In a perfect world, there would be no reason for me to be writing Mel’s Manifesto, because everyone would enjoy a robust debate over ideology, politics, and world views, then go home for a glass of wine and pet their dogs (or cats).

But this is a very uncivil society right now and it is increasingly apparent that if we conservatives don’t fight the battle in the public arena with our words, our very lives are in jeopardy. No hyperbole here.

So we are going guerilla with our hashtags, Facebook posts, Instragram and Snapchat stories. We are searching for opportunities to engage in every public arena we can find.

Now, we are proud to be able to link forces with the old-fashioned grassroots workers who have come up with some very interesting tactics. People like Debbie Dooley, who are skewering the mainstream media, challenging journalists right to their faces. (Excuse me, alleged journalists.)

Dooley is one of 22 national founders of the Tea Party movement. Debbie has been a strong supporter of Donald Trump since January of 2016. I read about her at where I found out she has organized rolling protests in front of CNN headquarters in Atlanta. 


That’s called ‘mirroring tactics’ and it is about time we pulled the same stunts on the Left as they do to us.

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Debbie is alerting her people to our activities and reports at and the efforts of 107,000 committed conservative activists at StopTheScalpings on Facebook. We will be closely following her activities and supporting her whenever and however we can.

Her website is and her Twitter handle is @crimsontider. If you live in the Atlanta area, or just want to be involved in picketing CNN (and who wouldn’t really?) please contact Debbie at

Together we are stronger. No egos. Just results. That is our promise to you who share our values and a commitment to see a better world for our children and grandchildren.