Not long after traitor Chelsea Manning sent out several tweets denigrating police on National Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, conservative commentator Michelle Malkin absolutely torched her for it.

During an interview Wednesday on Fox & Friends, Malkin had some vicious words for “absolutely deranged” Manning after the whistleblower posted an anti-police tweet.

Co-host Brian Kilmeade began detailing many of Manning’s past offenses, ranging from changing genders to leaking America’s top secrets to getting sentenced to 35 years in prison for treason until former President Barack Obama pardoned Manning before leaving office.

But when he asked Malkin for her take on Manning and the vile tweet, she didn’t hold back.

“This person is a disgrace to the uniform that this person once wore,” Malking said. “Over the last couple of weeks we had everybody on the left, in the media, and in politics pretending to be some sort of licensed psychologist. Well, I will tell you as Dr. Malkin, that this person is absolutely deranged.”

Check out Manning’s tweet below:

Warning: Tweet contains offensive language:

Refusing to cower to liberal pressure and call Manning a “she,” the conservative commentator instead continued to call the traitor “this person.”

Malkin also believes Twitter should ban Manning for sending the anti-cop tweets.

“Why is Twitter and the Twitter safety council allowing this kind of tweet to go on when people on the right have been banned for so much less?” she said.

“Helloooooo Jack!?” Malkin said, referring to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

Watch the exchange below:

The media fawns over Manning as if this person didn’t sell out American secrets to our enemies, and now the traitor is insulting our police.

Many, many people would agree with Malkin’s point of view on Manning and the language in which this person directs toward our brave police officers.

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