Not long after Keurig catered to left-wing pressure and pulled its ads from Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show, social media users began making their voices heard. And the resulting PR meltdown has attracted worldwide media attention.

On Friday, Hannity had Republican Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore on his radio show to respond to a Washington Post report accusing Moore of inappropriate conduct nearly 40 years ago.

One of the major claims in the report was that Moore engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with a 14-year-old girl in the late 1970s, when he was 32 years old.

Moore has vehemently denied the allegations, and went on Hannity’s radio show Friday to tell viewers and potential voters that the allegations levied against him weren’t true.

Following the radio interview, the liberal group Media Matters launched a campaign against companies who advertise on Hannity’s Fox News show.

Keurig, the coffee company, is one of several companies who catered to pressure from the George Soros-funded Media Matters group.

Media Matters gross attempt to discredit Hannity and his supporters has apparently fallen on deaf ears given many across social media have rallied to Hannity’s defense.

Angelo Gage uploaded a video of of himself smashing his Keurig coffee maker, which generated a lot of buzz and support from those who aren’t pleased with the coffee company siding with the left-wing group.

Several others have called on people to boycott Keurig for its decision.

YourVoice America co-host Bill Mitchell blasted Keurig for punishing Hannity because he gave Moore the opportunity to tell his side of the story.

Mitchell also poked fun at the coffee company for creating coffee that “dainty liberals” enjoy.

Media Equalizer’s Melanie Morgan has led a brutal charge on Twitter against Media Matters and the advertisers who pulled their ads from Hannity’s show.

Morgan and others aren’t happy that Hannity is apparently not allowed to exercise his First Amendment rights.

Keurig issued a new statement on Monday, where they apologized for “taking sides” on the issue by pulling its ads from Hannity’s program.

Hannity acknowledged Keurig’s apology, but said he would be sticking to his commitment to give away 500 coffee machines in the coming days to those who have stood by his side during this attack.

Too little, too late — the American people have spoken.

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