John Conyers, the shamed and now ex-Michigan congressman is facing more sexual assault allegations.

The accusations surfaced Monday alleging Conyers slid his hand up a woman’s skirt and rubbed her thighs while sitting next to each other during a church service ten years ago. The claim coming while Conyers was hospitalized.  The accuser’s lawyer, Lisa Bloom, released a copy of the accusation via Twitter.


Delores Lyons claimed in the document that she was a volunteer for Conyers from 2010 through 2014. She described two incidents where Conyers allegedly touched her buttocks and another in which he allegedly put her hand on his crotch. In the latter incident, Lyons said she was driving with the 88-year old when “he grabbed my hand off the steering wheel and put it on his penis.” She said she was “horrified” and pulled her hand away when he did it a second time.

“A short while later, Rep. Conyers did it again and I yelled at him to “Stop that! Go back to sleep!,” said Lyons, “as I pulled my hand away Rep. Conyers giggled in response.”

Regarding the encounters, Lyons added, “This seemed to be a game to Rep. Conyers as he thought he could cop a feel wherever and whenever he wanted and no one would ever do anything about it.” Lyons also said she witnessed the incident between Conyers and fellow accuser Elisa Grubbs at church. She said she saw Grubbs, who was sitting next to Conyers, jump and say, “He just ran his hand up my thigh!”

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