“…Let me tell you what winning means – you’re willing to go longer, work harder, give more than anyone else.”   Vince Lombardi

StopTheScalpings, make no mistake, is winning.


I am so excited to tell every one of you (107,000 and growing!) that we’ve achieved a major victory in the fight that brought us together!

Our friend Sean Hannity came under attack in April by Media Matters for America, the left-wing organization funded by George Soros and Hillary Clinton.

David Brock, the mysterious and paranoid co-founder, targeted the popular Fox News Channel host because he is an effective, principled conservative who has given the our movement an important platform for issues, ideas and campaigns for over two decades.

MMFA used Alinsky-like tactics by “targeting, freezing and personalizing” the attack. Brock hit Hannity below where he thought he was vulnerable, by launching an advertiser boycott during a time of tremendous turmoil at Fox.

Sponsors were inundated with hundreds of thousands of messages ginned up from the far left, and the ‘get Hannity’ movement was echoed in the mainstream media with articles, reports, and relentless attacks that were completely baseless.

April 26th, Brian Maloney and I sprang into action, rapidly forming The Media Equality Project, the umbrella organization for STS and MediaEqualizer.com

By Memorial Day, Brian and I were convinced that Fox News would fire Hannity over the unstoppable chaos that Media Matters unleashed. 

Within two weeks, STS was humming along after a raucous start, thanks to the amazing Jean Thomas and a group of 12 ladies (and some men) who formed committees, plotted strategy and kept us #focused every day.

Brian and I hired a publicist (the amazing Audrey Mullen from Advocacy Ink in Washington, DC) and we have done nearly 50 Radio and Television interviews. We brought in writers, set up a GoFundMe and PayPal accounts (thank you donors!) and rolled up our sleeves.

We wrote 12 investigative pieces about Media Matters and began exposing some of the worst liberal propagandists at CNN. We put together a rapid response team in mere days, and YOU became the oxygen we needed to go go go each day.

#OperationFightwithFire blazed its way across Facebook, Twitter, in print and on the airwaves. YOU contacted hundreds of thousands advertisers on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show (the Queen of all anti-Trump Conspiracies), and then CNN’s Don Lemon and Andrew Kaczynski of K-FILES fame.

We fought back, day-by-day, and we eked out our own victories. Soon, CNN and MSNBC started feeling the heat WE generated from.

Then, dozens of advertisers started pulling buys, especially after CNN’s Kathy Griffin shocked us with the gory photo of a decapitated President Trump. The theatrical murder of a President Trump-lookalike during Shakespeare in the Park in New York City revolted even some Democrats, and our efforts flipped the resistant company sponsors in the backwash from the debacle.

The advertisers who ran from Sean Hannity returned. The ones still clinging to MSNBC and CNN began peeling away.

And then THIS happened.

Media Matters for America has withdrawn its advertiser boycott of Sean Hannity. 
It happened quietly and with no notice.

(Cue champagne corks here.)

And just like that, all the emails and social media communication, the radio and TV interviews, the magazine and newspaper coverage, paid off in a YUUUGE way.


And, in the process, he became the Number One rated show in all of Cable TV. In the most-coveted advertiser demographic, he skyrocketed instead of paying a dear price for the turmoil of the past three months.

Our job is not over. We are going to Atlanta July 22nd with leverage we didn’t dream could happen this quickly. We will tell CNN ‘in their house’ that we have just begun this battle.

So what is the lesson we have learned?

Thank you for your friendship, your support, and your work Together we are building a stronger movement to fight for the conservative values we share and a brighter future to share with our children and grandchildren. Stick around everyone, we need each other! 

As Sean Hannity would say, “let not your hearts be troubled.”