In light of several women accusing Democrat Sen. Al Fraken of Minnesota of sexual misconduct, the embattled senator is throwing in the towel.

During a brief announcement Thursday from the Senate floor, Franken said he will be resigning from his post.

“Today I am announcing that in the coming weeks, I will be resigning as a member of the United States Senate,” Franken said.

The Democrat used a major portion of his speech to largely downplay the accusations against him, saying, “some of the allegations against me are simply not true, others I remember very differently.”

The tone of his speech came across as someone who feels as if they have done nothing wrong and that others are to blame for his downfall.

“The decision is not about me,” Franken said, refusing to accept any blame for his inappropriate actions.

Franken also made his speech about President Donald Trump and Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, saying they have also been accused of sexual misconduct.

“As I’m resigning, a man sits in the Oval Office accused of sexual assault and a man who preys on young women is running for Senate,” he said.

Both Moore and Trump have vehemently denied all of the allegations made against them. Franken has admitted to wrongdoing, where he was even captured in a photo grabbing Los Angeles radio host Leeann Tweeden’s breasts while she was asleep.

Franken closed out his speech by vowing to remain engaged in politics.

“Let me be clear, I may be resigning my seat but I am not giving up my voice. I will continue to stand up for the things I believe in as a citizen and as an activist,”he said.

NBC Nightly News uploaded a live feed of Franken’s speech. It can be seen below:

Franken’s resignation follows a strong push from Media Equalizer founders Melanie Morgan and Brain Maloney.

Media Equalizer has detailed the accounts from many women who have come forward and said Franken groped, kissed, and touched them inappropriately without their consent.

On Wednesday, journalist Tina Dupuy published an op-ed in The Atlantic accusing Franken of sexual misconduct. She wrote that Franken groped her in 2009 at a Media Matters party during former President Barack Obama’s inauguration.

A former elected official in New England, who wanted to remain anonymous, told Jezebel that Franken tried to give her a “wet, open-mouthed kiss” during an event in 2006.

Army veteran Stephanie Kemplin said Franken grabbed her breast in December 2003 when she was deployed in Kuwait. She said Franken cupped her breast when she posed for a photograph with the former comedian.

Lindsay Menz accused Franken grabbing her buttocks in 2010 when they posed together for a photograph at the Minnesota State Fair.

Tweeden accused Franken of kissing and groping her breasts without her consent while she was asleep on the set of a comedy skit in December 2006 for the USO tour.

Conservative radio host Melanie Morgan also came forward and said Franken stalked her after they had a disagreement in August 2000 on a politics panel. Morgan said Franken only backed off after she threatened to file a report against him with police.

Many would agree that Franken’s decision to step down was appropriate, and he should spend time learning from his own actions rather than blaming everyone else.

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