After former interim Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile made several bombshell claims about Hillary Clinton in a new book, CNN is preparing to fight back.

In her book, “Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns That Put Donald Trump in the White House,” Brazile wrote that Clinton rigged the Democratic primary over other candidates.

On Monday night, Fox News host Tucker Carlson told viewers that sources confirmed to him that CNN had directed several of its news anchors and reporters to challenge Brazile’s credibility.

Carlson suggested that CNN wanted to frame Brazile as being untrustworthy to downplay the severity of her claims in the book revealing damaging details about Clinton and Democrats.

“According to highly informed sources we spoke to – highly informed – top management at CNN directed its employees to undermine Brazile’s credibility. Anchors and producers were vocally offended by her attacks on their friends, the Clintons,” Carlson said.

“If you’ve been watching that channel, you may have noticed CNN’s anchors suggesting that Donna Brazile cannot be trusted, precisely because she took part in efforts to break the primaries for Clinton,” he added. 

Brazile worked at CNN for years before she left to become the interim DNC chair in July 2016.

To illustrate his point, Carlson played a short clip of CNN anchors CNN anchors Anderson Cooper and Brooke Baldwin criticized Brazile for giving Clinton a debate question before a March 2016 CNN town hall.

CNN cut ties with Brazile in October 2016 after WikiLeaks published leaked emails from Brazile showing that she did leak a debate question to Clinton.

According to Ad Week, CNN has denied Carlson’s claims that it directed its employees to discredit Brazile.

At this point its CNN’s word against Carlson’s, but the mainstream media has a long track record of twisting information to promote liberal narratives.

Remember, CNN is the same news outlet that criticized President Donald Trump for getting two scoops of ice cream when everyone else only got one scoop.

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