The NFL season kicked off yesterday and pregame festivities included Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters, who earned the honors of being the first NFL player of 2017 to refuse to stand and honor America.

It’s the very nation that affords like Mr. Peters the chance to be extremely well-paid and even idolized by fans.

However, kneeling during America’s National Anthem goes beyond sending a message that they are ashamed of their country, refusing to stand speaks to a lack of moral fortitude.

Protesting in rebellious silence during a time we thank God and those who died protecting our freedom to work, go to school, write, or play football for a living shows that while some men may be appear grown-up, they’re still babies on the inside.

Former San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick is unemployed because no NFL team wants the poster-boy who started it all. Kap may have had a job with the Baltimore Ravens had former Raven Ray Lewis not gotten all bunged-up over a tweet by Kap’s girlfriend, Judy Battista. The photo parodies a scene out of the Quentin Tarantino race-fest, Django Unchained:

At this point Kap would be little more than a headache. A team might value his services, but local TV markets airing that team’s games would almost certainly see a sharp decline in viewership (ratings) and a subsequent hit to the NFL’s pocketbook; when fans turn off games, they don’t buy advertiser’s products.

According to marketing researchers at JD Power and Associates, anthem protests were the main reason ratings dropped an average of 8% in 2016. Of 9,200 people polled, 26% said they tuned out because athletes refused to stand for the anthem.

Sports are entertainment and what brings people joy and a brief escape want something, anything, besides a reminder of how politically divided we are as a country.

Said Ed Morrissey at, “When sports becomes another politicized arena for multi-millionaires to lecture the fans that provide their celebrity lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that the fans will get turned off — and turn the channel.”

Message to players: Stand for the National Anthem and after the colors are presented, the awesome flyovers conclude “and the home of the brave” is bellowed out, entertain us.

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