While the media fawns over Hollywood elites for using Sunday’s Golden Globe awards to claim they have the moral high ground on sexual misconduct, one top television host is exposing their hypocrisy.

On Monday, NBC News host Megyn Kelly eviscerated the hypocritical entertainment industry for “lecturing flyover country” for years about upholding morals and values while covering up their own “massive value problem.”

Wearing black dresses for solidarity may have looked nice, but it doesn’t actually address or offer any solution to the massive problem they allowed to fester for years.

Kelly said she “100 percent applauds” all women who have come forward so far and spoken publicly about sexual misconduct in Hollywood in recent months.

“That took real courage,” Kelly said.

But she said it was disappointing to see actual women, such as Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Mira Sorvino, and others not given the chance to speak at the award show about the sick culture they were subjected to for years.

“I did not hear them by name, I did not hear them acknowledged as I thought I would,” Kelly said.

The former Fox News star said the odious culture of Hollywood “that’s been a secret for far too long” must be exposed once and for all to ensure such sick behavior never again takes root.

Speaking about movie producer Harvey Weinstein and the dozens of women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, Kelly concluded doubtfully:

I do wonder about the impact of last night and how great it can possibly be. And whether it marks a real shift in that industry … or mere teaspoons in an ocean of male dominance that realistically is nowhere close to over.

Many haven’t been too fond of Kelly, but she is spot on with calling out Hollywood for hypocritically vowing to fight for issues that they have a horrible track record on.

Kelly has attempted to undergo a makeover by cozying up to the liberal elite, but they won’t like hearing about the former Fox host blasting them for being all-talk and no action on this crucial issue.

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