Against social media censorship, do conservatives stand a chance?

When it comes to the social media accounts of certain prominent conservatives, some very odd patterns have emerged. Is there a broader effort to censor right-of-center voices?

Shameless Kimmel unfazed by ‘what’s in my pants’ video, continues attacks

Entirely dismissive of the obvious contradiction between recent on-air moralizing and disturbing video footage uncovered since then, Jimmy Kimmel is continuing his attacks on political enemies.

Has California gone mad? Care workers face YEAR IN JAIL for using wrong gender pronoun

Could some Californians face a YEAR IN JAIL and a $1000 fine simply for using the wrong gender pronoun?

With the signing of Senate Bill 219 into law this week, California’s protections for those who reject the gender they are born reached a new, extreme level. Read all »

Street art slams leftist Jimmy Kimmel: ‘Crybaby’, ‘Estrogen Hour’

This time targeting the increasingly-insufferable Jimmy Kimmel, a conservative street artist known for edgy, spontaneous work is at it again. Read all »

Jimmy Kimmel and Hollywood: Still wrong on gun violence

It would be a stunning revelation if any Hollywood celebs not named Vaughn, Voight, Woods, or Willis learned basic civics, critical thinking, or reason in school because their obvious ignorance to the causes of American gun crime is mind-blowing. Read all »

View from Vegas: Talking heads wrong on hotel security

For the last 48 hours, while my beloved hometown has been reeling from the tragedy, I’ve had the opportunity to defend our incredible casino security personnel during dozens of radio and TV interviews all over the world. Read all »

Leftists believe gun control won’t happen until a mass shooting happens at a Trump rally

In what has become a sad, cynical ritual in America, a crazy person has committed a mass murder using several firearms, and the Left is in a frenzy to point fingers at public policy makers who have ignored the need for an overhaul to our mental health system.

Wait, no, that’s not who they’re blaming at all. They’re blaming the guns, and Trump supporters. Read all »

MSNBC’s Maddow races to politicize Las Vegas massacre, but where is her evidence?

While victims were still being indentified, Rachel Maddow wasted no time yesterday politicizing the shooting rampage that left 59 dead and more than 500 injured. Read all »

Disrespect: Even senseless Vegas massacre couldn’t convince players to cool anthem protests

After 59 senseless deaths and 500 injuries in Las Vegas, you might think professional athletes would give their anti-American anthem protests a rest for a few days. Read all »

CNN somehow makes terror massacre about Trump

Whether natural or man-made, what fuels the media’s need to politicize every major loss of life? Read all »

FIRED: CBS faces PR disaster after exec says LV victims deserved what they got

After one of its own executives told social media followers that Las Vegas massacre victims essentially got what they deserved, CBS is now facing an epic public relations disaster.

And moments ago, it announced that it has taken swift action to contain the damage. Read all »

Are players following Colin Kaepernick right over the edge of a cliff?

Do NFL players following Colin Kaepernick right over the edge of a cliff know the full extent of his political extremism?

While Kapernick’s own career seemingly has one foot in the grave, this story may put the other on a banana peel. Read all »

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