With author Michael Wolff’s error-ridden book consuming much of the mainstream media’s attention, ABC’s “The View” co-host Meghan McCain appears to be the only one asking him tough questions about his controversial anti-Trump book.

During an interview Wednesday, Wolff joined the panel to discuss his book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” which was released last Friday and has already been refuted by many of the people quoted in the book. 

While Wolff claims the book will “bring down” President Donald Trump, McCain grilled him over why he printed a book with so many factual errors.

After McCain read a handful quotes from people calling the quotes attributed to them in the book completely false, Wolff brushed it off by saying he was just trying to show America what Trump’s administration looked like from the inside:

“Daily reporters do a specific job. Book writers do a specific job. I am — my goal was not to give the explosive things that happen every day in this administration, and therefore make you forget what happens the day before, but to give this longer view, to put some context, to put everyone — actually to put everyone in the seat that I sat on in the West Wing, to see that this administration from that point of view.

McCain wasn’t going to let him off that easily, and her next question referenced an alleged “off-the-record” dinner  Wolf had, which was used as a center piece of the book:

“I’m not saying that they aren’t idiots for, honestly, letting you around and giving you that kind of access. Because, quite frankly, had you invited me to your house at any point before this book I would have said, ”Hell, no. Of course not.” I don’t go to journalists’ houses and start dishing about anything private in the political circles I’m in.

Were you friends with Steve Bannon and Roger Ailes beforehand, and you were like come to my house for an off-the-record dinner, and then you reported on it?”

Wolff didn’t have an answer for why he reported the contents of an “off-the-record” conversation he had, meaning he divulged information the sources believed would be confidential.

“Fair question. … This was actually an off-the-record dinner,” Wolff said.

McCain fired back: “This is why people hate journalists, by the way. It’s why I don’t believe in the concept of off the record.”

Watch the fiery exchange below:

Wolff admitted in an author’s note in the book that even he couldn’t verify all of the information he wrote and presented as being accurate.

The liberal media has been obsessed with the tabloid gossip, but thankfully McCain called him out to his face about his many factually incorrect claims.

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