Conservative Twitter users beware: all words and phrases must now be carefully wrapped in bubble-paper, lest the social justice warrior / snowflake brigade start their whining.

Tennessee Rep. Marsha Blackburn is the lastest casualty who tried to announce on Twitter her candidacy for U.S. Senate as well as part of her platform which included an announcement that said she’d be fighting to stop the sale of aborted baby body parts. As the Republican’s campaign enjoyed a bump, the censoring backfired.

Nevertheless, Blackburn’s (above image) announcement was too much for the softies at the fading social media giant who said they had dissalowed the inflammatory statement because it “is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.” She is now demanding Twitter apologize.

Wednesday, the social media giant finally pulled back under intense pressure, allowing the ad to run.

So although the Representative’s announcement contained truth and fact, it was simply too harsh for the Twitter Gestapo.

The banning of such communications goes beyond mere censorship of message, to idea, of intellect and of expression.

In other words, your tweets had better reflect progressive thought or they risk being deleted. Never mind that conservatives and Christians might use Twitter for their political updates. Not anymore.

In the end, this will prove to be a poor business decision as righties will certainly seek an alternative to Twitter.


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