Like President Donald Trump, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is questioning immigrant crime and why high-ranking politicians aren’t doing anything about it. 

During a Fox News segment Thursday, Carlson spoke with radio host Howie Carr about why the “ruling class” in America doesn’t seem concerned with immigrants committing crime in America.

Carlson began by showing viewers footage of a large group of immigrants charging Capitol Hill on Thursday, where they assembled in the Hart Senate Office Building to protest policies against deporting illegal immigrants.

The group was silent at first, but then raised their fists in the air and began chanting slogans in unison.

“Dream Act. Dream Act,” the group yelled.

“Sí se puede. Sí se puede,” they said, which is the Spanish translation of their former statement.

“(They) are chanting slogans in an effort to pressure Congress to disallow the deportation of people here illegally. Now, protesting inside the Hart Building is against the law,” Carlson said.

“Nevertheless, only 15 arrests were made and seems unlikely anybody will be deported over this, or ever, for any reason, because we don’t deport people in America,” he added.

After Carr recalled immigrant crime spreading throughout America, particularly in Boston, Massachusetts, Carlson asked why politicians seem to excuse crimes committed by immigrants.

“I guess what confuses me is I‘m not arguing that only immigrants commit crime, Americans commit crime too. But when immigrants commit crime, the ruling class falls all over itself trying to pretend it didn’t happen and makes excuses for it. Why is that? Where does that impulse come from?” Carlson asked.

Carr responded by proffering the theory that politicians feel sorry for immigrants, and that they excuse crimes committed by them.

Carr said he didn’t feel any of that guilt, and said immigrants are coming to the U.S. and being given more rights than American citizens.

“I think it’s just guilt, Tucker, I think this goes back, this is the way it goes all the way back to the Immigration Reform Act of 1965 with Ted Kennedy and somehow we had to–I don’t know, expunge our guilt. I don’t feel any guilt. People are coming over here and they have more rights as they arrive than American citizens,” Carr said. 

Carlson again raised the question about why Democrats and others who have power in American who keep allowing immigrants to get away with crimes simply because they feel as if their lives were tougher than any American citizen.

“I don’t understand, it’s such a great country. Why do the people who run it hate it so much, and hate the people who live here so much? It’s perverse,” Carlson responded. 

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