Who knew the bucolic town of Olympia, Washington and the 1,000-acre campus of Evergreen State College was such a hotbed of racial injustice?

The delusional have definitely overtaken this institution of higher-radicalization.

Sending faculty cowering under their desks, a group who see racial injustice around every corner, in the faces of white students and faculty, have whipped themselves into a frenzy.

The catalyst for the racial tension stems from a professor who refused a student group request that students and faculty of a certain race stay off campus so the disgruntled students could have a day without diversity, to protest the lack of it. The students ordered to stay home were white. Imagine if you replaced the word “white,” with “black,” or “Hispanic”: Racism!

Professor Bret Weinstein, a lifelong leftist, found himself on the wrong end of their anger. Out of concern for his physical safety, campus police have recommended he not return.

And in a move considered fatal among faculty colleagues, Weinstein has appeared on Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

During last night’s program, Carlson recapped Evergreen’s descent into madness:

These young people don’t see the hypocrisy in their thinking, or that their request is an example of the very racism they oppose. The thought process is so twisted you might need to take a hallucinogen to get into their minds.

Sadly, the Evergreen situation is not as unusual as it should be. This is happening at universities across the nation.

Recently, there has been a movement towards this reincarnated form of segregation. When the self-proclaimed oppressed do not get their demands met without question, because questions or disagreement are viewed as a form of “hate-speech,” like a bunch of overgrown toddlers, they stomp their feet and accuse everyone in their way of racism.

If that doesn’t work, next come the violent tantrums. Instead of a two-year-old’s kicking and biting, theirs involve smashing windows and blocking entry to those who do not submit.

Unfortunately, faculty and students often cave in to their demands under the ominous threat of being called a racist.

The frightened faculty of similar universities under siege by these bullies in victims’ clothing are not doing their students any favors by rewarding this type of self-destructive behavior.

Imagine one of these graduates interviewing for a job and their demands!

I only want to be interviewed by someone of my race. Do you have a separate safe space or break room for people of my race only? So when the ultimately the disgruntled and angry can’t get a job, this will be the excuse.

Than to recognize dysfunctional behavior, it’s much simpler to blame personal failure and rejection on race.

Who exactly is being oppressed at Evergreen? Is this a disturbing side effect of years of identity politics and mollycoddling of students by institutions that are too disinterested or lazy to help foster the growth and success of young adults?

Why are parents, the only real victims here, paying thousands of dollars a year so that the only uniform their children are qualified to wear is a white canvas jacket that buckles in the back?

[Lawrence Dean is the pen name of “a conservative voice from LaLa land, mecca of the liberals, where not following the crowd can and will cost you big.”]