Many in the mainstream media are hyperventilating over a report claiming President Donald Trump said he didn’t want to give immigration protections to people from “s**thole” counties such as Haiti and Africa.

The White House has denied Trump ever made the claim, which was detailed in a Washington Post report using anonymous sources who claimed to have been at the meeting when Trump allegedly made the remark.

But CNN’s Jake Tapper says a source has confirmed to him the media is spreading misinformation, and he is sharing that information.

On Friday, Tapper – certainly not an ally to the Trump administration – revealed information that was shared to him by a source familiar with the situation.

Tapper shared the information on Twitter in a series of tweets:

Tapper point blank said Trump did not refer to Haiti as a “s**thole,” which is unequivocally what everyone in the liberal media is reporting without a shred of hesitancy.

Trump continued to address Haiti, according to Tapper’s source:

The CNN host said it was an entirely different part of the immigration conversation where the word “s**thole” was mentioned:

Tapper sharing honest, unbiased insight into the situation has been welcomed by many across the political aisle.

We can also safely assume that Tapper wouldn’t have shared his source’s information that refuted the original reporting from the media unless he felt like the president was being subjected to inaccurate reporting.

Tapper maintained that Trump did make the remark, which we may never know if he did or didn’t say it, but he didn’t use it to describe Haiti or its citizens – which is what the liberal media is contending.

Another day, another inaccurate report being exposed.

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