Remember when President Donald Trump said that TIME had called him about being a finalist for person of the year and liberals said he was lying?

Well, it turns out he wasn’t lying — which won’t come as a shock to many.

According to the Daily Caller, TIME Magazine has announced that Trump made their “shortlist” for person of the year.

TIME released a list on Monday of the 10 finalists selected this year, which also includes special counsel Robert Mueller , North Korea dictator Kim Jong-un, and former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

“President Trump, who was named 2016 Person of the Year, has spent his first year in the Oval Office attempting to dismantle the work of the Obama Administration, from health care to immigration policy, environmental regulations to tax reform, all while continuing to spark feuds and controversy with an unfiltered Twitter feed,” TIME wrote in their description of Trump.

Trump, who was TIME’s person of the year in 2016, tweeted a few weeks ago that the magazine had contact him saying that he was “probably” going to be person of the year again.

Trump said he declined the offer because he didn’t want to waste time with a photo shoot and a lengthy interview, which resulted in liberals immediately claiming Trump was lying about the entire situation.

TIME responded to Trump’s tweet, saying he was “incorrect” about the process with which the magazine selects person of the year. The tweet went viral as liberals cheered that the magazine had essentially called Trump a liar.

With the facts now before us, it appears that Trump was not lying nor was he wrong with his comments.

Other finalists that made the list include “Dreamers” and the “#MeToo movement.”

The #MeToo movement has made major headway in the U.S. in recent months with the avalanche of sexual misconduct allegations rocking the nation.

It’s unclear if Trump will win or even accept the award, but this serves as another example of how the liberal media prematurely hyperventilates over Trump’s remarks and then has to eat their own words when he proves them wrong.

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