Vanessa Trump and two others were rushed to a New York City hospital Monday after she opened an envelope addressed to her husband that contained a white powder.

The wife of Donald Trump Jr., President Donald Trump’s eldest son, reportedly opened an envelope addressed to Trump Jr. that was sent to their apartment in Manhattan.

She reportedly opened the letter just after 10 a.m. on Monday.

The New York Police Department has indicated that the powder in the envelope was not hazardous, but officials still took serious steps prior to that to ensure everyone was safe.

Vanessa and two other unidentified individuals subjected to the white powder were decontaminated at the scene and immediately taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

Early reports from police and personnel on the scene indicated Vanessa was coughing and felt nauseous after being exposed to the white powder.

“The substance was deemed to be non-hazardous and is being transported to a lab in New York City for further analysis,” said NYPD spokesman J. Peter Donald.

Trump Jr. tweeted late Monday that his family safe and unharmed after the “incredibly scary situation” that took place on Monday.

As authorities work to identify the sick individual who would do this to a mother, Media Equalizer Co-Founder Melanie Morgan said she has feared something like this would happen since the day Trump took office.

“Conservatives across America rejoiced when “disrupter” Donald Trump was elected. But joy was very much tempered with unease as the Deep State’s plan to sabotage the President has slowly revealed itself,” Morgan said.

She added: “Now, we can’t help but wonder if the daylight will bring a nightmare scenario in which some harm comes to the President or his family.”

Morgan said “Trump Derangement Syndrome is a real thing,” and that everyone should be concerned that the intolerant left is willing to go to extreme lengths to harm the Trump family.

It takes a disturbed person to do what they did to a mother of five children. More importantly, this is just one of many examples of what the Trump family is often subjected to from psychotic liberals who can’t coexist with anyone who offers a different political viewpoint to theirs.

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