Kathy Griffin’s career imploded after she was featured in a photograph holding a bloody, severed head that looked like President Donald Trump.

After being rebuked by many and being investigated by federal officials, the unfunny comedian is planning to double down with a second photo.

During an interview Friday on HBO, Griffin told host bill Maher that she would do a second photo with Vice President Mike Pence’s severed head.

According to Yahoo, Griffin was asked if she had any doubts about the first photo, and if she would do it all over again knowing what she does now.

“I’d do Mike Pence,” she said with a smirk, but the audience didn’t find it funny. “I’m kidding! Ten months I’ve waited to do that joke!”

Griffin may have claimed to be joking, but many aren’t convinced given how sick and vile her first stunt was against Trump.

She told Maher that the first photo of Trump was fun, and that she didn’t think she deserved the amount of criticism she received because of it.

“I’m dipping my toes into touring again even though the Trumps and nobody wants me to work again,” Griffin said.

Maher, who has supported Griffin since the stunt last year, thanked Griffin for her hard work.

“Thank you for being one of the first and only people to publicly support me and say what happened is bulls**t, publicly,” Griffin said.

“You took a very bad selfie. I blame the photographer … it turned out to be very wacky,” Maher said, adding that she was unfairly treated.

Griffin whined about how she believes she was targeted, but many would agree there’s nothing humorous about staging photographs featuring the bloody, decapitated head of the president of the United States.

And by saying she would do it all over again with a photo of Pence proves how low liberals are willing to go to attack Trump.

Abhorrent liberals like Griffin never know when they have gone too far, and she apparently plans to try her luck a second time.

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