The Universe is playing a seriously scary trick on all of us.

It’s kind of like a movie where “behind the secret door was the steel spiral staircase, leading down to a small alcove in the walls of the house, inside is one of the crawl spaces where the world finds a blanket, Halloween candy, and toys that had mysteriously gone missing from the house.”

Real life kind of scary stuff that makes you want to scream.

We’ve had hurricanes, earthquakes, bust-ups, break-downs and crazy people claim that Donald Trump created Hurricane Harvey and Irma in order to ‘flood-out’ ethnic minorities.

One of the most haunting stories of the week was Yashar Ali, a freelance reporter for the Huffington Post. What a creepy guy. He’s the same reporter behind fired Fox News Host Eric Bolling’s “lewdness” allegations and who shocked Twitter on Saturday, breaking the news that his teenage son Chase committed suicide.

Was he stalking the Bolling family? And now, even with a lack of factual information, conspiracy stories are erupting across social media platforms as the Bolling family tries to make sense out of a senseless act by their beloved son. People are also very, very angry about what they perceive as a unspeakable injustice:

“How can this craziness keep being allowed to happen?!,” wonders Susie Cue on StopTheScalpings Facebook page, where we broke the news of Ali’s association to both stories. “Allegations of supposed improper actions (as far a I know, unproven) that allegedly occurred years before, destroying people’s lives!! What the heck is going on?! It’s all too suspicious to be credible.”

That was a mild comment compared to what I was reading at Yashar Ali’s Facebook page. Most of the reactions cannot be printed here. Let us just say that Ali was wished a painful, unpleasant death by many of the posters, and most all made reference to Karma or a special spot in hell.

The simple fact is that Eric and Adrienne Bolling will never, ever be the same again. We can surround them with our prayers, and keep them close in our hearts.

Whether 19-year old Chase committed suicide or experienced a drug overdose, he is lost to his family forever. There will be no more intimacies shared, advice given, laughter in silly moments…all gone. I can especially relate to this house of horrors because my niece Marissa Kendrick died of an accidental drug overdose two years ago at the age of 28. Like the Bollings, my sister Michelle and her surviving daughter McCayla are left wondering – was it an accident or was it suicide?

Marissa is gone forever. I know she is in heaven greeting Chase and showing him around. She’s probably having a spirited discussion with him about journalistic ethics and media responsibility. I hope that it’s a conversation Yashar Ali can dial into with a spiritual connection from the world beyond.

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