Just one day after Democratic Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota was accused by two women of harassment, liberal website HuffPost mysteriously deleted an article attacking both for “framing” him. It has not said why the decision was made to pull it.

On Thursday, Media Equalizer Co-Founder Melanie Morgan publicly revealed that she had a traumatic experience with Franken nearly 20 years ago.

Morgan’s disturbing encounter came in August 2000 when she said Franken harassed her for days after they had a disagreement on ABC’s Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.

Morgan said Franken only stopped harassing her after she threatened to file a report with the police.

Prior to Morgan’s revelations, KABC on-air host Leeann Tweeden revealed that Franken had kissed and groped her in 2006 without her consent while she was asleep.

She uploaded this photo as evidence:

In response to Morgan and Tweeden’s allegations, left-wing publication HuffPost published a scathing piece challenging the validity of the accusations levied against Franken.

Hours later, HuffPost killed the article, but Media Equalizer was able to obtain screenshots and preserve the content that was originally published.

The piece, which was titled, “The Framing of Al Franken by Two Trump Supporters; and the Dems Are Playing Right Along,” argued that Morgan and Tweeden were lying about their claims against Franken because they supported President Donald Trump.

Here’s how the piece began:

Isn’t it amazing how, right about now, when Mueller’s team is just starting to bear fruit, and Pence and Don Jr. are being outed day by day, and Sessions is proved to be a flat-out liar, and Trump can’t seem to keep track of the mass shootings, and the Dems take Virginia and Oklahoma, and a couple of hundred thousand gallons of oil poor into South Dakota streams, and that low-life Moore is turning out to be one step short of a serial killer, suddenly, out of nowhere, one of the most outspoken critics of the GOP is accused of sexual assault? By two Trump supporters, no less?

The HuffPost article not only criticized Democrats for blasting Franken, who has admitted the photo is real and that he did the vile things he was accused of doing against Tweeden, but he also denigrated Morgan and Tweeden in order to claim their allegations weren’t valid or important:

“Leeann Tweeden, a former Playboy Playmate who’s spent half her life nude, or nearly nude, and the other half appearing on shows such as Hannity, also just happens to be a Trump supporter, as well. Isn’t it interesting how she’s decided to share her nightmarish tale of horror and humiliation in the form of an unrequited kiss on behalf of a liberal-leaning Senator with us, now?” the article read.

The article went on to say that it was rumored on Facebook that Franken’s brother took the photo and that it was staged as a joke.

The article included this screenshot, which would seem to prove absolutely nothing:

The article then took dead aim at Morgan.

Next up, we have Melanie Morgan. A conservative blogger who idolizes right-wing lunatic Laura Ingraham, amongst others, and Fox News to the point she chose a photo of her appearance on the network as her Twitter pic. This one says Franken harassed her by “calling her several times.” Spooky. Did he breathe heavy, too?

She also claims she would be “happy to testify in front of a Senate ethics committee,” stopping short of offering up possible days/times. Of course, she would. She’d get to plug her conservative, fake news-peddling website a hundred times an hour. She may be dumb, but she’s no dummy.

The author argued that Morgan lacked credibility and shouldn’t be believed because she’s a conservative who “supports Trump” and makes appearances on Fox News.


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