on the Fort Lauderdale airport terror spree and other key stories, CNN has accused incoming Trump Administration appointee Monica Crowley of plagiarism.

CNN accused of altering Ft. Lauderdale terror suspect’s photo

Did CNN intentionally alter a photo of Fort Lauderdale terror suspect Esteban Santiago? As social media users compare the original image with one used by the cable news outlet, that’s the allegation being made tonight.

Are those new US-Havana flights already endangered?

With two new “wildcards” affecting the reopening of links between Cuba and the US, could recent agreements be quickly scuttled?

The recent death of onetime dictator Fidel Castro and the election of Donald Trump here at home mean that Obama’s push to restore relations between the two countries is now in doubt. Read all »

Sanders pours cold water on Wisconsin recount hopes

Should Democrats pin their hopes on an eleventh-hour recount of Wisconsin and other key states?

No, says Bernie Sanders. The former presidential primary contender and Vermont senator told CNN yesterday that while the Clinton camp has every legal right to pursue it, “no one expects there to be profound change”. Read all »

CNN red-faced after headline flub leads to threats

In yet another CNN blunder, a colossal headline flub has led to a newspaper reporter on the receiving end of hate mail and threats.

During a discussion of the alt-Right movement, which opponents describe as racist, Boston Globe reporter Matt Viser appeared to be labeled as a leader of the group, rather than in his real role as an analyst. Read all »

Media shock as Trump rules out Clinton prosecution

With word from the Trump camp that Hillary Clinton will not face prosecution during his presidency, is the media somehow disappointed? Read all »

New media obsession: Trump Tower elevators

After perhaps the most bizarre year in American political history, the surrealism continues with the media’s latest fixation: the elevators at Trump Tower! Read all »

Paper deathwatch: Will the NY Daily News be next?

If it’s been a while since you’ve seen a hard-copy newspaper, you’re not alone: according to figures released today, major print publications are in bad shape.

And if the trend continues, one may be destined for closure. Will the New York Daily News survive? Read all »

Obama presses Trump to ‘moderate his tone’

Has President Obama recovered from November’s shocking election upset?

With a somber tone, the outgoing leader seemed to struggle for words earlier today as he described the shockwaves that have accompanyed Donald Trump’s election victory. Read all »

Is China spying on your phone (and car, TV, wearables)?

Is the Chinese goverment secretly spying on almost every aspect of our lives?

According to a shocking new report, the answer appears to be yes. At least 700 million Android devices are running software that allows the regime to listen to phone calls, monitor text messages and more. It can even reprogram your phone! Read all »

Can anyone trust Glenn Beck?

Can anyone trust Glenn Beck?

The side-switching radio and television host is at it again and you’ll need a scorecard to keep track of the latest flips and flops. Read all »

Al Franken: I’m nervous about this election

With polls tightening across the board, even some Democratic stalwarts are now choosing words carefully, lest they look foolish after results are tallied.

Case in point is Al Franken, the onetime comedian-turned-senator from Minnesota. Citing his own controversial, extremely close and disputed congressional win, he ducked questions about Hillary Clinton’s prospects in key states. Read all »

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