All that bare exposed skin on the boob tube “is depressing and distracting.” Finally.

Somebody had to say it out loud and Rush Limbaugh, the talk radio titan, isn’t one to shy away from what many of us are thinking about the embarrassing clothing choices of the Fox News women.

The Daily Caller reports that Limbaugh is “done watching Fox News” because their women only serve to distract from the news.

Limbaugh, who almost single-handedly saved the AM radio band from extinction, said “I’m going to have to turn off these TVs in here.”

“On the Fox show, it’s nothing but eight pairs of legs that you see. Why tune into a program when all you see is eight pairs of legs with the skirts halfway up the thigh?” he added.

Feminists will likely have a fainting spell, but I’ll see El Rushbo eight legs and raise him two arms.

Even when it’s 20 degrees below zero, the women of Fox are wearing sleeveless dresses. This look has been popularized on Fox, spreading to other networks and local affiliates.

It’s usually accompanied by long, swirly curls and overly exaggerated make-up. It’s not professional and draws the viewer into increased scrutiny of female anchors and reporters.

As a young television reporter early in my career at KGO-TV in San Francisco, I was told two things about on-air appearances: Never wear sunglasses in the field (highly annoying for someone with blue eyes) and do not wear sleeveless dresses.


Yeah, I know, appearances are everything in television (no matter how “unfair” that might seem) but too much skin is as distracting as too many clothes, or even ill-fitting suits.

All that skin on the Foxified women leaves men wondering “what do they expect us to do here?” according to Limbaugh.

Right on, right on, right on!