Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio believes that if everyone from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s team was fired for anti-Trump bias, there wouldn’t be anyone left.

During his testimony Thursday before the House Judiciary Committee, FBI Director Director Christopher Wray faced a barrage of questions from Jordan about the Russia investigation.

Jordan grilled Wray for more information about Peter Strozk, the recently fired Mueller investigator with a vendetta against Trump.

The Ohio Republican wanted to know more about Strzok’s work on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email investigation and whether Strzok had anything to do with the widely discredit Trump-Russia dossier.

“If you kicked everybody off of Mueller’s team who was anti-Trump, I don’t think there’d be anybody left,” Jordan said, adding that he believes there’s much “more” behind Strzok’s departure from Mueller’s team than Wray let on.

“My hunch is it has something to do with the dossier,” Jordan told Wray.

On Monday, it was reported that Mueller fired Strzok, a former top counterintelligence analyst at the FBI, over the summer for sending text messages to a colleage that mocked Trump.

Following his removal, the Office of Inspector General found that Strzok was the number two official in the counterintelligence division at the FBI that led the investigation into Clinton’s email scandal. Strzok changed former FBI Director James Comey’s statement that described Clinton’s actions as “grossly negligent” to “extremely careless,” which shielded her from criminal charges.

Strzok is also the FBI agent who signed the federal document activating the investigation into alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

During his back-and-forth with Wray, Jordan said he believes Strzok could have been the person who brought the dossier to a FISA court to obtain clearance for surveillance on members who served on Trump’s campaign team.

“If you had the FBI working with the Democrats’ campaign, taking opposition research and dressing it all up and turning into an intelligence document and taking it to the FISA court so they could spy on the other campaign that is as wrong as it gets,” Jordan said.

Jordan told Wray he could easily disprove his theory that top members in the FBI are operating in the shadows to lead a witch hunt against Trump, but Wray said he couldn’t discuss the matter.

Jodran’s explosive exchange follows several reports exploiting other high ranking members for promoting measures that would derail Trump’s presidency.

On Thursday, Fox News reported that a top Justice Department official was demoted on Wednesday as part of an internal investigation into contacts he had with Fusion GPS, the opposition research firm founded by Glenn Simpson that compiled the discredited Trump-Russia dossier.

Bruce G. Ohr served as an associate deputy attorney general and director of the Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Forces (OCDETF) at the Justice Department.

Evidence collected by the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence (HPSCI) found that Ohr met with Christopher Steele after the 2016 presidential election. Fusion GPS reportedly paid Steele, a former British spy, to compile the unverified dossier.

We learned earlier this year that Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign and the Democratic National Committee paid nearly $9 million for the dossier, raising questions about how deep the correction may run to take down Trump.

House investigators have learned that Ohr met with Simpson shortly after the 2016 election, leading many to believe the DOJ and FBI played a role in promoting the dossier as a basis for launching the Russia probe from Mueller.

The reports on Strzok and Ohr came after another another high ranking official was revealed to have a bias against Trump.

On Tuesday, Andrew Weissman, a top prosecutor currently serving as a deputy to Mueller, praised former acting Attorney General Sally Yates after she was fired in January by Trump for refusing to follow orders on the president’s travel ban.

In a Jan. 30 email obtained by Judicial Watch through a federal lawsuit, Weissmann wrote to Yates in January applauding her decision to defy Trump’s orders.

Three top officials have now been exposed for leading a politically-driven investigation against Trump.

How can Americans trust that Mueller, the FBI, and DOJ are leading fair and impartial investigations into Trump?

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