Unlike some, at least we don’t use witchcraft to get our point across!

In years past, the alt-Left has resorted to using spells, pointy hats and rituals as a protest tactic.

On Saturday, July 22 at noon, a group of ordinary Americans will be flocking to Atlanta. With our placards, megaphones and passion for the truth, we’ll gather in front of CNN World Headquarters.

We’ll promise to leave the eye-of-newt and toe-of-frog at home, however!

StopTheScalpings and The Media Equality Project are joining with Mainstreet Patriots by hitting CNN in “their house”. 

Why are we taking this extraordinary step? Simply put, it is vitally important to hold the media accountable for their bad behavior, including making up news out of thin air. In addition, let’s not forget the ethically-dubious decisions to hire (and then fire) three former NY Times reporters who didn’t even meet basic journalistic standards. 

Starting at the top of CNN News with President Jeffrey Zucker, demonstrators are demanding that the cable news channel fire their DNC operatives who pose as reporters.

Linked together by thousands of members, the two grassroots organizations will urge AT&T to seriously re-think their pending acquistion of a failed media company whose ratings have recently plummeted.

Rocked by scandal after scandal, CNN has been scoring below Nick-at-Nite in the most current Nielsen ratings. 

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The people of CNN must be accountable for the hate speech coming from Peachtree Plaza into our living rooms and airport TV monitors 24/7. 

On Facebook, StopTheScalpings has all the information you need for travel – hotels, MARTA stops, directions and where to join up. 

Please join up with us in Atlanta at CNN Headquarters. STS and Mainstreet Patriots are proud to stand together in front of CNN and rally against bias, lies, and outright dirty tricks against anyone associated with whom the network disagrees politically.