Facing a ratings crisis, their credibility steadily declining, and reports suggesting massive lay-offs are looming, things are not great for CNN.

On Tuesday, CNN’s Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza made it much worse when he hyped a major bombshell story about the White House that turned out to be fake news.

In an attempt to smear the Trump administration, Cillizza published a piece analyzing staff departures from the White House.

But there was one big problem: he listed a number of people who never even worked in the White House.

Cillizza correctly listed a few White House officials who have left in the past year, including former press secretary Sean Spicer, national security advisor Michael Flynn, communications director Anthony Scaramucci, and others.

In an apparent attempt to bolster his list and make the Trump administration look bad, Cillizza added a handful of names to his list who never worked at the White House.

“Look at this picture,” Cillizza wrote. “See if you can name all of the people — each one of whom has left the White House this year — in it.”

The Daily Caller’s Benny Johnson uploaded a screenshot of Cillizza’s graphic before he went back and corrected it.

Here are the officials Cillizza claimed worked in the White House: Former FBI Director James Comey, Acting Attorney General Sally Yates, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price, Associate Attorney General Rachel Brand, and Director of the Office of Government Ethics Walter Shaub.

The graphic also included former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, who left the campaign in August 2016. That was months before Trump took office.

Cillizza didn’t just get one individual wrong — he misidentified seven officials who never worked in the White House under President Donald Trump.

A conservative strategist, who wished to remain anonymous, tells Media Equalizer that this again reaffirms how the mainstream media will do and say anything to attack Trump.

“Cilizza didn’t miss identify one or two individuals; this wasn’t a simple mistake,” the strategist said. “He more than likely intentionally padded his own stats to make Trump look bad and it blew up in his face.”

While he did correct his piece, his massive flub raises questions about how he serves as CNN’s editor-at-large.

More importantly, it is just one of many examples of how CNN and its liberal reporters are more focused on attacking Trump than fact-checking their own anti-Trump hit pieces..

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