No matter its long, sordid history of failure, if it deals in socialism, California is all in.

Rational, thinking citizens of the state see the idea of ‘free’ healthcare for the 30-ton tire fire it is. Because if California’s finances are wrecked now, they’d be destroyed if Senate Bill (SB) 562 ever makes it into law.

Michael Hiltzik at the LA Times wrote Friday that a special panel designed to “examine the possibility of achieving universal healthcare in the state met last Monday and Wednesday panel and recognized that the socialistic “project is hellishly complex and politically daunting but still worthwhile.”

Yeah? Tell that to the citizens of Venezuela to use a recent example.

According to CNN “Venezuela was once the richest country in Latin America.” Take that with a grain of salt. What is not debatable is that the only sound coming out of Venezuela’s economy is a death rattle; food shortages and mass hunger plague the country. There is a huge lack of medicine but not murder which is thinning the population at a rate you’d expect from full-blown socialistic nation.

Lefty media will spin the story the same way they spun O-care: a medical miracle that saved an important industry; only it didn’t. No keeping your doctor, your insurance plan, nor saving $2,500.00 per family.

How about Romneycare in Massachusetts? “Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts has proposed a tax of $2,000 per worker on businesses which do not offer health coverage to employees who become dependent on Medicaid” to try and keep the program afloat, according to Forbes.

Like all experiments in socialism and the philosophical defenses behind them, it may sound good in theory. Consider, though, that more than a third of California’s households “have so little cash saved that they couldn’t live at the poverty level for even three months if they lost a job or suffered another significant loss of income,” according to the Mercury News. Mercatus ranked the state 43rd in their 2017 State Fiscal Rankings. SB 562 would undoubtedly push them to the bottom five.

So what do scared but sensible Californian’s do? Leave. Many businesses and residents are moving to conservative states that are somehow flourishing.

There is even a Twitter page dedicated to leaving the state.