In my sleepy hometown of Novato, Calif., Independence Day began with a parade, babies in strollers, a display of World War II tanks, Jeeps (awesome!) and the smell of BBQ wafting through the downtown streets.

In short, it was perfect holiday to celebrate our freedom from England (free history lesson for liberals).

Switching on my computer after returning home, I realized I was in the middle of a cyberwar with CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski, a twenty-something failed reporter (I won’t dignify him with the title “journalist”) who brags on his Twitter account that Sheriff David Clarke called him “an electronic terrorist”.

When the media happily reported later that Kacyzinski’s team stalked and threatened to “out” the wrong video artist, the battle escalated. Disgusted social media users created #CNNBlackmail, the number one trending Twitter hashtag for more than 24 hours.

It’s another in a string of embarrassing revelations for the network cable news outlet. Earlier, it had forced the resignations of three award-winning reporters who created a fake Trump/Russia connection and refused to later back away from the non-existent story.

As long-time media people (I worked for ABC for more than 20 years), Brian Maloney and I are both disgusted by CNN’s behavior.

We formed StopTheScalpings, a raucous Facebook page with over 107,000 followers that exploded in growth after a Media Matters attack on Fox News host Sean Hannity. It is part of a larger group, the Media Equality Project.

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We began to “mirror” the left’s tactics (not all of them, of course) and initiated a CNN advertiser educational opportunity campaign.

From boycotts to demonstrations, StopTheScalpings is joining together with Mainstreet Patriots for a July 22nd event outside CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta. We are bringing our placards, our megaphones, and our passion for truth and we are going to demand changes.

Starting at the top with CNN News President Jeffrey Zucker, it will end in the gutter with the dismissal of Andrew Kaczynski, the creepy political operative who stalks innocent people.

In between, we want to educate Jeffrey Bewkes and Randall Stephenson, respective CEOs of Time Warner and ATT. The latter is moving forward with a plan to merge with a “news” network that has enraged the country.

Will you report for duty?

Instead of complaining (as we all want to do), let’s get involved.

Let’s show CNN that the public airwaves belong to all of us – not just news editors, executives, producers and reporters who write any narrative that agrees with their political agenda.

The people of CNN must be accountable for the hate speech coming from PeachTree Plaza into our living rooms and airport TV monitors 24/7.

On Facebook, StopTheScalpings has all the information you need for travel – hotels, MARTA stops, directions and where to join up.

Now, all we need is – YOU.

Join us in Atlanta July 22nd at CNN Headquarters, along with Debbie Dooley of Mainstreet Patriots.

Let’s rock and roll!