President Donald Trump signed a major budget deal into law on Friday, which was met by a brief government shutdown and swift opposition from both Democrats and tea party conservatives.

Fiscal conservatives vehemently opposed raising spending caps and taking on more debt. Liberals desperately wanted a vote on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program tied to the spending deal.

Both sides lost, as establishment Democrats and Republicans got their way. The House of Representatives passed the budget bill by a vote of 240 to 186, which went mostly along party lines.

The Senate approved the deal by a 71-28 vote despite efforts from Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., to block it. Paul was against spending increases and wanted to include an amendment that maintained budget caps.

So where does President Donald Trump stand on this?

The president tweeted early Friday morning that he signed the legislation, praising the $300 billion boost in spending on defense spending and domestic programs. The deal also authorizes upwards of $90 billion more in relief efforts after the U.S was rocked by numerous natural disasters last year.

Trump’s in a precarious situation. Not only is he grappling with establishment Republicans and obstructionist Democrats, but he is also trying to deal with keeping the government funded while trying to drain the swamp.

Raising spending caps rightfully gives many conservatives pause, but Trump maintains it was necessary in that the bulk of spending increases will go to our military.

We also had three major hurricanes last year and wildfires that scorched across California — we have to pay for that.

Defense Secretary James Mattis informed Trump several times the military had been depleted by former President Barack Obama’s administration, and it was in desperate need of additional funding to update equipment to adhere to the growing threats across the globe.

But at what point will Republicans stop raising spending caps? It’s basic math — you shouldn’t spend what you don’t have.

Media Equalizer Co-Founder Melanie Morgan said she was dismayed by the deal, saying establishment Republicans have to rein in uncontrollable spending.

“My feeling is that establishment just wanted a deal so they can push away threat of government shutdown because they are terrified of their own base,” Morgan said.

She added: “Will Washington ever change? It’s not just Dems — it’s establishment Republicans who won’t rein in spending. As Republicans we should be cutting the budget elsewhere and draw down spending overall, while eliminating bloated budgets.”

Morgan, like many, is sick of status-quo politicians racking up the debt and sticking the bill to the American people.

Perhaps Trump will begin slashing wasteful government programs in the near future to offset having to raise spending caps. Many would agree he can start by cutting all funds to Planned Parenthood.

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